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Lin Fan started calming down. Initially, he had thought that the figure was just the fragment of one’s consciousness left behind. But by the looks of it, that wasn’t the case at all. It seemed to be a G.o.dly type of consciousness with its own free will!

And based on what the figure had mentioned earlier, refilling it with sufficient True Energy should be able to reanimate it seven times. Furthermore, that simple punch that was thrown required a greater celestial’s comprehension abilities to learn it.

Regarding this, Lin Fan no longer had any complaints. After all, requirements were requirements. If those were the requirements set for the punch, there was nothing he could do about it.

But as to that consciousness itself, shouldn’t it probably be someone who contained a s.h.i.t ton of secrets within itself? If he were able to establish some sort of communication with it, then that’d be pretty good for his prospects, wouldn’t it?

With that in mind, Lin Fan’s heart took a leap for joy. He then placed the token shard up to the moonlight once more, awaiting the reappearance of the figure.

But just then, the moment the figure saw that it was still this young man who was patronizing him, he turned around and prepared to disappear. Man! How could Lin Fan let such a big chance slip by him!

"Senior, senior! Hold up! Your junior here has something he’d like to say!" Lin Fan called out immediately.

Now, for someone who was strong enough to retain his consciousness in a Supreme Being Token shard like this, he must have been a divine being who could surpa.s.s Heaven and Earth itself. Even if the results were not as expected, even if Lin Fan could not learn that simple punch, he could at least aim to squeeze a little something else out of this!

"If senior could retain his G.o.dly consciousness within this Supreme Being Token’s shard, then senior must be the man who had surpa.s.sed all of time and the world, the man who had split Xuanhuang World into two, the one and only Supreme Being.’

"The moment your junior, I caught sight of the G.o.dly features of senior, I was deeply captivated by the exuding wisdom and ambition of your aura. In an instant, I found myself subdued by you deeply."

"The reason why your junior, me, would extinguish all of his True Energy without a naught of care for this world was so that I could once again view and admire your glorious self. Even if I were to rob myself dry of True Energy, I would not have cared less!"

Lin Fan was too emotional by this point. Under the shine of the moonlight, he wiped away two streams of tears.

"Now that junior has caught sight of senior’s glorious demeanor once more, I would be at peace even if I were to die at this very moment! I presume that the real body of senior should be somewhere within the Heavenly clouds, watching over this entire universe with ease."

Lin Fan was pouring in every single last drop of a*slicking bullsh*t he had acc.u.mulated in his lifetime into this man. He doubted that after hearing this speech, this man wouldn’t just walk away without turning back emotionally and handing him some precious treasures and skills.

Looking at the figure on the screen, Lin Fan noticed that his expression did begin to change ever slightly.

Those calm yet intimidating eyes of the figure seemed to be downcast, deep in some sort of recollections and emotions.

Lin Fan leaped in joy. Whew! Seems like he had picked the correct path of a*slicking this time round. This figure must be deeply touched by his emotional speech!

"Senior’s achievements have filled the entire Xuanhuang World, and praises of yours have been spread down from every generation forth. Now that a lowly junior such as myself could finally catch sight of your face, I am…truly…truly touched!" Lin Fan put in his very best and squeezed out a few more drops of tears and all his emotions.

Just then, the figure who was deep in his memories turned around and faced Lin Fan. "These words, I’ve heard them three times before. You’re the fourth."

Lin Fan, who had thought that he’d eat this guy up for sure, was now the one in a shock. What! How could this be? His brain turned quickly, "Well, Senior, even though we were similar, I’m sure those seniors must have been captivated by your G.o.dly presence as well and spouted out these words of truth from the bottom of their hearts!"

"Forget it, the Earth would be destroyed and mankind annihilated as well. Your innate potential is much better than those three before you. Since that’s the case, I’ll teach you a move. How much you can comprehend depends on your wisdom." The figure’s voice was still without any emotion of happiness nor sadness. This was the voice of a man who had seen through everything, and his figure on the screen seemed grim all of a sudden.

Lin Fan focused all his energy on the light screen.

"The ways of Heaven and Earth… Everything began from a single one… Nirvana Finger."

The figure slowly began to raise his finger and pointed it up into the skies. As though the air and void around was pulled by infinite strength, everything started disintegrating.

"Revive me once more if you are able to become a greater celestial. My consciousness can no longer last for as long as it could…" After saying this, the figure disappeared slowly.

Lin Fan seemed to be lost in the realm of his own consciousness. Everything within his mind was only the sight of that single finger.

Everything began with a single one... Nirvana Finger.

Lin Fan gently lifted his finger as the True Energy in his hands began vibrating. Heaven and Earth seemed to be fusing into one as Lin Fan saw thin, imaginary grid lines appearing through the void.

Reaching out for them, Lin Fan could not grasp a hold of these lines. They seemed to be emitting a mystical glow, and their presence seemed to only exist within the realm of consciousness.



At that moment, Lin Fan’s finger seemed to be in the middle of an imaginary lake, with his finger being a stone cast into it, sending out ripples of energy into all directions.

‘Ding…congratulations on comprehending Nirvana Finger. Level 0.’

Lin Fan opened his eyes as a bright light gleamed through his pupils. He leaped in joy within his heart. That feeling of comprehension was too amazing, as though he belonged in the heavens.

And he supposed those lines which appeared should be energy grid lines. But because his cultivation base was not high enough, he could not grasp them.

Therefore, using Nirvana Finger was to understand these grid lines. But what the figure in the light screen displayed was beyond this. He was using True Energy to compensate for it, communicating with the void to form the skill.

Indeed, that figure was strong, way too strong.

But what the figure did not know was that Lin Fan possessed the system. With this, he was able to level Nirvana Finger indefinitely. At this rate, if Nirvana Finger were to reach a certain level, even if Lin Fan’s cultivation base were still too low by then, he would also have a certain understanding and comprehension of the skill.

In light of all these, Lin Fan was entirely filled with antic.i.p.ation.

As to who the figure within the token shard was, Lin Fan had an inkling. This should be the Supreme Being himself, the man who had split Xuanhuang World into two.

But what Lin Fan could not understand was that why was it that only the consciousness of such a powerful being remained within the token shard. Could it be that there was yet another mystery to this?

Lin Fan regurgitated the figure’s last words.

His consciousness couldn’t last much longer. Just what did that mean? Did it mean that he could not appear as frequently? Seemed like the only way was to increase his cultivation base up to a greater celestial as soon as possible in order to unravel these mysteries.

With that thought in mind, Lin Fan was doubly excited.

Lin Fan placed the token shard within his storage sack in the system carefully, like a precious treasure. He must continue on his mission to look for more token shards. If a piece of consciousness was retained within a single token shard, what would happen if he were to collect all of them and piece together to form the whole Supreme Being Token?

The path ahead was long, with many more things to be uncovered…

Lin Fan opened the window and looked at the starry night above. Indeed, he had made the right choice coming out. The world outside was filled with adventures of all sorts.

After all, no matter how much he stayed within the sect, he would only be a frog within a well.

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