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Lin Fan gazed at what was before him. The Supreme Being’s Token looked somewhat weird. Suddenly, a rune symbol on the broken token shard shone brightly and emitted a screen made up of light, like some sort of hologram on a screen.

Just as Lin Fan was trying to figure out what was happening, a figure appeared on the screen. One could not make out the features of the figure shown, but when he raised his fists, Lin Fan felt a big shock.

Just a simple punch and it caused the heaven and earth to shatter, as though it was ripping through time itself.

What power…!

But just as Lin Fan tried to continue watching, the broken token shard darkened and dimmed, and the figure disappeared along with the screen.

Lin Fan stood where he was dumbfoundedly. The only thought on his mind was the earth-shattering blow by that person.

How could a simple fist like that be so mind-blowingly strong?!?

Lin Fan picked back up the token shard and examined it carefully. The light screen had appeared through this rune symbol on a corner of the shard. Lin Fan took the shard to the window and shone it against the moonlight, hoping to watch the scene again.

But disappointingly, there was no reaction. In fact, not only was there no light, the shard did not even move or vibrate.

Lin Fan was extremely frustrated. This shard was bound to be something important, and so was the scene shown earlier. But because it was so hasty, he did not even have time to comprehend what was happening or learn more about the punch.

Even weirder was the fact that even as the light screen showed up, the system did not notify him of anything.

Could it be that the meaning behind the system’s silence was that he had to understand the skill behind that simple punch all by his own wisdom?

Lin Fan only understood one thing. If he had to describe the punch in two words, those would be: F*cking Strong.

‘So be it then.’ If the system would not help its owner to learn how to throw that punch, Lin Fan was sure that with his innate potential, learning such a simple punch couldn’t be anything that difficult.

But the prerequisite was that he had to watch it once more.

Even though the punch seemed slow, it was actually pretty darn fast. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared just like that.

Holding onto the token, Lin Fan tried infusing it with his True Energy. Whether or not this would work, he did not know. This was just a random idea that came across his head. But if infusing it with True Energy wouldn’t work, then he didn’t know what else he could do.

Lin Fan could feel the True Energy from his body slowly seeping into the token shard.

As time pa.s.sed, Lin Fan’s confident look turned into one of astonishment. The True Energy within his body was almost entirely depleted!

Lin Fan wanted to stop this transfer, but the token shard was like a leech, profusely sucking all the True Energy out of him.


‘Was this s.h.i.t going to suck Yours Truly dry?!?’

Without hesitating, Lin Fan burnt a flame with his free right hand while holding the token shard in his left. Throwing a large bunch of medicinal herbs within the flame, a series of high-quality True Energy Replenishing Pills were concocted, each the size of a rice grain. Lin Fan then tossed all of them non stop into his mouth.

The moment they entered his mouth, they formed a long stream of True Energy like a river, slowly replenishing the lost True Energy within Lin Fan’s body.

But even so, the rate of replenishing was far from the rate of it being sucked by the token shard. As though it knew that Lin Fan was replenishing his True Energy, the token shard sucked even harder and stronger.

‘F*ck! Yours Truly will fight you!’

Lin Fan was entirely enraged by this point. Bl*ody little token shard! How dare it be so impudent! Did it take Yours Truly as a weakling to bully?!?

Pills Through Thought on one hand, cultivating pills within his body on the other!

Lin Fan was mult.i.tasking heavily at this point. As the flame burnt on his palm, the furnace within his body burnt as well. Lin Fan tossed every single medicinal herb he had gathered before leaving the sect into both of these flames.

This way of cultivating pills on both ends was incredible indeed. This was something Lin Fan had never tried before. But he was pushed to a corner by this bl*ody token shard!

The large number of pills being culminated together formed a crystallized river as it continued coursing through Lin Fan’s body but ending up all within the token shard.

Even as the supply of medicinal herbs depleted readily, the sucking power of the token shard did not decrease. Lin Fan was starting to panic. Was he really going to be sucked till he was only a skeleton?

When the last pill was consumed entirely, Lin Fan immediately took out the Eternal Axe. If this sh*t were going to carry on, Yours Truly would amputate his own arm.

Even though Lin Fan loved himself a lot and would never self-harm, at this point in time, he could only think of keeping himself alive.

He refused to believe in all the bullsh*t he had read in novels. What nonsense about having the tides turn at the very last second, waiting for some bulls.h.i.t miracle to appear? He was not that dumb.

As soon as he was reaching the final end of his True Energy supply, Lin Fan would not falter. There was no way he was going to be killed by this token shard.

Following the rapid depletion of his True Energy, Lin Fan started to sweat profusely. He gripped his Eternal Axe tightly.

‘Motherf*cker. This is it.’

Just then, Lin Fan’s eyes flashed with resolution and determination. The moment he swung down the Eternal Axe and was about to amputate his own left arm, the sucking power of the token shard disappeared entirely. Lin Fan was shocked and braked to a halt immediately.

The Eternal Axe was barely a hair’s breadth away from his arm when it came to a stop.


Lin Fan picked up the token shard and threw it on the ground, cursing and swearing at it. ‘Just you and you think you can kill Yours Truly?!? You nearly caused me to be a one-armed hero, you b*tch!’

Lin Fan made a resolution in his heart. Unless he was fully prepared next time, he would not dare to take such a risk any longer.

Lin Fan then sat down crossed legged into his cultivation state. After he finally recovered all his True Energy, he picked up the token shard and placed it under the shine of the moonlight once more.

Under the encompa.s.sing moonlight, the token shard once again regained its glow and shot out the beam of light once more. This time round, Lin Fan focused with all his attention. He must comprehend every single thing about this punch.

Once again, the figure which appeared punched slightly. But that single punched shattered the heaven and earth, leaving nothing behind. Lin Fan frowned. Even though this was his second time watching it, he understood jacksh*t.

He put it under the moonlight once more. The figure appeared once more.

The third time, Lin Fan had an inkling of what was happening, but he could not figure out the most crucial aspect of it. The fourth time, Lin Fan was puzzled. Somehow, there seemed to be something different about the figure. At first, his features were expressionless. But somehow, it seemed to be getting impatient now.

This time round, Lin Fan had some sort of an understanding, but he still could not fully understand.

The fifth time, the figure stood in the moonlight and did not move. Perhaps it was running short on True Energy, but the figure only moved after r.e.t.a.r.ding for a moment.

Lin Fan still could not understand anything.

Lin Fan was starting to doubt his entire life. Was he so bad at comprehending skills?!?

That was not right. Based on his stats on the system’s panel, he should possess unlimited leveling power as well as wisdom and skills of comprehension.

Lin Fan felt indignant. Obviously, he was meant to be a peerless being of this entire universe. But how could he not understand something like this?

The sixth time, the figure appeared once more.

But Lin Fan was stunned. The figure stood there for a long time, refusing to budge an inch.

"Hey, move it…!" Lin Fan shouted at the figure within the screen.

What the h.e.l.l was up with this token shard! Not working after collecting money? What sort of lazy shard was this!


Lin Fan’s jaws dropped apart. The figure within the screen sighed.

"Young one, your cultivation base is only at postcelestial full cultivation. You’re not even at a greater celestial stage! Your skills of comprehension aren’t enough man. Even if you were to repeat this a hundred times, it’s useless! Alright, the True Energy you have paid is only enough for this last demonstration. Please know your place."

The moment the figure finished this speech, he disappeared.

Lin Fan’s jaw remained agape as he stared at this token shard blankly. He then tossed the shard beneath his feet and stomped on it, "F*ck YOU! F*CK YOU F*CK YOU F*CK YOU! How dare you be so impudent!"

Now, what Lin Fan did not know was that the price to pay for activating this token shard was 90% of a greater celestial’s True Energy. By luck, he had somehow managed to acc.u.mulate so much energy up by consuming all those pills that he managed to call upon this token shard’s powers by chance.

But Lin Fan was extremely enraged. This was the first time he was looked down upon like this by someone!

No! He had to get this guy out for a proper talk!

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