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Mo City…

This was a city which lied between the Death Desert and the Du River. It was lying on the fringe of the Dasheng Empire of Dongling Continent. Controlled by a few key families, this city was not interfered with by other sects due to its proximity to Glory Sect.

In front of the entrance of Mo City, which was formed by three arches, a convoy was slowly approaching from the distance.

"Mistress Gong’s convoy has returned!" A guard who was watching over the gates shouted, attracting the curious eyes of many.

Since the city was controlled by three families, the guards watching over the entrance were naturally also sent by all three families. Even though everything seemed peaceful on the surface, the tension was strife beneath.

Upon the return of the mistress of the Gong Family, the guard sent by the Gong Family was naturally excited. Since they returned safe and sound, the rewards reaped must definitely be fruitful.

As the convoy approached, the crowd gathered at the entrance grew larger in size. When they caught sight of the 6 cages dragged by the convoy, everyone was excited.

"That’s a postcelestial beast, the Red Bull!"

"To catch 6 beasts in just a month, the Gong Family is way too strong!"

The crowd surveyed the beasts excitedly. Even though they were pretty lethargic in their cages, these were definitely real postcelestial beasts! Not only were these beasts ferocious and strong, but their meat and skin were also all precious treasures!

Some of the martial artists within the crowd began to touch the valuables in their storage sacks excitedly, with a look of thirst in their eyes. The Gong Family would definitely auction these out. They must definitely get their hands onto these treasures.

Now, these six postcelestial beasts were those that Lin Fan gave no sh*t about. But to these casual martial artists, they were priceless treasures which they could not wait to get their hands on.

"The black soldiers of the Gong Family are getting more and more fearsome. Look at their faces. That calm look, that killing aura, it’s enough to send one’s heart thumping."

"That’s right, look at them! Stern and serious, not a single one of them is smiling or cheering over their return with the six beasts. To just attain this mental state is something I can only wish for!"

"I had thought that the Gong Family was done for with the death of their head. To think that the Gong Mistress could uphold the family so firmly."

Listening to the praises of the crowd, the black soldiers could only try their best to hold in their tears.

How could they even cheer up? Not only had they b.u.mped into the fourteen Sand Bandits along the way, but they were also stopped and robbed by a mysterious man. Other than these six beasts, all of them had not a single valuable left on them!

It was a tragic incident indeed.

After taking a look at their return, some people within the crowd left silently. These guys had to head back to their respective families to report on this.

The Gong Family returning with such fruitful bounties was not something these men wanted to see.

Within the Gong Family residences, the mood was exuberant. Now that the current leader of the Gong Family had returned, everyone in the household was busy in preparations.

The black soldier guard, w.a.n.g Hu, went beside the carriage and whispered softly, "Are you awake, mistress?"

As to what had happened earlier, they were equally enraged, especially so after their mistress had fainted in a huff. But against the powerful, mysterious man, there was nothing much they could do.

The seconds and minutes pa.s.sed by.

Members of the Gong Family household were puzzled. Why was their head not coming out? Was something wrong?

"The mistress is tired out over this expedition and had fallen asleep in the carriage. Take away the six beasts." w.a.n.g Hu ordered.

The Gong Family household did as told, discussing excitedly about these six beasts as well.

As the sun set, the skies gradually darkened.

At the Mo City entrance, a group of figures appeared in the distance.

"Don’t you guys need to put on any disguises?" Lin Fan asked. Now, Sha Dulong and the other bandits were notorious figures within the death desert. If they were to trot within Mo City just like that, wouldn’t it be troublesome if they were recognized?

"No worries, Senior. Even though we are infamous, n.o.body has really seen our faces." Sha Dulong explained.

Since Sha Dulong had already explained as such, there was not much Lin Fan could say about it.

The guards at the entrance were somewhat shocked at the appearance of these men. Furthermore, Sha Dulong and the bandits exuded an air of fearsomeness, scaring the guards so much that they let these men in without asking much.

Along the way, things did go about pretty smoothly. Although they did attract some stares every now and then, no one could really recognize Sha Dulong as he had said. Indeed, few knew of their true appearances. Perhaps, it’d be better to say that out of those who knew, few had survived to tell the tale.

Looking for a random inn, they checked themselves in.

Lin Fan did not want to overstay at this place. Early tomorrow morning, he would head out to purchase some carriages and necessities before heading along his way.

Within the inn, Lin Fan laid out all the things he had robbed earlier during the day on the bed. Looking at these, Lin Fan could not help but feel frustrated.

What the h.e.l.l were these things!

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Xiaoyuan Pills. Experience points +10 if consumed.’

Lin Fan sighed helplessly. The poor were indeed poor. Even the things he robbed from them were of extremely low quality. The same went for Sha Dulong and the other bandits’ storage sacks. Even though there were a few martial arts here and there, Lin Fan had no use for any of them. And the other items were all trash as well.


Just then a broken transparent shard the size of his palm attracted Lin Fan’s attention.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering a broken shard of the Supreme Being’s Token.’


Lin Fan was absolutely shocked. This thing was part of the Supreme Being’s Token?!?

Lin Fan’s only goal in Dongling Continent was to grow stronger and after that, search for the Supreme Being’s Token to return to Cangling Continent. He would then seek revenge on those sworn f*ckers who had destroyed his sect.

According to the Elders, the Supreme Being’s Token was an extremely mysterious artifact. To think that he would obtain a broken piece of it through a mere robbery. Lin Fan was speechless.

Even though this was just a broken shard, it gave Lin Fan hope.

As long as he possessed the broken shard, this was actual proof that the Supreme Being Token existed somewhere within this Dongling Continent. This also meant that he could definitely return to the Cangling Continent one day.

But what Lin Fan could not understand was how Gong Bingye came to possess this shard. Seemed like he had to conduct a thorough inquiry tomorrow. But after what happened earlier today, Gong Bingye was sure to have a big prejudice against him. Seemed like he had to think up of a good plan to go about this.

Lin Fan touched the shard and observed its shiny surface. Even though it was just a broken piece, one could feel the energy twisting and turning within it, as though it was pulsating.

And just then, a light pierced within the room, encompa.s.sing the shard as though it was being sucked into it.

Suddenly, the shard emitted a warm and bright glow. Leaving Lin Fan’s palms, it floated quietly in mid-air.

Lin Fan’s expression changed as he stood up immediately.

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