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The convoy moved slowly across the desert. Those slow-moving wheels of its carriages left long, trawling tracks across the soft sand. On both sides of the carriages were soldiers clad in black armor, riding beasts of their own. Within their hands were long swords reflecting off the sunlight, looking mighty and fierce.

On the carriages were metal cages, holding few beasts within them. But those ferocious beasts all seemed exhausted and without any energy, as they laid within the cages despite the look of hatred in their eyes.

While traversing the desert, those soldiers in black constantly surveyed their surroundings warily. But looking at the beasts within their cages, they let out smiles of their own. These were their biggest catch after a month.

"Our expedition this time round with our mistress has reaped us great rewards. I wonder what sort of price we could get for them." A soldier said while touching a deep scar on his shiny, black helmet. He was pretty joyous.

Even though there were dangers, there were no casualties under the command of their mistress. And furthermore, they managed to capture these six postcelestial upper-level beasts alive, which was a great achievement.

Riding on his beast, he came to the front of the convoy with a simple looking carriage and greeted politely, "Mistress, we’re approaching the entrance of the Black Gorge. Do take care."

Beasts were not the only things to look out for in the death desert. One also had to keep a constant lookout for the presence of the sand bandits. The fourteen Sand Bandits of the death desert were even more dangerous than the presence of the beasts.

"Yes. Let everyone know to take care as well." From within the carriage came a soft, gentle voice, enough to captivate anyone’s heart. The soldiers looked at the carriage respectfully, wondering within their hearts how a woman like her could exist.

They wondered what sort of man could capture the heart of their mistress.

Far in the distance, someone watched the group of black soldiers riding on their beasts.

"Haha! I’ve noticed them since a month ago. To think that they would bring in such rewards a month later. What a wonderful haul for us!" A one-eyed man guffawed.

This man was the leader of the fourteen Sand Bandits, Sha Dulong. At Pericelestial middle level, he was expert in eight different skills.

While each skill was of the Yellow Lower grade, their power was impressive. He was public enemy number one in the death desert.

All of the other thirteen Sand Bandits had their names starting with Sha as well.

Sha Daotian, Sha Miexiong, Sha Wuxing…

These fourteen Sand Bandits ruled the entire death desert. Not only did one have to watch out for beasts, they had to watch out for these guys.

The fourteen of them had no underlings. No matter where they went, all fourteen went together. They could be considered the big bullies of the desert. There was once a master who wanted to exterminate these fourteen vermin of the desert, but he was regrettably buried by these fourteen instead.

Ever since then, no one had ever proclaimed to get rid the desert of these fourteen.

"You guys can have the 6 beasts. I’ll take the lovely young lady." Du Shalong laughed, as though everything was under his control.

"HAHA! Please let us have a go at her after you’re done satisfying yourself, leader! I’ve yet to experience having a lady from the Gong family!" Sha Miexiong, who was short and stumpy, licked his lips while smacking loudly.


By now, the convoy had arrived at a place everyone had to pa.s.s through in the death desert. On both sides were gigantic stone cliffs, forming a gorge in the middle as the only path for anyone to pa.s.s through.

"Mistress, we’re at the Black Gorge." A soldier stopped the convoy and said after surveying the surroundings carefully.

The doors to the carriage opened up as a slim figure stepped out.

Clad in white, she was not stained with a single bit of dust of the desert. Her hair were blowing gently across her forehead, yet not blocking out that peerless beauty of hers. However, on those gentle brows where a smile should belong was a slight frown as she surveyed this Black Gorge as well.

"There’s danger." Gong Bingye commented after a moment of observation.

The black guard soldier was stunned at his mistress’s words, and commanded the rest of the soldiers to make preparations for battle.

"Haha! Indeed, she’s not the smartest lady of the Gong Family for nothing! Just one look and she could tell about the dangers within!" Just then, fourteen figures began sliding down from the cliffs. The beasts they were riding on were stationed above the cliffs, growling and looking below with vicious eyes.

"The fourteen Sand Bandits!" The faces of the soldiers changed at the appearance of these people. Apparently, the fourteen Sand Bandits were not unknown to them.

"Gentlemen, we know of the rules. We can leave our valuables, but could we bring the six beasts along with us?" The soldier guard who was standing beside Gong Bingye called out.

He knew that with the appearance of these fourteen Sand Bandits, it was impossible for them to kill their way across.

Du Shalong laughed and rubbed the eye that was blind. "Leave your valuables. Leave the beast. Leave the beautiful girl as well. The rest of you can scram."

The black soldier guard’s face changed, somewhat angry. He then calmed down and continued, "This is a mistress of the Gong Family…"

Before he could finish, Du Shalong interrupted, "Hmph! What Your Father, me, is hankering after is that young mistress of the Gong Family. Bl*ody h.e.l.l, my eye was blinded by your who-knows-what head of the Gong Family. At least that old man died here as well!’

"But now that he has died, I’ll take pleasure in playing with this daughter of his!" Du Shalong laughed evilly, and his other bandits followed suit.

"Mistress, I’ll hold them off while you make your escape. We’re no match for these fourteen." The black soldier guard said.

Gong Bingye looked at the fourteen of them, hatred was evident in her eyes.

"Now, now, little beauty. You don’t have to look at Your Father with such eyes. That displeases me extremely. But don’t you worry, I’ll let you know what pleasure is real soon. I guarantee you’ll think back about it in happiness." Du Shalong laughed frantically.

To Du Shalong, the most frustrating thing in his life was losing his eye to that old fogey of the Gong Family.

Back then, the head of the Gong Family had plotted to rid the death desert of these fourteen Sand Bandits, and had come along with his men. During the battle, he pierced through Du Shalong’s eyes with one finger. But Du Shalong managed to lure him to a secluded area and had him devoured by a desert beast.

Now that this young mistress of the Gong Family had appeared, Du Shalong had to have her suffer thoroughly as vengeance for what happened.

Just then, Gong Bingye squinted her eyes and drew her long sword.

Du Shalong waved his hand forward, shouting, "Kill all the men! Keep the women!"

The rest of the bandits roared and rushed forward, drawing their weapons.

Suddenly, the beasts on top of the cliffs started howling frantically before dropping off the cliff one by one. Once they landed, they scurried off as quickly as they could in all directions, as though something terrifying was about to happen.

The six beasts within the cages started howling as well, as they banged their heads against the cages, frantically trying to get out of it.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

‘What’s happening?!?’

Looking at their riding beasts running off, the bandits were roaring angrily as well. But these beasts ran off in a frenzy and would not listen to any commands. In fact, some of the beasts could not find anywhere to run off, and chose to slam their heads directly against the walls, committing suicide.

"Mistress, what’s up with the beasts!"

Gong Bingye’s beautiful face let out a frown as well. Opening her pet.i.te mouth slightly, she shook her head.

Suddenly, the earth trembled, and the cliff walls vibrated intensely.

"Ah! F*ck! Slow down…!"

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