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"Well, Junior Brothers, here’s the thing. Lin Fan had inherited the Eternal Ax from the ancestor founder’s inheritance, and he’s looking to head out of the sect for training. While training out of the sect is inevitable, the world isn’t exactly peaceful out there. If anything untoward were to happen to him, Glory Sect would not be able to bear this loss." Grand Master Yan told his various Junior Brothers.

Wuya and the rest looked at one another. They understood Senior Brother’s intentions. After all, it was inevitable for one to head out to train one day.

Now that things had come to this, he was naturally asking for their personal sacrifices as well.

"Fellow Junior Brothers, let’s gather our resources then. I’ll put out my Smelt Essence Veil. This can block any attack that is below that of a Greater Celestial. With this, one can travel through Dongling Continent without much worries at all." Senior Elder Wuya lifted his finger, and a red glow shone out, revealing a treasure like a cloak before him.

"Senior Brother is generous indeed. Since this kid has gotten an inheritance from the founder ancestor, then I can’t be stingy either. Let this Heaven Devouring Python be his companion then." The Senior Elder of Qushou Peak unveiled his robes and revealed a red snake coiled on his palm.

This red snake was already close to reaching the prowess of its ancestor. Hence, it was extremely powerful. Now that the Senior Elder of Qushou Peak was willing to take this out, it truly symbolized his sincerity.

Grand Master Yan looked at his Junior Brothers taking out all their treasures without any hesitation and was extremely heartened. Since Lin Fan had gotten the inheritance of the sect, the sect also had a duty to ensure his safety. The world out there was extremely treacherous. With these, at least he could travel without any worries. Even if he were to b.u.mp into a greater celestial opponent, he would stand a fighting chance.

Especially that Heaven Devouring Python of the Qushou Peak’s Senior Elder, its bloodline was already extremely close to its ancestor. Furthermore, its own cultivation base was at the greater celestial upper level already. With this around Lin Fan, it could definitely protect him from anything.

By now, Lin Fan had already subdued a wild beast outside and was using it as his horse. Riding on it wildly, he already knew where he was headed to.

The locations on the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ was already clear to Lin Fan.

Thus, his first destination was the first destination of the map: Fiery h.e.l.l.

"Hurry up!" Lin Fan shouted as he whipped the backside of the beast.

The beast howled in terrible pain, tears br.i.m.m.i.n.g in its eyes.

Initially, it had thought to make a good meal out of this human. To think that things would turn out this way!

Like a donkey it was now, rushing through the winds.

Lin Fan unveiled a wide smile as well.

The reason for this mad rush of his was so that the Grand Master could not catch up with him and haul him back to the sect. The results of the discussion of the Grand Master along with the other Senior Elders must be for him to remain in the sect.

And based on his current cultivation base, there was definitely no way he could resist their intentions. Therefore, he had better strike first and run as far as possible.

By the time Yours Truly had caused enough of a ruckus and leveled up outside, he would have a glorious return to the sect.


Looking at the map and determining the direction, Lin Fan continued pushing forth. This beast he had subdued was not too shabby indeed, able to cover thousands of miles per day.

Glory Sect…

Grand Master Yan carried all the treasures donated by his Junior Brothers with him to the Nameless Peak.

No matter how reluctant they were, they could not stop this kid from heading out to train. Therefore, the only they could do was to ensure his safety.

When Grand Master Yan found out from Zhang Ergou that Lin Fan had left the previous day, he stood at the entrance of Nameless Peak dumbstruck.

Blo*dy h.e.l.l…

After pa.s.sing through the Glory Sect grounds, everything before Lin Fan’s eyes were just deserted ground. Dust clouds filled the entire skies. Lin Fan focused around and took out the map.

Seemed like the first place he would reach after leaving Glory Sect grounds was the Death Desert.

"Hey come on, move it!" Lin Fan patted the collapsed beast.

But the beast could only manage a few pitiful howls as it laid on all fours and looked at Lin Fan with pitiful eyes, hoping for the latter to spare it. Towards the desert before it, the beast was only filled with fear.

Looking at the beast’s tragic state, Lin Fan eventually sighed, "Get lost."

Lin Fan had initially intended to slay the beast for some experience points. But since the beast had already painstakingly sent him here, even if there was no credit for it, it had put in quite a bit of effort. Hence, Lin Fan spared its small life.

Arf! Arf!

The beast barked at Lin Fan gratefully as it scooted off immediately, as though afraid that Lin Fan would slice him into two.

Lin Fan looked at the boundless desert before him and sighed helplessly as well. Gritting his teeth, he stepped forth.

The sandstorms gradually grew thicker as Lin Fan’s figure disappeared within them.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l. What a s.h.i.tty a*s place this is. If I had known, I would have prepared for this earlier." Lin Fan muttered after a few steps. He garnered that the danger level of this death desert couldn’t be too far off from some of the forbidden grounds.

There were a bunch of weird looking beasts around. Actually, they might not be even considered as beasts.

Based on the sect’s records of this place, the death desert was a place one must definitely cross to exit Glory Sect. Disciples below postcelestial cultivation base would find it hard to survive in this place.

For the disciples’ own training, they would only approach this place in groups.

Just then, a gigantic gust blew the sandstorm towards Lin Fan’s direction. Lin Fan held up the Eternal Axe in front of his face to block the sand from flying onto him.

The ground before Lin Fan started trembling suddenly, as though there was something within it.

Click. Click.

This sound, coupled with the howling sandstorm, made it difficult for one to differentiate whether it was part of the wind or a hint of danger.

Just then, the ground before him sunk in as a gigantic centipede appeared suddenly. Its size was as big as a man itself, as its countless legs wriggled in the air while making the clicking sound with its jaws.

Lin Fan was so shocked that he just tossed out the Eternal Axe immediately.

‘Ding…Congratulations on defeating postcelestial upper-level beast.’

‘Ding…experience points +100,000’

Upon hearing the system’s notifications, Lin Fan both heaved a sigh of relief and broke out swearing.

"That scared the s.h.i.t out of Yours Truly!" Lin Fan immediately stepped forward to retrieve the Eternal Axe from the beast.

Looking at the centipede shaped beast, Lin Fan rolled his eyes. ‘Asking for it…!’

Even though this beast was weak, it made Lin Fan understand one thing: This desert was not for show, the dangers were real. Since all the beasts usually lived underground, it would be hard to react to their sudden strikes.

If it weren’t because Yours Truly was such a skilled man, he might have been in some danger.

Within that same desert…

A long, black figure grew bigger. By the time it grew clearer, one could make out that it was a convoy of people.

Traversing in this desert, the convoy moved extremely slowly.

Suddenly, a shout rang out from within the convoy…

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