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Great Hall…

"Are you really going out for training?" Grand Master Yan was truly somewhat reluctant now. Now that this fella had inherited the Eternal Axe from the founder ancestor, things would really be sh*tty if he were to get himself killed outside or anything.

But looking at Lin Fan’s excited face, Grand Master Yan knew that there would be little he could do to stop him.

"No, Grand Master, I’ve been inside here for way too long. My cultivation base is now facing a bottleneck. I need a proper chance to break through it." Lin Fan said.

He was a man meant to traverse this huge, vast world out there. How could he always stay within the sect? Furthermore, his strength had yet to reach its peak. Even though his life here was pretty comfortable, he was feeling the guilt of not doing anything about it.

After all, if what happened to Saint Devil Sect were to one day happen to Glory Sect, he did not want to face the same regrets twice.

In the past, he had not taken much heed to his cultivation base. All he cared about was having fun his own way. But now, he understood. Even while he was having fun, he needed his cultivation base to be increased.

Grand Master Yan knew that he had no way of convincing Lin Fan to stay. Hence he relented eventually.

"You can head out, but you can only leave tomorrow." Grand Master Yan intended to use the time to go discuss with Wuya and the other Senior Elders. After all, Lin Fan was a treasure of the sect. They must definitely not have anything bad happen to him.

Lin Fan glanced at Grand Master Yan and eventually nodded his head, "Alright, then I’ll leave the sect tomorrow."

After all few more casual exchanges, Lin Fan left the Grand Hall with his Eternal Axe lobbed on his shoulders.

Now that he had obtained this legendary weapon, he shouldn’t be too humble about it. When it was time to show off, it was time to show off. He couldn’t hide this weapon for the rest of his life anyways, right?

On the way back to Nameless Peak, the disciples who pa.s.sed by Lin Fan threw him a curious look.

"Junior Master! What a mighty looking ax!" A disciple exclaimed.

Lin Fan chuckled, "Nah, it’s nothing much. I just casually inherited it from the Grand Master’s place."

"Huh?" The disciples who heard his reply were dumbstruck. Grand Master? Inheritance? Could it be that the Grand Master had already decided on the next Grand Master for Glory Sect?

But they were extremely puzzled as well. Since when was there a weapon to be gained from the inheritance? Could Junior Master Lin be pulling a fast one on them?

"Can we touch it, Junior Master Lin?" Looking at the ax, they too were starting to get curious.

Even though it looked normal, the ax was infused with a golden glow. Just the mere look of it was able to show that it was far from ordinary.

"Oh, no no, you can’t. The ax only acknowledges me. Even the Grand Master was repelled on trying to come close to it. For the sake of your safety, I would advise you to not attempt that." Looking at the envious look of these junior disciples, Lin Fan was extremely pleased. This was what life was all about!


Hearing his explanation, all the disciples were wowed. "Seems like only Junior Master Lin would handle such a treasure!"

"That’s right! Not only did Junior Master Lin take first place in the genius sparring, he has now obtained such a G.o.dly weapon! It’s our sect’s good fortune to have someone like him!"

Listening to his junior disciples’ praises, Lin Fan’s ego had long been majorly inflated.

"I don’t believe it…!" Just then, a hand stretched out from within the crowd towards the ax.

Lin Fan looked around. Who was this fella! How could he be so impudent!


The moment Lu Yan touched the ax, the ax glowed brightly and he was repelled backward.

The surrounding disciples could not stop exclaiming in amazement.

"Who the h.e.l.l is this fella! Junior Master Lin had already said that one should not touch it, and yet he had the guts to do so!"

"Who knows! Junior Master Lin would never lie to us! This guy was asking for it for disbelieving Junior Master Lin’s words!"

"Perhaps he just wanted to leave a long-lasting impression in front of Junior Master Lin. But what he doesn’t know is that Junior Master Lin treats all of us equally! Small tricks like these won’t work on him!"

Lu Yan, who was repelled by the ax, stood up slowly, a trace of hatred in those peaceful eyes of his.

This guy, Lu Yan, was the fella whom Lin Fan had disregarded while looking for a servant disciple to pluck his weeds. After countless months, with the help of his Mahesvara Beads, Lu Yan had broken through from precelestial to a postcelestial, and entered the outer sect disciples.

"You alright, Junior Disciple?" Lin Fan asked.

Lu Yan glared at Lin Fan and left.

"This guy…" Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. He mustn’t be too good of a man. After all, anyone who could not click with Lin Fan himself was naturally no good.

"What an arrogant fellow!"

"Do you guys know who that is! How dare he be so rude to Junior Master Lin!"

"He seems to be the servant disciple who was newly promoted as an outer sect disciple! Lu something!"

Lin Fan could not be bothered too much as he waved his hands, "Alright, let it be. Yours Truly will be heading out of the sect for some training from tomorrow on. When Yours Truly gets back, I’ll bring something good for you guys."

"Thank you, Junior master!"

The disciples leaped in joy as they escorted Lin Fan back courteously.

Reaching back to the Nameless Peak, Lin Fan kept his ax and began to rummage through his lockers and cupboards to pack.

"Hehe, to keep me until tomorrow? That’s impossible. Yours Truly can easily see through such silly tactics of yours." Lin Fan had seen through Grand Master Yan’s intentions of not letting him leave.

If this had happened at the start, Lin Fan might have believed the Grand Master. But now that he obtained the Eternal Axe, he knew that it was definitely impossible.

Even though their intentions might be to protect Yours Truly’s safety, but it was G.o.d*mn boring staying in the sect forever! How could one do without more knowledge of the world outside!

Recalling back, how awesome the previous expedition from the sect to the Floating Snow Peaks was. That leveling process was simply unstoppable. Amazing!

Therefore, if they were to hinder him from heading out this time around, he’d fight them to the death for it.

But thinking of Grand Master Yan and the other Senior Elders’ strengths, Lin Fan knew that he had no chance.

Lin Fan opened a suitcase and threw in some clothes and daily necessities, then he rushed over to Danding Peak.

After all, one needed to be properly prepared before heading out.

Lin Fan was now a celebrity at Danding Peak. Heading up, he was met with zero resistance. Sweeping every single herb he needed, Lin Fan headed back to Nameless Peak once again.

He called for Cai Zhiqiao, Zhang Ergou and the other disciples, and gave them a briefing. He was going to be leaving for a while, and they were to take good care of Nameless Peak.

Cai Zhiqiao was the most reluctant to watch Lin Fan go. But after Lin Fan’s promise to bring her something good on his way back, she nodded her head happily.

"Alright then, Yours Truly is going to head out now. Cultivate yourselves well and take good care of your little Junior Sister!" Lin Fan waved and ran down the Nameless Peak.

Halfway down, he toggled on his Stealth mode and headed for the entrance of the Glory Sect.

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