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Grand Master Yan realized that Lin Fan’s initially vigorous breathing had started to die down, as though he was a dead man. At this point, he too began to worry.

This was something that had not happened before in the long history of Glory Sect. He wanted to stretch out his hands to check, but he could still feel Lin Fan’s strong life force burning, so there was seemingly no danger to his life.

‘Where is this…?’

Lin Fan opened his eyes. He was shocked by his surroundings.

Wasn’t he in the Grand Hall? Why was he in this weird place?

The vast sky was blood red above him. The clouds in the skies twisted and turned like living creatures. Every time they twisted, there would be dead corpses falling onto the ground from the skies.

Heaven and Earth seemed to be equally destroyed to a horrible state.

From within the skies came a series of tragic screams and shouts, causing Lin Fan to shiver uncontrollably.

Terrifying! This was way too terrifying!

‘Eh? Why am I floating?’ Lin Fan found himself floating up into the skies suddenly, as his body shifted between reality and illusion.

And just at that very moment, a huge gigantic object fell towards the ground from above Lin Fan. When Lin Fan raised his head and caught sight of it, he was shocked and tried to block it with his hands.


That gigantic object pa.s.sed through Lin Fan’s body entirely and continued falling downwards.

‘What’s up with this? Am I transparent?’

Lin Fan started panicking even more. Looking at the gigantic object, he realized that it was a body.

It wasn’t a human’s body, but something more like a demon.


Just then, a loud explosion happened in the skies, blowing apart the twisting and turning clouds. Lin Fan continued flying up to check out what was happening.

Just as he approached it, a series of screams encompa.s.sed the entire surroundings.


Looking at what was ahead of him, Lin Fan was thoroughly stunned. The killing aura was intense, so intense that Lin Fan could hardly breathe at all.

On one side were humans, and on the other side, demonic creatures like the one he had just seen.

The winds started howling strongly, and the sight before him was b.l.o.o.d.y. Like squishing ants, the demonic creatures squished any human they could find into blood splats, or they would throw them into their mouths.

Looking at the scene, Lin Fan felt a fear he had never experienced before rush through his head. At the same time, an unexplainable rage was burning through him.

Suddenly, from the blood red skies, a pitch black arm appeared out of nowhere. Wherever it pa.s.sed by, the air around it seemed to be ripped apart. The hand was enormous, covering the heaven and earth, and it flew towards the side of the humans.

But just before it reached, a burst of light appeared as an axe, carrying boundless strength, severed that hand. Without slowing down, the axe continued flying…towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan did not dodge, because he knew that his body was not real.

But just then, Lin Fan froze. He could feel it. The aura from the axe was…directed at him.

"NO…!" Lin Fan screamed.

Deep in the Grand Hall…

Grand Master Yan was starting to grow worried. 3 days and 3 nights had pa.s.sed by. Why had Lin Fan not awoken yet? If not for his lifeforce aura, one would have thought that he was long dead!

And just at that moment, Lin Fan burst up shouting.

"Lin Fan…!" Grand Master Yan hurried forward, with one hand on Lin Fan’s shoulders. Lin Fan was filled with sweat from head to toe as he hyperventilated. His eyes were bloodshot red.

"I’m…back!" Lin Fan looked at his surroundings, then at Grand Master Yan, before heaving a sigh of relief.

That was a horrifying scene, simply too horrifying!

The scene was still fresh in Lin Fan’s eyes. Those humans being destroyed by those demonic creatures like ants, there was no room for resistance at all!

That b.l.o.o.d.y scene. Where did it take place? Where was it! Was it in Xuanhuang World!

No, probably not. That looked like h.e.l.l. The whole world was b.l.o.o.d.y, even the skies.

"Are you alright?" Grand Master Yan asked.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head, wiping off all the sweat.

"Have you met with our founder ancestor?"

"Founder ancestor?" Lin Fan raised his head questioningly. Met with founder ancestor? What did that mean? Just that scene alone was enough to send shivers down his spine, let alone meeting the founder ancestor!

"That’s right. No matter which generation it is, all the Grand Masters would obtain some sort of inheritance and meet with our founder ancestor. Did you not meet him?" Grand Master Yan asked, surprised.

Within the statue contained traces of the founder ancestor’s consciousness. Therefore, anyone who had been in contact with it with their hearts would definitely gain some form of inheritance from him.


Just then, Lin Fan’s expression changed. Turning over his palm, he found a gigantic axe within it.

Lin Fan looked at the gigantic axe, astounded. This was the axe in the scene flying towards him! Why was it with him!

"How could this be…?!?" Grand Master Yan too stared at the axe in apparent disbelief.

The axe looked pretty normal, without any intricate carvings or etchings. But Lin Fan could clearly feel the power emanating from within it.

This was an eternal ancient aura that it was emanating.

‘Ding…Congratulations on discovering Legendary Weapon: Eternal Axe. Damaged.’

"Eternal Axe!" Grand Master Yan looked at the ax in Lin Fan’s palms and exclaimed.

To put it simply, the inheritance of Glory Sect was simply to obtain something from the founder ancestor. Since he had placed some of his consciousness within this statue, those who had come here to feel would be able to retrieve something suitable for themselves.

And these were belongings of the founder ancestor.

Within the records of the past, there had been pills which had appeared, but most of the time, it was just skills.

For a weapon to appear…this was impossible!

Furthermore, this Eternal Axe was the founder ancestor’s very own weapon. It had perished along with his disappearance in the past. How could it have appeared during an inheritance?

Could it be that this was a message by the founder ancestor?

Compared to Grand Master Yan’s turmoil, Lin Fan was ecstatic on the other hand.

‘At least he’s got some conscience. After scaring the s.h.i.t out of Yours Truly, at least he knows to compensate with a legendary weapon. Not bad, not bad!’

‘Even though this legendary weapon is damaged, it’s still a legendary weapon nevertheless. No worries!’

Lin Fan was filled with joy. He no longer wanted to revisit the terrible scene from before in his memories.

"What’s wrong, Grand Master? Is there anything wrong?" Lin Fan looked at Grand Master Yan.

Grand Master Yan looked at Lin Fan, shaking his head. This was impossible!

"Lin Fan, let me have a look at the Eternal Axe."

"Sure." Lin Fan had no fear of the Grand Master wanting to claim it for his own and handed it over. But the moment Grand Master Yan stretched out his hands to retrieve it, a bright glow shot out from the ax, pushing Grand Master Yan back.

Lin Fan was stunned.

Isn’t this way too strong! The Grand Master was a greater celestial full cultivation! To think that it could even push him back!

Legendary weapon indeed! Even the weapon was so c.o.c.ky!

Looking at the Eternal Axe, Grand Master Yan trembled in his heart slightly as well, "The weapon has a soul. Seems like it has already recognized you as its master." Grand Master Yan said, somewhat envious.

"Hehe…" Lin Fan laughed. He could see through Grand Master Yan’s look of jealousy and envy. After all, he had inherited a G.o.dly weapon.

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