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On a cold, dark night, within a brightly lit, yet shifty looking house…

A few figures huddled together tightly, deep in discussion.

"Well, I suppose you guys should know the gist of it. Zhang Ergou is your Big Senior Brother, but he seems to be in a daze recently. Not eating well, not sleeping well, not focusing… While these are small issues, they would gradually become big issues over time. Hence, the purpose of gathering you guys here is to inform you all about one thing."

"The only way to help your Big Senior Brother recover from this state, the only way to change this stalemate… That is, he needs to win over the world with his grace and demeanor, since he obviously can’t do so with his face." Lin Fan whispered to his captive audience.

Mie Qiongqi, Tian Yu, and Feng Bujue nodded in agreement. They were all clear in their hearts that this was no small matter.

They were all clear of Senior Brother Zhang’s conditions. Even though he seemed normal on a day to day basis, from time to time, they would find him in an occasional daze, s.p.a.cing out to the skies.

Even though neither of them had been rejected by a girl before, they could feel and empathize with the pain just by looking at Zhang Ergou.

"Well, what do you propose we do then, Master?" Tianyu asked.

"Yes, that’s my intentions of gathering you guys here today: to discuss this issue in depth. Firstly, I would like all of you to brainstorm for any good ideas for your Senior Brother to have an overhaul in person. And then, we’ll talk about it and think about the best way to go about it." Even though Lin Fan was full of quirky ideas, he was quite at a loss for what to do regarding this situation.

If Zhang Ergou were not his Big Disciple, he would not have given a dog sh*t about this.

Feng Bujue looked at his master, "First, for Senior Brother Zhang to change, we must first understand what sort of a person he is."

"Then what sort of a person is he, Senior Brother Feng?" Tianyu asked curiously.

Feng Bujue hesitated, "You guys promise not to rat on me?"

"Of course! Relax! This concerns Senior Brother Zhang’s life as a whole! Besides, do we look like snitches to you?" Tianyu continued.

"Alright fine then. For Big Senior Brother, his good point is that he has too many bad points to speak of. Firstly, he’s ugly. I’m sure everyone knows this in their heart. Especially those bead-like eyes of his and that weird face shape… I, Feng Bujue, swear to G.o.d that he’s the ugliest person I’ve ever met in my life." Feng Bujue continued without hesitation.

Lin Fan stared at Feng Bujue, stunned. He then stared at the door entrance before turning back his gaze onto Feng Bujue’s report.

"Furthermore, Big Senior Brother’s character is simply dodgy. It’s not just plain dodgy, he’s extremely dodgy. If he weren’t my Big Senior Brother, I wouldn’t want to be near someone like him.’

"And yes, timid. Extremely l.u.s.tful yet timid."

"Based on these observations of mine, if Big Senior Brother were not to change over, then it would be impossible for him to not remain single."

Everyone nodded in constant agreement to Feng Bujue’s criticisms of Zhang Ergou. Their expressions changed slightly as well, and their only hope was that things would not get too bad later on.

Especially Lin Fan, he was the one whose jaw was the most agape. These words had surpa.s.sed Lin Fan’s expectations, and he was in some disbelief.

"So, what do you guys think about what I’ve said?" Feng Bujue asked.

"Wonderful…" Lin Fan took a deep breath and nodded his head while looking at Feng Bujue. He was starting to pity this guy.

"It’s actually nothing much. Just my common observation. But you guys must swear not to let this leak out." Feng Bujue said embarra.s.sedly.

And just then, the door sprang right open. When Feng Bujue saw who it was, he was scared s.h.i.tless.

"If you don’t want others to find out, then it’d be best if you didn’t do it in the first place. Well done, Feng Bujue, well done. Your Senior Brother, I, have treated you always pretty decently, to think that you’d talk about me as though I wasn’t worth a single c.r.a.p. Seems like if I do not exert some authority as a Senior Brother, you’d only get more out of hand from now on!’ Zhang Ergou stood at the doorway, his chest puffing up and down heavily.

He was entirely enraged by this point. If his great Master had not pulled him aside in the morning and told him about this matter, he would not have dared to believe such a thing.

Listening to everything from outside the house, listening to his very own Junior Brother talking as though he was worth nothing, goodness! How could he tolerate this?

Thinking back to his master’s words, his master was right after all.

"Ah, Ergou. You’re now the big disciple of Saint Devil Sect. If you do not show some authority as a Big Disciple, then how would you expect the others to submit to you?"

Initially, Zhang Ergou had still thought that how could his Junior Brothers not submit to him? After all, he was pretty nice to them. But after hearing Feng Bujue’s words, he agreed with his master. After all, if even his closest Junior Brother would not submit to him, he could give up hope for anyone else.

Feng Bujue was totally stumped. Looking at his incensed Senior Brother, his small little heart started thumping furiously as he slowly retreated backward.

"Senior Brother! Don’t get angry! No no. It’s all a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding!" Feng Bujue was on the brink of tears. What was happening? Why would his Senior Brother be eavesdropping outside!

"Misunderstanding your head! If I don’t tear off your skin layer by layer today, then I’ll no longer be your Senior Brother!" Zhang Ergou took out a heavy club and swung it towards Feng Bujue’s head.

"Ah! Senior Brother! I was wrong! I’m wrong! It’s really a misunderstanding! Save me, master!" Feng Bujue ran off outside as Zhang Ergou gave chase.

Curses, swearing and shouts rang through the entire Nameless Peak.

Looking at the pitch black night with those two figures running off, Lin Fan eventually closed the doors. He then turned around to the remaining 2, "Alright, Plan A has succeeded. Let’s continue discussing the follow-up."

"Yes, Master." Mie Qiongqi and Tian Yu nodded their heads.

To Lin Fan, Feng Bujue was the best man to execute out Plan A.

First and foremost, even though Feng Bujue’s cultivation base was higher than Zhang Ergou, he would definitely not dare to throw any punches back at Zhang Ergou to retaliate. If it were Mie Qiongqi, who knew when he might lose control and kill Zhang Ergou with a single slap.

And of course, this wasn’t suitable for Tianyu either. Even though Tianyu had been on Nameless Peak for quite some time, it was entirely not in his character to say that speech above.

Therefore, Feng Bujue was the only one who could suffer this ordeal.

The remaining three dug their heads deep in discussions to see how they could perfect the plans. At this point, Tianyu was somewhat distracted with a tinge of hurt in his heart.

Could it be that him remaining at Nameless Peak was just part of a plan as well?

But forget it. Since he was already here, what was the use of thinking so much about it?

For the residents of Nameless Peak, this was going to be a sleepless night.

Cai Zhiqiao was stirred awake by the commotion. Sprawling by her window and rubbing her big, bright eyes awake, she stared at the two people playing catch in the darkness like a movie.

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