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By now, the genius sparring had reached the height of its hype. Countless disciples held their breaths as their stares were glued to the ring.

These two outstanding men on either side represented the strongest geniuses of each sect. How was this going to end up? Who was going to be the eventual victor? Everyone was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

A repressing silence encompa.s.sed the crowd as everything seemed to be deathly still. Those 2 on the ring were so dazzling that there seemed to be lightning sparks emitting from both of them, bringing about an explosive aura.

To them, Lin Fan and Xinfeng standing still and not making a move was simply just to compare auras with one another. Seemed like this would be an onslaught of a battle!

Liang Yichu exchanged looks with Wuya and laughed. None of them had bickered like earlier, as though both were reminiscing about something.

"Brother Yichu, the first time we met was on a ring was just like this, wasn’t it?" Wuya smiled.

"That’s right. In the blink of an eye, a hundred years have pa.s.sed. How quickly does time fly? But that very day is still clear as yesterday in my memory. The look of you crying miserably after being defeated by me is still fresh and enjoyable in my mind!" Liang Yichu spoke as though he was deep in recollection.

"Like you said. A hundred years have pa.s.sed, but your bad habit still hasn’t. Who was the one who sent whom crying, I’m sure I don’t have to repeat it out." Wuya rolled his eyes.

"Brother Wuya, don’t play coy with me. If it weren’t for Grand Master Yan, I would have taken the helm of the strongest genius that year!"

"Whatever. I am not going to argue with you. After all, Jiuxiao Sect’s bound to lose this year anyways."

"Wow! You speak as though that’s the truth."

On the sparring ring…

Lin Fan looked at Xinfeng, and a plan had long started to formulate within his head.

"Hais…" Lin Fan let out a sigh. "Brother Feng. Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect are buddy sects to begin with, let’s not destroy the harmony with both of us. Even though this battle is unavoidable, please make your move."

"Hmph." Xinfeng snorted coldly.

Xinfeng’s aura exploded as his Sword Will materialised long swords out of the thin air from the void. One by one, razor edged swords formed with a bright glow surrounded them. Six blades of unparalleled sharpness floated behind his back beautifully.

Lin Fan took a step forth, hands behind his back. "Come on then."

His current cultivation base was only at the postcelestial full cultivation state. Even his highest fighting strength would bring him close to pericelestial, but that was all. There was no way he had enough power to take down the lesser celestial upper level Xinfeng.

But that was not all that mattered in a fight. In a duel between men, brains played a huge part as well.

"I won’t take your life." Xinfeng said coldly. Pointing out his finger, a long blade flew from behind him towards Lin Fan, ripping apart layers of air as it pa.s.sed through them.

"Brother Yichu. Your disciple is quite something indeed. To think that he’s able to understand ‘Firmament Sword’ to the state of making use of the void." Wuya praised.

Liang Yichu laughed," Of course, but he still needs more training. Understanding is one thing, to be able to bring it to the state of subconsciousness is yet another boundary.’

The long sword which was materialised from the void glimmered across the air like a shooting star. Even disciples looking at it from out of the ring could feel the immense Sword Will radiating from it.

"What’s wrong with Junior Master Lin! Why is he not even moving!

The disciples watching started panicking.

Zong Hentian and the other genius disciples who were observing could not help but break a cold sweat as well. They had not expected Xinfeng to be this strong. But why was Junior Master Lin not budging a single inch?

‘Firmament Sword’ was a skill that Liang Yichu kept closely to himself. He had found the skill in some old ruins in the past. It consisted of nine levels. Once it was at the peak of its cultivation, one could materialise out nine swords from within the void.

Now that Xinfeng could materialise out six of them, he was already at the state of the void.

The blade continued to fly towards Lin Fan’s chest. But he still would not budge a single inch.

In that instant, Lin Fan was disappointed. He did not hear any notifications coming out of the system. Since this was the crucial moment, Lin Fan pretended to take a step back, and spat out a chunk of fresh blood.

Everyone was stunned.

The disciples in the audience stood up. They had not expected Junior Master Lin to take the blow directly.

Grand Master Yan and Wuya’s faces frowned slightly as well.

"Why do you not retaliate!" Xinfeng’s face was cold with anger. "Do you mean to humiliate me?!?"

Lin Fan wiped the blood from his mouth and stood upright, without naught a regret, ‘I apologize for what happened yesterday. I’ll receive the sword as my apology."

The high and mighty Xinfeng’s expression changed as well. "You…!"

He had not expected the other party to receive a sword as apology for yesterday’s matters. This…!

"Brother Feng, there are five more swords. Come on." Lin Fan raised his head and replied solemnly. That regretless face of Lin Fan touched the disciples who were watching.

Even those disciples of Jiuxiao Sect began to feel something. They had not expected the man they hated the most to be so righteous!

Xinfeng too was a little touched. But the moment he thought of the weapon he had kept precious for so many years being destroyed in an instant by this man, he was enraged once more.

"Hmph. I’ll implore you to retaliate. Otherwise, don’t blame me if you were to die." Xinfeng scoffed coldly.

"Junior Master! Fight back!" Zong Hentian shouted across.

"JUNIOR MASTER! FIGHT BACK!" The audience disciples echoed.

"You’ve heard it. Your fellow sect members are asking you to fight back. You had better listen to them. Furthermore, that was the weakest sword I threw out just now."

Lin Fan stood there and shook his head, "Six swords. I’ll take themall. Every single one of them. Since I’ve destroyed Brother Feng’s precious sword, I’ve been feeling extremely guilty. If I’m able to apologize by taking six of Brother Feng’s swords, I’ll do it. If I were to die in the process, that’s my due retribution."

"Grand Master Yan, Brother Wuya! This…!" Liang Yichu found it difficult to face this situation.

"Even though my disciple has only trained till the state of the void, but the following five swords only increase in powers one after another. If he were to take them all with his physical body, I’m afraid…!"

And at that instant, the second sword flew towards Lin Fan.

It was definitely more forceful than the first.


Lin Fan collapsed on the floor once more, spitting out fresh blood.

"3rd Sword…" Lin Fan stood up and stepped forth, eyes fixed on Xinfeng.

"Do not hold back, Brother Feng. I know you’re filled with grudges towards me in your heart! Just let it all out! I can endure it all!" As Lin Fan finished those words, he coughed out yet another mouthful of fresh blood.

"Junior Master…!" The disciples were feeling heartache at this scene.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples too stared at one another in disbelief.

This…this was the mark of a true man!

Slowly but surely, their impression of this man was changing.

This was a respectable genius of Glory Sect.

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