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Sparring Ring…

Both disciples were initially pretty evenly matched up in terms of disposition. But the way Zong Hentian looked now, Feng Xiaoling’s demeanor completely and utterly crushed Zong Hentian like an ant.

"I’ve heard of your name back at Jiuxiao Sect. You’re one of the strongest geniuses of this generation’s disciples for Glory Sect." Feng Xiaoling praised Zong Hentian. But another way to take it could be, ‘Hearing about you is nothing compared to meeting you here right now. What a disappointment! You’re not worthy of being coined as the equivalent of me back in Jiuxiao Sect.’

Feng Xiaoling was suave as he fanned himself gently, entirely disregarding Zong Hentian’s presence. Those high and mighty eyes of his let out a hint of disdain.

Zong Hentian wanted to rebut him badly, but he did not dare to open his mouth with this ongoing pain. He was afraid that he might pa.s.s out any moment if he did not focus on keeping awake.

Junior Master Lin’s method was way too cruel. If he had known beforehand, he would have chosen to lose than to endure such a pain.

This pain, was not something that was only limited to his physical self, but mental self as well.

"Good luck, Senior Brother Zong!" The geniuses who were partic.i.p.ating waved to Zong Hentian, rooting him on. The audience disciples looked at one another. Gritting their teeth, they too broke into cheers.

No matter what, Zong Hentian was their Senior Brother. No matter how disgraceful this was, they still hoped that he would win.

"BEGIN!" Elder Putong looked at Zong Hentian and sighed. ‘What’s happening to Glory Sect these days.’

‘Are we really bound to lose this year?’

"By the looks of it, Jiuxiao Sect is going to take this match as well, Brother Wuya." Liang Yichu chuckled as he watched the ring. Wuya was speechless as he remained fixated on the ring. Towards Liang Yichu’s smugness, he had no way to refute it.

Buck up…!

Feng Xiaoling folded up his fan and pointed it at Zong Hentian, "Strike then. I’m afraid that you might not have a chance to if I was to strike first." Feng Xiaoling’s speech enraged the Glory Sect disciples as they discussed vehemently.

"What a c.o.c.ky fella! This guy is even c.o.c.kier than Xinfeng!"

"Even though I’ve got no idea why Senior Brother Zong is in this state today, but he should not have made those comments either way!"

"Senior Brother Zong is one of our strongest geniuses! What rights does he have to look down on Senior Brother Zong!"

"Good luck, Senior Brother Zong! Give this guy a taste of what Glory Sect’s powers are!"

Zong Hentian’s blood filled eyes glared at Feng Xiaoling. He was in such pain that there was no room for mercy anymore. But what he was furious about was that even though this guy was so b.l.o.o.d.y arrogant, his attention was still directed towards the pain in his own crotch!

"Strike. Stop wasting time." Feng Xiaoling placed his hands behind his back as he stared at Zong Hentian.

"Stand up and settle this! There’re still matches to carry on from here on!" Lin Fan shouted over to Zong Hentian. To Lin Fan, the moment that Zong Hentian exploded, Feng Xiaoling would definitely not be his match.

Even though Zong Hentian was the first partic.i.p.ant of this experiment, he was confident that a product of the system was definitely of good quality.

"That’s an interesting fellow of a teammate you have. Since he knows that you’re bound to lose, he’s hurrying you on for the rest of us. I think you should just admit defeat here. After all, it’s nothing to be ashamed of." Feng Xiaoling laughed.

"You’re…wrong!" Zong Hentian took a deep breath, his voice somewhat hoa.r.s.e.

"Hmm?" Feng Xiaoling’s face changed slightly.

Zong Hentian began to stand up more, and his legs were now only slightly spread. At that point, Zong Hentian’s energy within his body was already flowing at its peak, emitting sounds of vibrations within him.


Zong Hentian’s eyes focused as those eyes of his turned entirely bloodshot. Standing upright, the pain within his body had reached its epitome.

That long hair of his which was flowing with the wind began to stand upright.

"I…can’t take it anymore! FIGHT!" Zong Hentian’s sudden explosive roar shot out like a shockwave across the ring. Audience disciples who were of lower cultivation bases could feel their hearts trembling.

Lin Fan looked at the ring, startled as well.

He had not expected ‘Ball Kicking’ to be this effective! This Zong Hentian right now was worlds apart from the initial Zong Hentian!

"How could this be?!" Liang Yichu, who was watching the entire situation unfold, could not believe his eyes.

In just an instant, a burst of power radiated from within that disciple.

"Eh?" Wuya, who had begun to lose hope for this match, perked up. He had felt the difference in Zong Hentian’s powers.

This aura was strong… way stronger than before.

"COME!" Zong Hentian roared again as a whirlwind began swirling around his legs. He gripped his scalp. The pain from his crotch area had risen up to his entire body. He could no longer bear it anymore.

Feng Xiaoling’s arrogant look changed as well.


Before Feng Xiaoling could continue, the frenzied Zong Hentian screamed out.


Zong Hentian strode forward. Every step he took which made contact with the ground burst out like thunder. True Energy exploded from Zong Hentian’s palm in Feng Xiaoling’s direction, repressing the latter. Feng Xiaoling got serious as he gathered up his True Energy as well. Laughing, he said, "Fine. Since you want it rough, let’s have a go at it."

He too shot out his palm, shooting out True Energy. It was time to see who was the stronger one between him and Zong Hentian. Standing amongst the genius disciples, Lin Fan let out a smile, ‘There’s no need to watch anymore. Victory is clear.’


A loud explosion happened as the True Energies met with each other in the middle, forming a typhoon of True Energy.

"And that’s all…" Feng Xiaoling laughed coldly. But his face changed in disbelief suddenly.

‘How could this be?!’

Zong Hentian’s face was flushed red as steam erupted from his head.


Zong Hentian’s True Energy shot out at Feng Xiaoling, as the latter flew off the sparring ring like a kite which had lost its thread.

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples looked at one another in disbelief. What in the world happened just now? How could Feng Xiaoling lose just like that?

Liang Yichu too shot up standing upright, his jaws wide open. He wanted to shout out something, but no words would come out of his mouth.

"My apologies, Brother Yichu. Small victory." Wuya had just snapped out of his own stupor and laughed. Grand Master Yan had not said anything from the start of the event. But looking at what happened, he too let out a smile.

The audience disciples were ecstatic.

"We won…WE WON!"

"HAHA! To think that we won this easily!"

"Indeed, Senior Brother Zong is Senior Brother Zong! To think that this guy was so c.o.c.ky, but he was sent flying by Senior Brother Zong in an instant!"

Even some of the female disciples let out a look of disdain. Good to look at, but with no substance.

"Second Match. Glory Sect Disciple, Zong Hentian. Victory!"

"AGAIN!’ Zong Hentian glared at Feng Xiaoling who was knocked out, while roaring.

That palm was filled with sweat. With the outburst of the palm, his pain was shot out by a little. But now that this guy was knocked out, what was he to do about the remaining pain!

Feng Xiaoling struggled to stand up as he looked at Zong Hentian dumbfounded. He was still trying to figure out what had happened. How did he lose so firmly? This…this…!

And looking at the surrounding gazes, the handsome Feng Xiaoling blushed, feeling somewhat ashamed. Eventually, Zong Hentian who was still roaring uncontrollably on the ring, was dragged down by Lin Fan and the others.

The side effects of ‘Ball Kicking’ is pretty strong! Not only could it bring out someone’s potential, but it could also even bring about some intense battle hunger in them! Even though victory was already determined, Zong Hentian was still provoking the other party from the ring! How was Feng Xiaoling to hide his little ashamed face like this?

Looking at the tragic look on Feng Xiaoling’s face was enough to know what a blow he had been dealt by Zong Hentian.

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