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Lin Fan headed back silently. Zhang Ergou’s grooming plan was slowly coming into shape within his mind. As for the specifics, he needed time to go through it thoroughly.

After all, Zhang Ergou had received a huge blow in life, and was going to be reclusive for quite some time.

In the evening, before the sun had set, a group of unwanted guests arrived at Nameless Peak.

"Lin Fan, the sect has nowhere else to house them. Hence, I offered them residence at yours." Senior Elder Wuya came and explained things personally.

"No problem! They’re most welcome!" Upon hearing Senior Elder Wuya’s request, Lin Fan was delighted. He was a wonderful host. Of course, he’d welcome these foreign friends with open arms.

"Rest a.s.sured that I’ll take the best care of them, Elder." Lin Fan said solemnly. He then turned to the group of Jiuxiao Sect disciples and smiled widely as a kind host should.

"You don’t have to do that either. The sparring takes place tomorrow. They’ll only be here for one night." Wuya nodded and smiled.

Even though what happened in the noon had caused Jiuxiao Sect to lose face tremendously, Wuya believed that Lin Fan did not mean it.

"Sure, no problem still. After all, it’s quiet around here at Nameless Peak. Things would get lively with these guys around!" Lin Fan then called out to Zhang Ergou, "Hurry up and prepare the premises! Remember, bring out all of the best stuff we have for the guests!’

Even though Zhang Ergou was dealt a heavy blow, he hid it rather well as he headed forth with a smile on his face.

"Here, here. Senior Brothers, please follow me!" Even though Zhang Ergou’s face was somewhat pitiful, his exuberant and welcoming expression still gave off a good feeling to the guests.

Xinfeng looked at Lin Fan with bitterness on his face. He was once again reminded of what had happened today. Even though the feast was sumptuous, it tasted like nothing to Xinfeng. The only thing on his mind were the events of the day.

Now that he was on Nameless Peak and caught sight of this guy again, he was naturally displeased.

"Brother Yichu, please stay here temporarily tonight then." Senior Elder Wuya laughed.

"Alright, this seems like a pretty decent place as well. I’ll let my disciples have a good rest so that they can have a good showing tomorrow." Liang Yichu had long thrown the earlier events to the back of his head. Even though Jiuxiao Sect had lost face earlier on, the results of tomorrow’s sparring would determine the truth.

To be able to regain face was something glorious as well.

"Senior Elder Wuya, leave this place to me. I’ll show these guys the wonderful ways of a good host of Glory Sect. It’ll be sure to leave an everlasting memory!" Lin Fan patted on his own chest.

Senior Elder Wuya nodded in approval. For the sect to have a disciple such as Lin Fan was a great fortune for Glory Sect indeed.

"Have a good rest then, Brother Yichu." Wuya bid Liang Yichu goodbye as he left.

The moment Senior Elder Wuya left, Lin Fan’s face of sincere a.s.surance changed instantaneously as he started laughing evilly.

Of all places these guys could land at, they ended up at Nameless Peak. Of course, Lin Fan had to ‘host’ them nicely. Otherwise, he’d let down the honor of Nameless Peak!

Since the sparring was tomorrow, as a member of Glory Sect, he had to do his part to allow his fellow Juniors to obtain a good result.

But, as everyone would know, Lin Fan was not a despicable, shameless and devious man. Such underhanded tricks were, of course, troubling for him.

"Master! There are so many people!" Cai Zhiqiao clapped happily at the sight of all the crowd at the quiet Nameless Peak. Lin Fan did not say anything as he fondled his darling disciple’s head. His eyes glinted as he looked at the crowd.


The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were gathered in a hall as Liang Yichu was discussing tomorrow’s events.

"For tomorrow’s sparring, all of you need to showcase your utmost strength to obtain good results!" Liang Yichu was extremely confident. After all, the geniuses present for this sparring this time round were all Jiuxiao Sect’s elites.

Especially his own disciple, who was a genius amongst geniuses. Even though the mishap in the afternoon went awry, he believed that it was just a slip of carelessness on his part.

For tomorrow’s stage, where the compet.i.tion was going to be fair, things would be different.

"Don’t worry, Elder. We’ll definitely put in our very best tomorrow to obtain the highest honors!" The Jiuxiao Sect disciples echoed together.

"Yes, very good. Head back to recharge yourselves and gather your mood. We’ll go for a good one tomorrow!"

Within Lin Fan’s house…

Lin Fan, Zhang Ergou, Mie Qiongqi and Feng Bujue sat in a circle, and were deep in whispers.

"Master, what are we to do tonight?" Zhang Ergou was clear of his Master’s capabilities. For these guys to have a peaceful night at Nameless Peak, that was probably close to impossible.

Looking at the brightly lit houses outside, Lin Fan let out a smile. Waving for them to gather closer, all 4 of them bent their heads in a huddle as Lin Fan whispered out his plan. In the end, the 4 of them looked at each other as each of them let out an evil laugh.

The night was dark.

Very dark.

Nameless Peak was mostly quiet, except for the occasional chirp of the birds. The houses on the west were where the Jiuxiao Sect disciples resided.

Between the houses of every disciple were a couple of other houses.

w.a.n.g Yanglin was a genius of Jiuxiao Sect. While he was definitely nothing much compared to Xinfeng, he was still nothing to be scoffed at in terms of cultivation base or innate potential.

Therefore, he was naturally ready for this time’s genius sparring. Even though Senior Brother Xinfeng was strong, w.a.n.g Yanglin too craved for battle.

w.a.n.g Yanglin was seated cross-legged on his bed in cultivation state. Streams of energy emitted from his nose as he breathed out, and swirled around his body before culminating above his head again.

Just then, some noises came from outside. Alerted, w.a.n.g Yanglin shot upright as he opened his eyes wide.

"Senior Brother…is it true? Do we really have…ghosts on Nameless Peak?!?"

"How would I know! But you should at least have heard of Nameless Peak’s history, right?"


The men who spoke sounded extremely nervous.

"Nameless Peak used to be called Graveyard Peak and buried the bodies of disciples who died for Glory Sect. Even though their bodies have since been shifted, it’s been said that when night falls, the temperature tends to dip down as these ghosts start roaming the lands…!"

"Please don’t scare me, Senior Brother. I’m a timid man!"

"Don’t worry, even if these ghosts were to appear, they wouldn’t harm you nor me. After all, we’re their Junior Brothers even if they’re in the afterlife!"

"Oh, right! Right!"

Even though the noises outside gradually went away, they remained ringing within w.a.n.g Yanglin’s ears.

Graveyard Peak? Burial grounds for disciples who had died?


w.a.n.g Yanglin could not help but feel gooseb.u.mps appear up his neck and arms. Surveying his surroundings, the temperature did seem somewhat cold!

Could there really be…ghosts?!?

w.a.n.g Yanglin stood up from his bed as he looked around warily...

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