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Without looking back even once, Lin Fan continued heading forward. Once he was confident he was far enough from the rest of them, he came to a stop.

Instantaneously, that solemn expression of his turned into joyful glee.

Thinking back at what happened, Lin Fan couldn’t help but burst out in laughter continuously.

From that haughty entrance he made to how he crushed Xinfeng spectacularly, especially the part where he broke Xinfeng’s sword with no effort truly brought the atmosphere to a new high. And just at that climax, he brought Xinfeng down with a single tap. Oh my, he was getting embarra.s.sed just recalling these memories.

There were only two words that could describe this: F*ck Yeah.

Recalling Senior Elder Wuya’s dumbfounded expression, he must have been so impressed by Lin Fan’s actions that he was lost for words. Lin Fan wondered how much Senior Elder Wuya must be leaping with joy within his heart.

Especially at such a critical moment, Lin Fan managed to salvage Glory Sect’s face in one fell swoop. He must definitely be in for a big reward when he got back.

But Lin Fan wondered as well about why there weren’t any loud cheers of exuberance. Were they still in a state of shock?

But oh well, so be it. Happy as one could be, he leaped with every step back to the Nameless Peak.

Glory Sect’s entrance…

Wuya looked at Liang Yichu helplessly with a hint of apology in his look, as though he was apologetic that Jiuxiao Sect had to go through this.

But now that things had come to this, there was no salvaging it.

Liang Yichu’s rotund belly trembled slightly. He looked somewhat lost, somewhat stunned. Every single Jiuxiao Sect disciple kept their mouths shut. They were in complete disbelief.

Senior Brother Xin... He lost…just like that?

Where was the promised dominance? Where was the promised victory?

When Jiuxiao Sect disciples exchanged glances with the Glory Sect disciples, all of their eyes were somewhat embarra.s.sed as well.

They had guessed the start right. But they had not expected this outcome.


Just then, Glory Sect disciples erupted in cheers.

Junior Master Lin was simply too strong. His level of strength was unbelievable! With just the simple tap of a brick, their so-called genius disciple collapsed to the ground instantly!

If they had already idolized Junior Master Lin for his pill cultivating skills, they now thoroughly worshipped him for his strength as well.

None of them felt a single trace of True Energy within the brick. That was to say, that is just any other normal brick.

In their minds, there was only one possibility. Junior Master Lin was worried that he would injure the opponent with any other weapon. Thus, he had to resort to using a brick.

But what a display of strength that was! Just a simple brick was enough to knock out the other party. Indeed, what a man he was.

One minute later, Xinfeng woke up. He was lost. What had happened?

Looking at the surroundings, he realized something was off. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to recall what had happened.

That puzzled expression turned into one of rage.

He had never expected himself to lose. And to think that he caused Jiuxiao Sect to lose face!

"Master…I…!" Xinfeng felt ashamed. He had disgraced his sect and his master’s teachings. He had lost at this crucial moment.

Liang Yichu was extremely depressed within his heart. Looking at his old friend, one who he had known for hundred plus years, would Heaven never give him a chance to one-up this old buddy ever?

"Brother Yichu, fellow geniuses, Glory Sect has prepared a great feast to welcome your grand arrival. Please follow me." Wuya did not know what else he could say to diffuse the awkward situation, so he changed the topic entirely.

"Ah, Brother Wuya. Bravo. Bravo…" Liang Yichu stood in front of Wuya, commenting downheartedly.

"Brother Yichu, you can’t entirely blame it on us Glory Sect either. After all, you were the one who started it…"

Liang Yichu looked at Wuya and waved his hands, motioning for the latter to forget about it. He no longer had anything to say.

Lin Fan, who was approaching Nameless Peak, finally heard the commotion coming from the distance behind him. He grinned once more. While these cheers might have come somewhat late, it was still a series of recognition.

"Master…!" Cai Zhiqiao, who was holding onto her little pouch, bounced around Lin Fan.

Lin Fan fondled his loving disciple’s head. The pain of separation was the most forgettable for young kids. After all, they were not as sentimental as adults.

"Master, is my pet ready!"

"Alright, I’ll hand it over to you now." After merging with the essence blood of its ancestor, the Snow Lion cub had completely absorbed it within its body. How it would grow from now on was entirely up to the Heavens.

Lin Fan retrieved the cub. It was already able to open its eyes as it sprawled on Lin Fan’s palms, wailing gently.

The moment the cub came out, it attracted Cai Zhiqiao’s attention immediately.

"Master! It’s so cute! Can I hug it please please please?" Cai Zhiqiao tugged on Lin Fan’s sleeves happily.

"Yes, yes. Master will impart onto you a beast taming manual. If there’s anything you don’t know in the future, come and ask me." Lin Fan did not dare to impart any mental skills nor martial skills to Cai Zhiqiao.

After all, she was still a young kid. If he were to impart such stuff to her, she might end up on the wrong side due to curiosity.

Hence, Lin Fan decided to take it one step at a time. When she grew older and wiser, he’d impart them to her one by one.

As Lin Fan was imparting the Beast Taming Manual to her, he asked, "Eh? Where is your Big Senior Brother?"

With a slightly stunned expression, she replied, "Over there…"

Looking at where she pointed, Lin Fan frowned. Wasn’t that the cliff? What the h.e.l.l would he be there for? Could it be that he was contemplating about his worthless life…?

After he was done with Cai Zhiqiao, Lin Fan headed to the cliff immediately. He had to see what Zhang Ergou was up to.

At the cliff of Nameless Peak, the scenery was beautiful. With white clouds all around, it was like Heaven on earth.

Two figures stood there still.

"Yu…Lan. I really…like you." Zhang Ergou’s face was flushed red as he stuttered with all his courage.

Lin Fan, who was walking over, came to a halt. That calm heart of his was suddenly experiencing turbulences all over.

Lin Fan did not believe that Zhang Ergou would dare to confess to someone.

This…this was earthshattering news.

Just then, a soft female voice bobbed over.

"Brother Zhang, you’re a great person. Your tenderness has always been within my heart. If only we’ve known each other earlier."

"Yulan, it’s not too late that we know each other now." Hearing Yulan’s praises of himself, Zhang Ergou was fuzzy all over. He was hopeful now that she was praising him.

Under the guise of his invisibility, Lin Fan stood nearby and shook his head helplessly.

Ergou, why are you so stupid? Can’t you make out her meaning already?

Lin Fan could easily comprehend her meaning behind her words: ‘Ergou, I truly do not wish to be with you. Just tenderness is not enough. Your cultivation base is simply too low. You should have realized it on your own earlier.’

"Brother Zhang, I ought to head back. If not, Senior Sister will give me a good scolding." Yulan said softly. Without a care for Zhang Ergou’s pleas to stay, she left cruelly.

And just like that, the place was left eerily silent.

Zhang Ergou stood there alone at the cliff. From those beady eyes of his, beads of tears came dripping.

Looking at Zhang Ergou’s downcast state, even Lin Fan felt somewhat heartbroken.

A master was like a father.

How could he allow his own disciple to lose face like this?

At that very moment, Lin Fan came up with a new plan…

‘The Road to Zhang Ergou’s Rise.’

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