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Liang Yichu had spent a ton of effort in grooming this disciple of his. To him, this guy’s innate potential was comparable to that of Jiuxiao Sect’s ancestor. Now that he had brought him out, especially in front of an old friend, he had to naturally flaunt this disciple of his even more.

"Brother Wuya, how are the geniuses of Glory Sect doing? Where’s that Mie Qiongqi guy? Three years ago, my disciple had forced himself into a retreat to reach a higher cultivation base. Hence, he missed out on the sparring. I would love to have him match up with Mie Qiongqi for a bit." Liang Yichu rubbed his belly while laughing.

Upon hearing this, Senior Elder Wuya was somewhat displeased as well, "Ah, Brother Yichu… Why do I get the feeling that you’re out to bicker with me?"

How could Senior Elder Wuya not know what sort of character his old friend was? Three years ago, Mie Qiongqi had defeated Jiuxiao Sect’s disciples with ruthless methods, entirely throwing Jiuxiao Sect’s face.

By the looks of it, Jiuxiao Sect had prepared themselves thoroughly to reclaim victory once more.

"Ah, don’t think that way, Brother Wuya. After all, we’ve got over a 100 years of ties. How could I be so rude as to bicker with you? Given our close relationship, I’m just trying to show some concern." Liang Yichu smoked out as though every word was the truth.

Wuya scanned the surrounding Glory Sect disciples. Indeed, he could not find someone who was more capable than the other party’s genius.

The moment Wuya caught sight of this disciple of Liang Yichu, he knew clearly in his heart that if there were no accidents, this Xinfeng would probably take the crown for this year’s sparring.

Just then, Wuya’s gaze fell upon Lin Fan. This fella had always been mysterious. Even the Lesser Celestial Upper-Level Snow Lion was defeated by him. He must have plenty of tricks up his sleeves.

Now that the sect’s reputation was at stake, as a disciple of the sect, he naturally had an obligation to stand up for the sect.

Furthermore, the look of arrogance on Liang Yichu’s face was something Wuya could not stand. Since this guy couldn’t defeat Wuya himself, he was banking on his disciple to earn him back some face. How could Wuya let this happen that easily?

Wuya’s calm face let out a smile, "Since Brother Yichu is so eager, then let me introduce to you one of our sect’s geniuses. Lin Fan, come and greet your senior."

Standing at his original position, Lin Fan was initially deep in his thoughts. He was still contemplating on how to get at this Xinfeng guy.

This guy whose nose was pointing above everyone else haughtily, who did not bother to look at anyone in the eyes… What a c.o.c.ky fella! Those arrogant eyes of his made anyone want to give him a good punching.

But upon hearing Elder Wuya call himself, Lin Fan momentarily felt a life-threatening danger. A surge of energy rose through his heart at the same time.

To be remembered by the Elder in times of Glory Sect’s needs, it must mean that he held a certain degree of impression within their hearts.

Raising his head, Lin Fan was determined to be even c.o.c.kier than Xinfeng. His head was raised so high he was no longer even looking ahead. He was just looking straight up at the clear blue skies.

Putting his hands behind his back, he strut forwards as well. He took every step slowly. To create a further lasting impression, he toggled ‘Stealth’ on and off, flickering his presence every now and then.

Every disciple of Glory Sect was now in an exuberant mood. They were already deeply attracted by Junior Master Lin’s suaveness. Whispers started flying around.

"How could Junior Master Lin be so imposing as a man?"

"I can’t take it anymore, it’s making me blind! Junior Master Lin’s demeanor is way too dazzling! Every step he takes… It’s sending off a repressing aura! I can’t take it any longer!"

"Hmph! That’s what I said! That’s all the Jiuxiao Sect’s genius can pull off! In front of Junior Master Lin, he’s squash!"

Looking at Lin Fan’s display of att.i.tude, Wuya was lost for words as well within his heart. But his face let out a gentle smile in acknowledgment of Lin Fan.

Indeed, what Glory Sect was lacking was a disciple as such who could bring up the morale like this with such grandeur within him.

Those slow, shifting steps of his.

That flashing, intermittent image of his.

That raised, arrogant head of his.

Each of those points symbolized Glory Sect’s very dignity.

"Elder." Lin Fan said as he arrived beside Wuya.

"Yes. Greet Senior Liang here. Senior Liang is Yours Truly’s long-sworn friend."

Lin Fan lowered his head ever slightly. But since he had pulled it so far back initially, he still had to lower his gaze all the way down before he could make out a single strand of hair on Liang Yichu’s head.

Lin Fan did not snort like Xinfeng. To him, that would diminish his ability to show off his unique style as a person.

"Sniff… Sniff."

Lin Fan’s nose trembled as he gave off two sniffs. That should suffice as a greeting.

Wuya looked at Lin Fan. The more he looked, the more he was fond of this man before him. He then continued apologetically, "My apologies, Brother Liang. His temperament has been as such no matter how much I’ve been trying to change him. Please don’t take it to heart."

Liang Yichu looked at Wuya, then squinted at Lin Fan, somewhat displeased. This disciple here was indeed b.l.o.o.d.y c.o.c.ky!

Xinfeng too frowned and glared at Lin Fan, unhappy as well. To think that this guy was even c.o.c.kier than him? Unless… was this guy somehow even stronger than him?

The disciples of Jiuxiao Sect stared at Lin Fan, annoyed as well. How impudent could this guy get!?

Facing all of them with only his two nostrils, wasn’t that way too much!

Everyone took extra notice to burn the face of this man into their memories. During the sparring, they must let him understand what the consequences of being way too impudent were.

"Haha, Brother Wuya, quite something ain't he, this disciple of yours? But his cultivation base seems to be…" Liang Yichu laughed as he stared at this disciple. He could not sense any flow of True Energy within his body, nor could he tell what his cultivation base was.

He could not figure out what method this disciple used to hide away his cultivation base from his very eyes. In the end, he concluded that this guy did not have any cultivation base at all.

How could Wuya not understand this fatty’s meaning? But at times, Wuya wondered as well. Just what was up with Lin Fan? There was not a single trace of energy coming out from him. Even the Grand Master himself could not make out what this man’s cultivation base was. He was indeed pretty strange.

"Let me ask you then, Elder Liang. What is the purpose of us training up our cultivation bases?" Lin Fan said gently, referring to himself.

"What an interesting disciple you have, Brother Wuya, to think that he’s testing me out. But fair enough! In the presence of so many young ones, let me share some knowledge as a Senior."

"The purpose of us training up our cultivation bases? Of course, it is so that we can transcend everything before us, and conquer everything between Heaven and Earth. Only as such can we attain eternal freedom as humans, the freedom to do anything we wish to…" Liang Yichu’s face was smiling with confidence in every word he spoke. He had to give these young ones a good lesson about why they had to work hard to build up their cultivation bases.

"How?" Liang Yichu laughed and asked.

Listening to their Elder’s explanation, all the disciples of Jiuxiao Sect nodded in agreement, doused in the wisdom of their Elder. Even some disciples of Glory Sect nodded their heads as well. What he said made sense…to transcend everything before them.

But at that moment, Lin Fan stared straight at the man before him. An aura of dominance exuded from him as he spoke in a deep and low voice, "You're wrong."

"That is not our purpose for cultivating ourselves."

The moment Lin Fan’s words left his mouth, there was an outrage within the crowd. Every single disciple of Jiuxiao Sect gripped their fists tightly. This guy…!

How could he be so b.l.o.o.d.y overbearing! d.a.m.n it. G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

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