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Entering the inner sect disciples’ quarters, Lin Fan found that it was much quieter, unlike the bustle out at the outer sect quarters. Some disciples could be seen working hard at cultivating on top of peaks or at the bases of waterfalls.

Looking at these diligent disciples, Lin Fan did not head forth to disturb them.

As Lin Fan headed towards the peak of the Grand Master, he was greeted by the sight of Zong Hentian.

"Junior Master Lin!" Catching sight of Junior Master Lin, Zong Hentian broke into a smile. He had not seen Junior Master Lin ever since the expedition had ended.

"Junior Disciple, looking at your relaxed demeanor, I suppose you have quite a bit of confidence in the sparring of the geniuses?" Lin Fan chuckled.

Zong Hentian smiled awkwardly, "Haha, don’t tease me, Junior Master. It’s because I have no confidence that I’m out here taking a walk to calm my mood."

"How could you have no confidence when the sparring had yet to start?"

"It’s true, Junior Master. I truly am lacking in confidence." Zong Hentian was under immense pressure. For the sparring event, he was the hope of many Junior Brothers to perform well. But Zong Hentian clearly knew that he was not in the least bit confident or ready for this sparring.

He had partaken in the sparring 3 years ago, and he was utterly toyed with and dangled like a puppet by the genius of Jiuxiao Sect. Even though he had trained fervently for these 3 years and had grown tremendously, he was still unable to claim that he’d take victory in it.

"As long as you try your best... But yes, right, could you explain to Yours Truly what’s the whole thing about this sparring between the geniuses?" Lin Fan walked with Zong Hentian to a bench, and sat down to chat.

"Well Junior Master Lin, this goes way back. It started 3000 years ago. Back then, Jiuxiao Sect and Glory Sect were bonded to the point of life and death. When our ancestors were still disciples themselves, they got to know one another through a forbidden ground expedition, and grew to be really close from there on. However, they once got into an argument over whose sect had stronger disciples. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, they settled with this series of sparring, and it has lasted to this day."

"So, does anyone get any prize of any sorts for winning this?"

"Nopes." Zong Hentian shook his head.

Lin Fan was stunned momentarily. Why were these guys trying so hard for something without a prize? He shook his head, "Then, what’s the meaning of all this? Where do our disciples get their motivation from without any prizes?"

Listening to Lin Fan’s question, Zong Hentian shook his head fervently to correct him, "That’s not it, Junior Master. While there’s no prize, this is an extremely important event for the sect. Therefore, we must not lose!"

Looking at Zong Hentian’s determined face, Lin Fan could only shake his head helplessly. Seemed like this sparring was all just a pointless argument by some old fogies years ago.

To think that it had lasted to this day. What a ch.o.r.e!

"Alright then, give it your best. I’ve got high hopes for you." Lin Fan patted Zong Hentian on the shoulders and stood up, preparing to leave.

"Yes, Junior Master. That’s all I can do as well."


A gigantic ark appeared above the skies of Glory Sect.

Glory Sect disciples who caught sight of the ark below were all deep within their own discussions.

While this may be the first time some of the disciples had caught sight of Jiuxiao Sect, the rest who had taken part in the sparring every three years just found these guys to be a nuisance.

Standing amongst the crowd, Lin Fan couldn’t help but sigh as well. Whoever said that no sect would keep up with their reputation was definitely wrong. Just look at these guys. Their ark was tens of times larger than Glory Sect’s. If Glory Sect’s ark were to float up there side by side, it’d be like a parent and its child.

This time round, the person in charge of welcoming them was Senior Elder Wuya.

"Long time no see, Wuya. Seems like Glory Sect’s grounds have been getting smaller in size, hasn’t it? There’s hardly even any room for us to park our ark anymore!" On the ark, an old man with a long white beard chuckled.

Looking at the situation, Lin Fan couldn’t help but wonder. What a c.o.c.ky old man! The first words he said were already so daring!

"Long time no see too, Brother Yichu. You seem like you’ve aged considerably as well. Well, since you’re here, how about you come on down and we can catch up?" Senior Elder Wuya shook his head gently and smiled calmly.

"Alright." Senior Elder Liang Yichu of Jiuxiao Sect swept back his white robes and swiftly floated down in front of Senior Elder Wuya.

This was the first time Lin Fan could clearly make out the appearance of this guy.

Neither tall nor bulky, he was somewhat stumpy with a rotund face. With a big belly in front of him, he seemed like he was kind of pregnant as well.

As the senior elders exchanged glances, their looks seemed to be filled with a thousand emotions.

After a long stare, the both of them hugged each other and gave out a hearty laugh, as though they had been through thick and thin.

Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect went way back. Since their ancestors made friends 3000 years ago, naturally they had got a pretty st.u.r.dy relationship over all these years.

But this was only true for those of the previous generation. Somehow, the feeling was somewhat different for the current generation.

"Alright, come on down." Liang Yichu beckoned at the ark. It grew smaller, and his disciples descended down as well one by one. Each of them looked high and mighty, and glanced at Glory Sect with sharp eyes.

"Brother Wuya, what do you think of this?" Liang Yichu smiled and laughed. Towards this generation’s disciples, he was pretty pleased with their growth and powers. Now that he brought them over to Glory Sect, naturally he had to show them off as well.

Senior Elder Wuya took a quick glance and stroked his beard without saying anything for a long time. Finally, he replied laughingly, "Not bad, not bad. There are quite a few good seeds over here."

"Brother Wuya, isn’t that not too generous? I’m sure they’re pretty much better than just a few good seeds!"

Senior Elder Wuya chuckled and did not reply. He did feel somewhat uncomfortable within his heart. Indeed, he couldn’t deny that some of these disciples were pretty extraordinary.

But compared to Mie Qiongqi of three years ago, they were far from him. Just that Mie Qiongqi…sigh.

Lin Fan looked at the numerous disciples and couldn’t help but sigh as well. Indeed, these guys were pretty something.

But what the h.e.l.l was wrong with them?

Each and every one of them stood with their noses facing the skies, as though they owned the place. Furthermore, their hands were all placed behind their backs, exuding authority and arrogance.

That haughty demeanour of theirs made anyone who looked at them want to give them a thorough whacking.

The surrounding Glory Sect disciples were deep in gossip as well.

"Look at that guy’s gaze. Goodness, how I wish I can throw a punch at him!"

"Right! And the other guy too! He looks as though Glory Sect is nothing much to him! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!"

"Hmph, let them continue to put on airs for now. When the genius sparring begins, I’m sure our senior brothers from the inner sect would put them in their place!"

"Brother Wuya, let me introduce you to my own personal disciple. Xinfeng! Come over and greet Senior Wuya!" Liang Yichu shouted to a disciple behind him.

From the front row of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, a jade faced disciple, who looked extremely elegant, headed forth. Even though every step of his was slow, he was in front of Liang Yichu in an instant.

Shrinking distances instantaneously, that was an extremely high-level skill.

"Xinfeng, greet Senior Wuya."

"Hmm." Xinfeng looked at Senior Elder Wuya and nodded his head, pa.s.sing that off as a greeting.

"My apologies, Brother Wuya. His temperament has been as such no matter how much I’ve been trying to change him." Liang Yichu laughed gently, but his meaning was clear, ‘So what if my disciple is arrogant? That’s the way it is.’

Senior Elder Wuya shook his head and laughed. He did not put the incident in his heart at all.

But on the other hand, Lin Fan, who had witnessed the entire incident, felt like a pack of horses had stampeded over his heart. What the h.e.l.l? How could this fella be even c.o.c.kier than him?

This guy needed to be taught a lesson.

He needed to understand that one must not be too c.o.c.ky in life.

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