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At this moment, Lin Fan was crazily throwing bricks one after another into the furnace as if he were possessed by a demon. Aside from increasing his experience, the stuff he crafted was either broken tiles or useless clay. His blacksmith profession was already level four, but all the stuff he crafted was complete trash, Lin Fan was now already full of doubts.

'Is it possible that even though I unlocked professions, I still can only craft piles of junk? Actually, this couldn't even be considered junk.' Lin Fan stared at the junk in front of him while breathing hard, about to go mad. "Yours truly just won't accept this…" Lin Fan roared out angrily, opening crazy mode as he began throwing the piles of junk once again into the furnace.

'Ding… the material breaks and disappears.'

'Ding… the material breaks and disappears.'

"How can this be?" Lin Fan looked helplessly at the empty courtyard. The original three walls were now nonexistent. Aside from leveling his blacksmith skill to level four, he didn't craft a single useful item. At this point, Lin Fan doubted life itself and also doubted his own forging level. 'This doesn't make sense… this completely doesn't make sense. In the modern era, I was an enthusiastic fan of forging after all. How come after arriving here, I can't even craft a piece of garbage?'

After working hard all day, the sky was already darkening, and the outer sect disciples that went out to observe the exam should have already returned. "Junior brother Lin, what happened to the walls around your courtyard?" Yin Mo Chen, who had just returned back to his house, asked curiously after seeing Lin Fan's buck naked house.

"Oh, I don't know. When I woke up, it was all gone. Senior brother, how was today's outer sect examination?" Lin Fan didn't want to say anything more, the reason being the topic was too painful.

"Excellent! There were many potential seedlings, so the sect was very excited." Yin Mo Chen also said this a bit excitedly. But upon seeing junior brother Lin's expression looking a bit down, Yin Mo Chen became slightly worried. "Junior brother Lin, are you alright? You don't look too well. Is it possible you are still injured from last time? This is despicable! Senior brother Yi is just busy shielding and didn't even bother to give a reply. Tomorrow, I will go demand some justice for you." Yin Mo Chen said.

"It's not that, Senior brother. I am just tired. I will be returning now." Lin Fan lowered his head and said. "Junior brother…" Yin Mo Chen watched Lin Fan worriedly, 'His figure seemed somewhat depressed, is he really alright?'

Lin Fan lied down on his bed and gave a sigh, 'Today was a complete waste. All my efforts were for nothing. At least give me something useful and let me feel a bit happy.' But this entire day, it was either rubbish or broken, with not a single decent item appearing.

"F*ck…" Lin Fan covered himself with his bed sheets and without a further word went to sleep. At this moment, the room became silent, the fire flickered about inside the lantern on the table, as if it were reacting to Lin Fan. The sky became darker, and aside from the moonlight and bright stars shining down upon the earth, all was silent and peaceful.

"Ah, I refuse to accept this." Lin Fan suddenly sat up, throwing aside his bed sheets, now fully awake.

Without another word, Lin Fan rose up and left the room, slowly disappearing into the darkness.

In a certain outer sect disciple's house, the insides were still bright, and the person inside was obviously not asleep. Currently, inside the house, w.a.n.g Tianfeng smiled while taking out a manual he had just obtained today from his senior brother Yi Zhongyu.

《Burning Palm》

The world's martial skills were divided into four categories - heaven, earth, dark, and light.

Though this manual 《Burning Palm》 was a lower martial skill of the dark category, to w.a.n.g Tianfeng, this was a precious martial skill. Outer sect disciples could only practice martial skills under the light category. As for the dark category, only inner sect disciples could study them.

w.a.n.g Tianfeng hastily opened the manual and began diligently remembering the incantations. As long as he mastered the 《Burning Palm》, even Ni Mingyang wouldn't be a match for him.

Upon thinking about Ni Mingyang, w.a.n.g Tianfeng was filled with anger, 'That despicable guy actually went and snitched on him to Senior brother Yi. Luckily, Senior brother Yi is open-minded and took no notice of that guy.'

Of course, w.a.n.g Tianfeng understood that the reason Senior brother Yi ignored that guy was because he couldn't be bothered with it, as that person still wasn't of concern to him. After remembering a few lines of incantations, w.a.n.g Tianfeng carefully stored the manual away within his chest and got into a lotus position while focusing on the incantations.

'Dong Dong…'

At this time, w.a.n.g Tianfeng frowned, 'Who would come this late at night?'

'Dong Dong…' The knocking continued endlessly.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Not going to sleep even though it's so late, just what do you want?" w.a.n.g Tianfeng shouted while swearing. But when w.a.n.g Tianfeng opened his door, he was stunned. There was not a single person in sight. He then swore loudly and closed the door, hastily getting back into the lotus position in his bed.

"Dong Dong…" A knock sounded on the door once again at this moment.

"Who's there?" "At this point, w.a.n.g Tianfeng didn't get out of bed and instead impatiently shouted. After hearing the person outside continually knocking on the door, w.a.n.g Tianfeng became livid, immediately rushing off the bed and opening the door. But what made w.a.n.g Tianfeng even more enraged was the fact that there wasn't a single person outside.

"Who's there? Show yourself, coming to disturb me in middle of the night! I will kill you!" w.a.n.g Tianfeng shouted while swearing.

Lin Fan, who was hiding in the shadows, began laughing upon seeing the fl.u.s.tered looking w.a.n.g Tianfeng, his previous depression now all swept away. After w.a.n.g Tianfeng closed his door again, Lin Fan silently crept forth, preparing another wave. But when Lin Fan arrived in front of the entrance, w.a.n.g Tianfeng suddenly opened the door.

Lin Fan jolted obviously surprised. 'd.a.m.n…It seems w.a.n.g Tianfeng also knows how to be sly.'

"Alright then, so it was you. It seems yesterday's punishment wasn't enough. In that case, I will let you know what happens to people like you." After seeing it was Lin Fan, w.a.n.g Tianfeng immediately launched a fist forth without a second word.

"Brat, let's see who can save you now." w.a.n.g Tianfeng was enraged at this point. This guy repeatedly tried to provoke him; he was simply testing his patience.


The punch which contained all of w.a.n.g Tianfeng's anger smashed upon Lin Fan. According to w.a.n.g Tianfeng, it seemed that this time he would be gravely injured.

'Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience +10.'

"Huh?" Lin Fan was a bit surprised.

"Huh?" w.a.n.g Tianfeng was in disbelief.

"You…" w.a.n.g Tianfeng looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, 'How is this guy still alright?'

As for Lin Fan, he didn't think that this guy would merely increase his experience by ten points.

'What…What the h.e.l.l!'

"You brat, Yours Truly just didn't use his full strength. Just letting you settle in a bit." w.a.n.g Tianfeng did not believe that his punch had no effect on the other party. He gave an angry roar, prepared to use his full strength to make this guy understand just what kind of horrible thing would happen to people who provoked him. But at this point, w.a.n.g Tianfeng's angry expression suddenly changed. There was a bit of ecstasy along with a bit of sourness.

"Seriously…only ten points? Useless." Lin Fan rolled his eyes, then turned around and left in disdain.

'Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》+ 100.'

'Ding… defeated sixth level precelestial, w.a.n.g Tianfeng, experience + 500.'

"You…You" The previously enraged w.a.n.g Tianfeng held his crotch while crouching down, as tears streamed down his face. The pain within his eggs swept throughout his entire body.

"Lin Fan, I will never forgive you!" w.a.n.g Tianfeng roared out with his last ounce of strength as tears surged forth.

In the darkness, Lin Fan's dull reply echoed forth.

"Weakling that only gives ten experience points…"

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