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In the span of half a month, Lin Fan had barely left Nameless Peak. By his side was Mie Qiongqi, who was leveling up Lin Fan’s Eternal Demon Body relentlessly.

At the same time, Zhang Ergou and the rest of the disciples could hardly fall asleep at night due to the constant thumping. So, they took the spare time to cultivate more. As such, their cultivation bases had improved significantly as well. Especially for Zhang Ergou, who had chosen to not break through and stay within the precelestial level, his energy was firm and culminated. His blood moved easily with every breath he took, like a volcano awaiting eruption.

But as time pa.s.sed, Zhang Ergou and the rest made careful and wary suggestions to Lin Fan regarding his night training. After all, it was fine for a couple of days. But for an extended period, it was pretty tiring to endure.

Looking at their pitiful and haggard faces, Lin Fan relented with the night training. After all, he was a loving Master who did not live solely to torture his disciples.

‘Huff…’ Lin Fan breathed out deeply.

Within his body, energy circulated like a powerful dragon coursing through his veins to every part of his body.

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling Eternal Demon Body.’

‘Physical Body State: Lesser Celestial Upper Level’

Looking at the figures on the panel of the system, Lin Fan smiled. This was the result of the hard work of the past half a month. Now that his body state was that of a Lesser Celestial Upper Level, next up would be full cultivation state.

Actually, just this body alone was unparalleled within the entire sect. Other than the Grand Master and Senior Elders, who could ever break his defense?

But looking at the huge experience points required for the next level of Eternal Demon Body, Lin Fan’s heart took a leap as well.

Vicious. This was way too vicious.

If he did not have a dedicated professional feeding him experience points, it was definitely going to be hard leveling up from here on.

But as it stood, Lin Fan was still pretty satisfied. To any martial artist, attaining such a body was still a pretty satisfying thing to have.

Even though Mie Qiongqi was a Lesser Celestial Upper-Level being, his physical body state was far lower than the state Lin Fan was at currently.

But even so, when his cultivation base was sealed up, he could only depend on the toughness of his body to get through the years in the punishment hall.

As of today, Mie Qiongqi’s fists no longer had much of an impact on Lin Fan’s body. Lin Fan was very grateful for this. If not for Mie Qiongqi, he would have spent dozens of donkey years and not even then attained this level of physical body state.

"Ah, Qiongqi. You have finally pa.s.sed the trial of Yours Truly. From this day on, you’re free to do what you want and no longer have to report to my place daily." Lin Fan looked at the haggard Mie Qiongqi and commented.

When Mie Qiongqi heard these words, those sunken eyelids of his opened immediately with a face of excitement. Even though this was a test set for him by the master, he too was tired after the course of half a month. If not for his sheer willpower to just carry on, Mie Qiongqi would have broken down mentally a long time ago.

Repeating the same actions every single day. Anyone would go insane doing it.

"Master, can I?" Mie Qiongqi asked in disbelief.

"Yes, you can." Lin Fan chuckled.

In the past half a month, Mie Qiongqi was not the only one tired. Lin Fan too was pretty burnt out. After all, sitting there to be whacked every day was not something the average man could endure either.

If not for his sheer willpower to raise the level of Eternal Demon Body, Lin Fan too would have collapsed mentally long ago.

"Then your disciple will take his leave." Mie Qiongqi greeted politely. To him, the most important thing now was to catch a well-deserved break. He no longer wanted to open his eyes anymore. Even though he could get to rest every night, the moment he closed his eyes, he was filled with visions of his fists.

A few thousand miles away, a gigantic ark was floating in the skies and rushing towards Glory Sect. This ark was bigger and more majestic than the one Glory Sect had deployed for the previous expedition.

A red flag hung in the middle of the ark as the disciples on the ark surveyed the grounds below.

"Elder, we are only a few thousand miles away from Glory Sect now. We should be able to arrive by noon." A disciple greeted an old man courteously.

"Hmm." The elder’s face was calm and expressionless as he gazed into the distant skies, those eyes seemingly able to pierce through anything.

Nameless Peak…

Lin Fan was filled with excitement. After half a month of not leaving the peak, he wondered if his young junior disciples below missed him.

The point where Nameless Peak started growing was due to the cultivating of pills. But in this half a month of training, Lin Fan had not cultivated pills for anyone.

And after the previous incident, Danding Peak too had gotten their s.h.i.t together. Their pill efficiency had gotten much higher compared to before. While still incomparable to Lin Fan, at least there were some decent results, and the outer sect disciples were no longer exploited as before.

Since Lin Fan had stopped cultivating pills for the time being, some of the disciples headed up to Danding Peak to check out what the situation was around there right now.

And what they found out was that compared to before, Danding Peak had undergone a thorough transformation.

Danding Peak disciples were no longer haughty or arrogant. Coupled with the improvement in efficiency yield, the disciples slowly began to regain some trust in Danding Peak.

And so, even though Junior Master Lin had stopped cultivating pills, his image in their hearts have never changed. After all, they all knew that he was the only reason why Danding Peak had undergone this change for them.

Lin Fan walked through the outer sect disciples’ quarters.

After a period of not seeing him, all the outer sect disciples greeted him exuberantly. Lin Fan nodded his head in return to their greetings. But he was puzzled over something: Why did all of them look so busy?

"Is something happening? Why do you guys look so busy?" Lin Fan asked curiously.

An outer sect disciple looked at Lin Fan and took a deep breath, "Junior Master Lin, the men from Jiuxiao Sect are about to arrive today! We’re all getting busy to prepare for the banquet!"

Jiuxiao Sect?

This was the first time Lin Fan had heard of such a sect.

"What’s up with this Jiuxiao Sect? Do they have some sort of relationship with us Glory Sect?"

"Yes, Junior Master Lin! Jiuxiao Sect resides at the extreme western lands and is far away from Glory Sect. Every 3 years, we will have an exchange of sorts. That is, we will pick out our most excellent geniuses from each side to take part in a series of sparring. This tradition has been going on for thousands of years, and it is always very grandiose!" The outer sect disciple laughed as though this was the happiest period of time they had always been waiting for.

Lin Fan nodded, somewhat excited. To think that Glory Sect had such events lined up as well.

Strongest genius disciple?

After pondering for a moment, Lin Fan continued forward, wondering if he would be allowed to partake in the sparrings.

But if he were to take part, wouldn’t he be accused of bullying the young ones? After all, he was the sixth Master of Saint Devil Sect. But if he was to not take part, then they should at least save him a seat at the table of judges.

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