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‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up Eternal Demon Body.’

‘Physical Body State: Pericelestial Middle Level.’

At the point of leveling, Lin Fan felt a wave of heat energy surge through his body. ‘Eternal Demon Body’ was the upgraded version of ‘t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body, ’ and it was the only defensive skill Lin Fan possessed as of now.

His body glowed brightly, being much stronger than before.

Mie Qiongqi, who was busy beating up Lin Fan fanatically, was shocked at what was happening as well. He too could feel the surge of energy being emitted from Lin Fan.

‘20% now.’ Lin Fan was extremely joyous. The best thing about having trained Mie Qiongqi under him was the fact that he was now able to make use of him as a free leveling up tool!

"Yes!" Mie Qiongqi was no longer afraid of hurting Lin Fan as before. This man had something about him. Even a piece of steel would be smashed into smithereens with him smashing it repeatedly even with just 10% of strength. But yet, master only grew more energetic the more he was. .h.i.t.

The only thought in Mie Qiongqi’s heart was this: Not only did master enjoy torturing others, but he also enjoyed being tortured as well. But of course, he was not dumb enough to say this out loud. Else, he was sure he’d suffer an extremely terrible fate.

Just then, Mie Qiongqi’s aura increased as well, as he built up another 10% of his strength. With the throw of his fist, the air crackled with the force of his fist breaking through the thin air.

When one was a Lesser Celestial Upper-Level being, one was able to break through the void easily. In that blow of his, the power of the void was added within his own aura, strengthening the force of the blow.

Even though Mie Qiongqi had suppressed his full strength, the power of this fist was still not to be underestimated.


A fist landed on Lin Fan’s chest fiercely, echoing a loud thumping sound.

‘Ding…Eternal Demon Body experience points +200,000.’


Not right. How could the experience points go down after Mie Qiongqi had increased his power level? Was this guy slacking off yet again?

But looking at Mie Qiongqi’s fearful eyes, he doubted that possibility. Could it be that after leveling up, even 20% strength was not enough to satiate ‘Eternal Demon Body’?

Hmm, that seemed like the only plausible explanation.

"Use 30%." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes!" Mie Qiongqi was unable to defy Lin Fan’s wishes as he threw yet another heavy punch over.

‘Ding…Eternal Demon Body experience points +300,000.’

Each time a fist landed, Lin Fan could feel the blood within his body vibrating tremendously. This was probably the max he could handle right now.

But fair enough, there was no hurry. Slow as things might be, he was bound to level up eventually as well.

"Junior Sister, what do you want to eat tonight?" The meals of Nameless Peak were all prepared by Zhang Ergou usually. With the inclusion of this junior sister, especially one whom the great Master Lin had taken such a liking to, naturally he had to take good care of her.

And what was more important was the fact that whether or not he could continue heading to Jialan Peak depended on her.

"Eh? Where is this loud thumping sound coming from?" Zhang Ergou frowned as he could not find the source of it.

"It sounds like it’s coming from Master’s side." Feng Bujue replied.

"Perhaps master is just cultivating his pills…" Zhang Ergou could not figure out what the sound was. But he supposed that it could be from Master Lin’s pill cultivation process.

"Senior Brother, I want to take a look!" Cai Zhiqiao, who was on Zhang Ergou’s shoulders, voiced out.

When she had just left Sky City, Cai Zhiqiao would still cry and throw tantrums occasionally. But after Lin Fan and the rest’s patient care and communication with her, they eventually helped this young kid accommodate to this place.

By the looks of it, if she were to stay here for a couple of years, or even tens of years, she might eventually forget about the Cai Family.

"Senior Brother, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. If master were to find out…" Feng Bujue commented from the side. If Master were to find them sneaking around, they’d be in for a rough time.

Zhang Ergou was undecided at first. But after looking at his junior sister’s look of antic.i.p.ation, he relented. It was a give and take situation. After all, if he were to displease her, it would threaten his future at Jialan Peak.

"We’ll just take a quick peek, and no one is to make a sound." Zhang Ergou said determinedly.

"Senior Brother is the best! Zhiqiao will not make a single peep!" Cai Zhiqiao opened her eyes widely.

"Alright, then we’ll just take a quick look!"

Shiftily and sneakily, the three of them made their way over to Master Lin’s place. They crouched down in a corner and peeked in through a gap.

When Zhang Ergou and the rest caught sight of what was happening inside, their originally curious faces turned into looks of dumbfoundedness.

The master, who was so revered and so…admirable in their eyes! How could this be happening!

"Mmm! Yes! Not bad, more!" Lin Fan was thoroughly enjoying the increment of his experience points with his eyes closed. This feeling was simply fabulous.

The look of ecstasy on Lin Fan’s face was the scariest thing to Zhang Ergou and those peeping outside.

Could it be that…Master had such fetishes?!

Suddenly, Zhang Ergou’s face turned into one filled with fear. If master were to catch them peeping like this…especially at such a sight of his new disciple doing…this to him… They’d all be dead meat!

No no… The thought of the consequences was simply horrifying.

"Senior Brother, what is Master doing!" Cai Zhiqiao asked inquisitively.

"SHH! Lower your volume!" Gooseb.u.mps raised all over Zhang Ergou’s body. Even though Cai Zhiqiao’s voice was not loud, it was crisp and clear.

While Lin Fan, who was immersed in his experience points farming, did not realize the presence of anybody outside, the soft voice of Cai Zhiqiao did float into his ears.

Lin Fan’s expression changed slightly. Why the f*ck was anybody peeping from the outside? But by the sounds of it, it should be that young disciple of his.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue must definitely be around as well. Which meant that they must have caught sight of his pleasured face while being walloped. As the sixth Grand Master of Saint Devil Sect, how could he let his image be destroyed in the eyes of his disciples?

Deep in his thoughts, Lin Fan had a spark come to him. Throwing out his palm, he landed a strike on Mie Qiongqi’s chest.

Flicking his robes, he opened his eyes with a calm and firm look, "That fist technique you just used did not have enough strength. It was full of gaps. You need to continue working on it."

He then looked at the door and said softly, "You guys. Enter."

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue looked at each other helplessly. At the end of the day, they were still discovered.

"Master, what are you doing!" Cai Zhiqiao’s little frame hopped over the door’s sill and ran towards Lin Fan, her head raised and looking at Lin Fan with an innocent expression.

Lin Fan smiled gently and fondled her little head. Without a change in his expression, he continued, "Master was teaching your Junior Brother some martial arts. You’re back so early today?"

Cai Zhiqiao nodded her head as though she understood what Lin Fan had just said and went on, "Nope, Master. It ain’t early anymore! The skies are already dark!"

Lin Fan was stunned as he looked outside at the pitch-black skies. He had not realized that time had pa.s.sed so quickly.

"Qiongqi, this palm technique of yours, you still need quite a bit of working on. Stay here and carry on practicing through the night. I’ll train you up well." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes." Mie Qiongqi did not dare to say anything more. But those helpless eyes of his seemed to be welling up with tears as he had an urge to cry.

Seemed like, it was going to be yet another torturous and sleepless night.

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