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Lin Fan was exhilarated. To think that the Grand Master would agree! This meant that he could take Mie Qiongqi out of this place!

With his skillful training methods, Mie Qiongqi had long been a tamed man.

Lesser Celestial Upper Level.

What a splendid cultivation base this was. Even in the sect right now, he’d be quite an existence.

Even though it was safe within the sect without having to fear of others bringing him harm, Lin Fan had some plans of his own.

"The Grand Master’s benevolence has granted you a new chance at life. What are you waiting for?" Lin Fan glared at Mie Qiongqi sternly.

"My utmost grat.i.tude to the Grand Master for granting me this opportunity." Under the influence of Lin Fan’s aura, Mie Qiongqi said obediently.

But what Lin Fan did not understand was that the more obedient Mie Qiongqi was, the more heartbroken Grand Master Yan got. After all, this was a disciple he had once highly regarded and cared for. Now that things had come to this, who could understand the pain in his heart?

"Forget it...forget it…" Grand Master Yan replied as though he had gotten over it and waved his hands. As he did so, an aura spread through the air.

A series of snapping and cracking sounds came from Mie Qiongqi’s body, as a powerful force emitted from him.

The seal was released.

By this point, Lin Fan was already extremely gleeful. However, Lin Fan did not feel anything much from the powerful force that was emitting from Mie Qiongqi’s body.

"At the end of the day, you had still committed a heinous crime. From this day forth, you shall take on a new ident.i.ty in the sect." Grand Master Yan took out a skin mask and continued, "This is a tool which can alter your appearance."

Standing by the side, Lin Fan was even more pleased. Not only had the Grand Master allowed Mie Qiongqi’s release, he had even thought of the future. What a smooth transition of affairs!

"Grand Master, how about this. Let his new name be just Qiongqi." Lin Fan suggested.

"Hmm." Grand Master Yan nodded in agreement. "Alright then, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave." Without waiting for Lin Fan’s reply, Grand Master Yan turned around and walked away, as his body gradually disappeared into thin air.

Looking at Grand Master Yan’s back view, Lin Fan was filled with some questions. Grand Master Yan seemed somewhat sunken, somewhat unhappy. But he tossed the thoughts out of his head. What had that got to do with him? As long as he could take Mie Qiongqi out with him, nothing else mattered much anyways.

Observing the scene, Elder Cui sighed, "What the Grand Master is feeling… is heartbreak."

How could Elder Cui not know what Grand Master Yan was thinking? Looking at the disciple he had once regarded so highly upon bark at him in defiance without any respect, but only to be obedient to someone else, it was akin to having one’s own son call someone else daddy and disregarding him.

Lin Fan looked at Elder Cui and shrugged his shoulders helplessly as well. He did not know what he could say. How could he tell Elder Cui that Mie Qiongqi’s obedience was due to his efficient training methods?

As Lin Fan arrived at Nameless Peak with Mie Qiongqi, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue hurried to greet this newcomer.

After using the mask given by the Grand Master, Mie Qiongqi’s appearance had changed entirely. If not for the disguise, anyone who recognized him would be scared s.h.i.tless at the sight of him roaming freely.

"This guy here will be your Junior Brother from henceforth." Lin Fan announced.

"Master, why does this Junior Brother give off such a grim mood as though he doesn’t really like to talk?" Observing his new Junior Brother silently, Zhang Ergou whispered to Lin Fan.

But Zhang Ergou was naturally pleased to welcome a new Junior Brother. After all, as the Big Brother of Saint Devil Sect, the more people he had under him, the more face he would have.

"Junior Brother, what’s your name?" Feng Bujue stepped forth and asked.

Mie Qiongqi did not reply Feng Bujue. All he took was a single glance at Feng Bujue. He could not be bothered with someone whose cultivation base was this low compared to him.

Being ignored by his new Junior Brother, Feng Bujue could only shake his head awkwardly. He was helpless to this situation as well. Seemed like things were going to be tough getting along with this Junior Brother in the future.

"Where are your replies when your Senior Brothers asks questions?" Lin Fan scolded firmly.

The moment Lin Fan scolded, Mie Qiongqi’s heart took a jolt, "Senior Brother, my name is Qiongqi. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future!"

His reply was instantaneous. How would he dare to put on any airs?

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly. They did not understand how this guy turned so obedient the moment Lin Fan scolded him.

Could it be that this Junior Brother had...m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic tendencies?!?

Just then, Cai Zhiqiao, who was sleeping within the house, caught sight of Lin Fan’s return. She broke into a small run towards Lin Fan. With her bright eyes and gentle voice, she called out, "Master!!!"

Lin Fan broke into a warm smile as he picked up Zhiqiao and carried her in his arms. Pointing at Mie Qiongqi, he went on, "From now on, he will be your Junior Brother. Come, greet your Senior Sister."

"Senior Sister." Mie Qiongqi greeted obediently. He was naturally pretty upset at calling a b.l.o.o.d.y young brat his Senior Sister, but he did not dare to voice out at all.

Just one look at Lin Fan was enough to cause Mie Qiongqi to shudder. If Lin Fan were to roar at him, it would feel like the end of the world.

Lin Fan knew that Mie Qiongqi was a stubborn man, so he felt the need to remind him of certain stuff, "Remember, this is your Senior Sister. If you do not protect your Senior Sister, I will hang to whack you."

"Ye...yes…!" Mie Qiongqi replied stutteringly.

"Hang to whack" reminded him of the scenario back in the room the other day…

Horrifying… That was utterly horrifying. He did not want to experience that ever again.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue looked at Mie Qiongqi and felt upset. How could he even enrage a man such as Master Lin, who was so nice? He must be some sort of a jerk.

"Masterrr!! What is Hang To Whack?" Cai Zhiqiao asked with an innocent look on her face. Fondling his young disciple’s head and smiling warmly, Lin Fan replied, "You’ll know in the future."

"Oh, okay!"

"Where is Tianyu?" Lin Fan asked around.

"Master, Senior Brother Tianyu has been working hard on his cultivation." Zhang Ergou replied.


Towards Tianyu, Lin Fan decided that it was about time to rein in the ropes. After all, he had cast the net out for long enough. It was time to bring in the catch.

"The two of you, bring your Junior Sister around Jialan Peak for a walk." Lin Fan handed Cai Zhiqiao over to Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue. After all, something big was about to happen.

Now that he had finally trained a disciple with capable fighting strength, of course, he couldn’t let this opportunity go waste. Otherwise, the heavens might strike him down for wasting chances.

"Yes." Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue nodded.

Towards this Junior Sister of theirs, both of them had taken quite a liking as well. Especially so for Zhang Ergou, who had not a single woman taking a liking to him, this girl was G.o.dsent.

This Junior Sister was the only girl who had bothered to give him any attention in this entire life of his. Even though she was a young kid, but a girl was a girl. Fair enough.

"You… Come with me." Lin Fan looked at Mie Qiongqi and curled his pinky finger.

"Yes, Master." Looking at Lin Fan’s suspicious actions, Mie Qiongqi had b.u.t.terflies in his stomach, afraid of what was about to come. Could it be that he was about to be hung to whacked again?

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