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Leaving him back in the punishment hall, Lin Fan did not bring Mie Qiongqi out with him. Even though the first experiment could be considered a success, he needed to see the results after a few treatment sessions.

Mie Qiongqi was a haughty and aggressive guy after all. It’d be better to only think about bringing him out after Lin Fan had completely and totally trained him.

"Since you want to turn over a new leaf, you better behave yourself." Lin Fan pointed at Mie Qiongqi and said calmly before he left.

"Yes." The obedient Mie Qiongqi nodded his head.

As Lin Fan left, Elder Cui and the other disciples stared at his back view, stupefied. What the h.e.l.l was going on? Why was the aggressive and brutal Mie Qiongqi so meek and obedient in front of Lin Fan?

Upon leaving the punishment hall, Lin Fan was only filled with ecstasy and joy. Seemed like this Trainer was b.l.o.o.d.y G.o.dd.a.m.n strong!

Perhaps the methods were somewhat cruel. But to people like Zhang Ergou and the likes who were already obedient, he need not go to that extent. Just a single sentence and a glance were enough to let them understand his meaning.

The transformation of Mie Qiongqi spread through the sect like wildfire.

All the disciples knew that Junior Master Lin had been to the punishment hall and met with the evildoing and vicious Mie Qiongqi.

And the end result was just mind-blowing. To think that Mie Qiongqi was actually subdued by Junior Master Lin and acknowledged his wrongdoings. This was just…unbelievable.

Grand Master’s Hall…

Elder Cui was reporting on the events that had happened in the punishment hall.

"Grand Master, Mie Qiongqi had indeed gone through a thorough change. I’ve seen it with my very eyes." Elder Cui said solemnly.

Grand Master Yan’s expression changed slightly, although he was still skeptical for the most part. Towards Mie Qiongqi, he had invested a lot of energy and time. He once had high hopes for this man to glorify Glory Sect in the future. Yet, he was disappointed gravely.

"Yours Truly shall head with you to take a look." Grand Master Yan was still doubtful. He had to see it with his very eyes.

Within the punishment hall, Mie Qiongqi was still locked up in a cell. But compared to the past, he was mellowed down quite a fair bit. For starters, he was no longer shouting and spewing vulgarities and threats.

On the whole, he did seem like he had changed.

Within the dark punishment hall, a tear appeared in the air. Growing larger, two men walked out of the shadows.

Grand Master Yan and Elder Cui.

For this ex-genius disciple, Grand Master Yan still had a fair bit of concern. Even despite the errs in his ways, Grand Master Yan still hoped that he would come to his senses one day.

Even though he had doubts about Elder Cui’s words, he still had to see it for his very eyes to verify the truth.

"Disciple son…" Looking at the man who was shackled on the pole, that ever calm face of Grand Master Yan changed ever slightly with heartbreak.

This was a man he had once taken personally under his wings and cared for with love. Upon seeing him again, naturally, Grand Master Yan’s heart felt a wrench.

Shackled on the pole, Mie Qiongqi stirred and looked up. Those peaceful eyes of his flashed with anger and rage as he started growling like a beast once more.


"Hais…" Grand Master Yan sighed with desolate eyes.

"Mie Qiongqi! This is the Grand Master! How dare you be impudent!" Elder Cui was puzzled. Mie Qiongqi was not this way earlier on. How had he reverted so easily?

"I’ll kill every single one of you with my very hands…!" Mie Qiongqi spewed as the chains shackling him began to rattle violently. Those beastly eyes of his were looking for a kill.

"Forget it…forget it." Grand Master Yan waved his hands. The only sliver of hope he had left had now vanished entirely into thin air.

"Grand Master…this isn’t the case! When Junior Brother Lin arrives, we’ll know the truth…!" Elder Cui replied hurriedly.

Mie Qiongqi had gone through a thorough change just the other day. How had things come to this?

"Alright, let me know then if Lin Fan comes again." Grand Master Yan replied softly, finding it hard to believe that Mie Qiongqi had changed entirely.

"Yes." Elder Cui nodded his head. He could only wait for the arrival of Lin Fan from here on.

Over the next few days, Lin Fan made trips to the punishment hall repeatedly.

Indeed, the side profession Trainer was not to be scoffed at. Before he thoroughly understood it, he would not use it haphazardly.

But towards Mie Qiongqi, Lin Fan was slowly growing confident over time. He was sure that he had done a good job training up Mie Qiongqi.

Lin Fan had given some of the other criminals a go at experimentation as well. As expected, the results were very satisfactory.

But Lin Fan did not have any plans for those other disciples.

"Stand still."

The fearful Mie Qiongqi stood still as a log. He did not dare to defy Lin Fan’s will.

Looking at the scene before him, Lin Fan was just pleasantly gleeful. Seemed like Mie Qiongqi was well trained. Not too bad.

Now, this led to the question: How should he get Mie Qiongqi out of this place? Killing a fellow sect member was not a small crime. He wondered if the Grand Master would pardon this man.

At the same time, two figures were hidden within the shadows invisibly.

"How could this be…?!" Grand Master Yan could not believe his very eyes. Was this the same disciple who had shown such defiance in front of him? But how was he so meek towards Lin Fan! This was a world of differences!

"Grand Master, as you have seen, Mie Qiongqi is indeed really obedient in front of Junior Brother Lin! I wonder what sort of techniques Junior Brother Lin had used." Elder Cui commented in bewilderment.

They just couldn’t figure it out for the lives of them.

After a short observation, Grand Master Yan broke out of his invisibility.

And just as the two men appeared, Lin Fan was taken aback.

"Grand Master…!" Lin Fan was still deep in his thoughts, contemplating on what he should do.

"Hais…" Grand Master Yan sighed. As he looked at Mie Qiongqi, those serene eyes of his disciple were once again burning with hatred.

"Erhem…" Upon discovering the change, Lin Fan cleared his throat in displeasure.

This sound made by Lin Fan was like thunder in the ears of Mie Qiongqi. In an instant, his att.i.tude switched over immediately again.

Looking at what was happening, Grand Master Yan felt somewhat awkward. To think that Mie Qiongqi harbored such hatred towards him. But the moment Lin Fan cleared his throat, his att.i.tude had changed entirely. Indeed, this was his failure of a lifetime as a person…

"Grand Master, now that Mie Qiongqi is repentant for his mistakes, I reckon it’s time we give him another chance." Lin Fan said.

Looking first at Lin Fan, then at Mie Qiongqi, Grand Master Yan was filled with emotions. He was in part upset, in part heartbroken.

He had suddenly realized what a failure of a master he had been. To think that he, as the Grand Master of Glory Sect, could not even redeem and influence over a disciple of his. This…sigh…


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