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Elder Cui was the elder in charge of the punishment hall, and oversaw the countless number of prisoners within. Each time a disciple from the sect entered the hall, he would be pained in his heart. After all, these were all the sect’s disciples. How could they relegate to such a state?

And amongst the few hundred prisoners, naturally, the one whom Elder Cui was most heartbroken about was none other than Mie Qiongqi. He was a talented genius of the sect, one of a kind that rose every few hundred years. Every single person with authority in the sect had high hopes for him to one day bring the sect to greater heights. But little did they expect him to one day lay his hands on a fellow disciple.

Just that point alone was unforgivable.

The 6 years of captivity was of course not the sect’s main intentions. If he had even shown any bit of remorse, the sect would definitely forgive him and put him to great use once again.

But the moment Mie Qiongqi was thrown into punishment hall, he changed entirely. He did not give anyone even a single bit of respect.

And now Junior Brother Lin intended to bring Mie Qiongqi back to salvation? That was definitely a fool’s dream.

In the sect’s point of view, Mie Qiongqi had lost any bit of heart and soul he had, and they no longer bore any hope for him.

But the moment Elder Cui opened the doors, he was greeted with a shocking sight. All the chains that shackled Mie Qiongqi had been released!

Looking again, he saw Junior Brother Lin sitting there lifelessly.

"Junior Brother! Are you alright!" Elder Cui hurried forward and showed his concern. He was worried that this sinful disciple may have injured Lin Fan. But upon seeing Lin Fan safe and sound, he let out a sigh of relief.

Lin Fan smiled and waved his hands, expressing his wellbeing.

"Sinful disciple, what are you up to!" Upon noticing the vicious look of Mie Qiongqi, Elder Cui asked angrily. Now that his cultivation base was sealed by the Senior Elder, how dare he continue to be so impudent!


What a tragedy of the sect indeed!

"RAWR! YOUR FATHER WILL KILL YOU!" The initially well behaved Mie Qiongqi was thoroughly incensed all of a sudden. Glaring at Elder Cui, he was ready to fight the latter to his death.

Even if his cultivation base was sealed, he was determined to fight with all he had.

"What a precarious situation. By the looks of it, Mie Qiongqi must have entirely changed. The feral nature of a beast had already taken root within his heart. To cause him to change entirely would definitely be a tougher task than ascending the heavens." thought Lin Fan.

Elder Cui frowned and shook his head. This disciple was totally done for.

But just then, something unbelievable happened.

"Kneel down."

Seated down at complete ease, Lin Fan spoke calmly in a deep and soft voice.

As to Mie Qiongqi, Lin Fan had an inkling of what was happening. Even though he was totally tamed by Yours Truly, he retained his aggressiveness towards anybody else. Perhaps, this was a good thing to Lin Fan after all.

Lin Fan’s voice was extremely normal and casual to the ears of Elder Cui and the other disciples. But to Mie Qiongqi, it was like thunder roaring through his ears. That berserk heart of his stopped suddenly, and like the voice of a devil’s advocate, Mie Qiongqi found it hard not to submit to this voice.


In an instant, the frenzied Mie Qiongqi collapsed onto his knees on the floor and buried that haughty face of his on the ground. The ferocious nature from before disappeared instantaneously.

"This…!" Elder Cui, who was about to strike down Mie Qiongqi, was utterly stunned by the sight of this. He could not believe that this man who had lost any bit of soul as a human had just listened to Junior Brother Lin’s commands! This was unbelievable!

"How could this be!" The disciples from around asked in shock.

"Mie Qiongqi no longer has any heart, and he disregards everybody! Why is he so obedient suddenly!"

"What did Junior Master Lin do to make him submit!"

Deep in discussion, none of the disciples could believe this. After all, all of them had known Mie Qiongqi way longer than Junior Master Lin had.

Mie Qiongqi was a strong and domineering man who would not submit to anybody ever.

Even when the Grand Master himself had come down to implore Mie Qiongqi to repent, he was shouted at rudely by the latter. In a fit of rage, the Grand Master decided to give up on him entirely and let him survive on his own. But to think that this disrespectful b.a.s.t.a.r.d would actually listen to Junior Master Lin’s words!

This was just impossible!

"Hmm, what was that att.i.tude to Elder Cui? What are you waiting for? Apologize." Lin Fan was neither angry nor agitated. But that soft voice was like thunder roaring in the ears of Elder Cui and the other disciples.

They had once heard these very words from the Grand Master himself to Mie Qiongqi, but to no avail. But whether or not they believed it, what was happening right before their eyes was very real.

Mie Qiongqi raised his head and looked at Elder Cui and the surrounding disciples with a look of fear on his face.

"Elder Cui, I am sorry. Your disciple, me, was wrong."

This short sentence came out of Mie Qiongqi’s mouth like normal speech. But in the ears of Elder Cui and the other disciples, it was like thunder. This was unbelievable.

Elder Cui turned that appalled face towards Lin Fan, "Junior Brother! How did you do it!"

Elder Cui was in denial. He had not expected this stubborn and strong headed disciple to actually give in to Lin Fan. This…this!

Lin Fan smiled gently and lifted his head, revealing a face of regret, "These disciples are mere kids. For those who had gone on the wrong path, it is up to us to guide them and return them to the glorious path of life. Even though Mie Qiongqi here is somewhat mischevious, he is not beyond salvation. I had a good talk with him and explained some ideas and thoughts to him. Even though the effect seems to be good, he still needs to be observed for a while."

To Lin Fan, these were all geniuses of the sect. Now that this side profession as a Trainer was so bl*ody strong, of course, he could not waste it and had to make use of it properly.

If he could pull Mie Qiongqi to follow him, then he would have an easy time in the future ahead. Especially when Mie Qiongqi strongly resembled all the antiheroes he had read of in the past. Then there was the ‘Unkillable Indestructible’, which was like a gold mine holding a gigantic secret.

Even though they had yet to uncover the secret, based on how stories went, the truth would definitely be unveiled one day. Especially for Mie Qiongqi’s case, Lin Fan could tell that his story was just beginning to unfold.

Since Lin Fan’s brains were smart, his ideas were definitely sharper than most people as well. If anyone were to be this strong early on, they’d definitely be powerhouses later in the game! And since Lin Fan held this great gold mine, the end game was guaranteed. All he had to do was continue to train this guy up.

Upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, Elder Cui’s face changed despite feeling helpless.

It wasn’t that they did not bear any expectations for Mie Qiongqi to return to the sect one day. But this guy had entirely lost his human heart and wouldn’t give anyone a chance.

Now that he was so obedient to Lin Fan, it was indeed a shocker to everyone present. Looking at everyone’s dumbfounded faces, Lin Fan let out yet another smile.

Of course, if Mie Qionqi was to disobey him, all that awaited him was another round of ‘Air Flower Style Whipping’…

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