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Nameless Peak…

Back at Lin Fan’s residence, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were busy updating him on the happenings around.

"Master! Ever since you left, me and Junior Brother have been faithfully following your instructions to brainwash Senior Brother Tianyu! In the past two weeks, I’ve quarreled thrice with Junior Brother and intentionally tried to brainwash him four times! The effects are evident! Senior Brother Tianyu seems to have thought through things!" Zhang Ergou reported with pride. This was the first collaboration between him and Feng Bujue, and the results were pretty pleasing.

Lin Fan listened earnestly with the occasional nods. He let out a slight grin. Towards Zhang Ergou’s reports, he was very pleased.

Evidently, it was a fool’s dream for Tianyu to think of leaving this place. One was never afraid of doing things in the open, but rather…being marked in the dark.

"Hmm, well done. Indeed, you two have not let Yours Truly down." Lin Fan chuckled. "But don’t get overly complacent yet. After all, the deal is yet to be sealed."

"Yes, master!" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue nodded their heads after which Zhang Ergou began stammering hesitantly, "Erm, Master. Well…you see…erm…"

Looking at Zhang Ergou’s behavior, Lin Fan already had an inkling about his intentions. Obviously, this guy wanted some miraculous Biggra. But now that Lin Fan did not even have any ingredients, he naturally did not have any Biggra on the go as well.

"You’ll receive it tomorrow. Head off to prepare your Junior Sister’s house. If there are any defects and dirt, I want it all gone." Now that he finally had a young Lolita under him, of course, Lin Fan must treasure her.

"Yes, master." Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue greeted and left.

In their hearts, they were both envious of how much of a liking Lin Fan had taken to their Junior Sister.

Upon their departure, Lin Fan took out the Snow Lion cub with a gleam in his eyes. The Snow Lion herself was a direct descendant of the ancient Heaven Revolting Snow Lion. To groom this young cub into that level, naturally, there was only one way to do it: One had to raise the pure bloodline of the beast.

But for a beast to raise its own bloodline, it needed additional help other than self-cultivation… And that was the use of pills.

And in front of Lin Fan floated a drop of blood. It was the essence blood retrieved from the cub’s mother. For a cub, he was pretty sure the mother’s essence blood possessed immense benefits.

The cub, who was deep in slumber, began to stir upon this familiar scent of the blood. While she could not open her eyes yet, she stuck out her little pink tongue and gently licked Lin Fan’s palms.

Placing the cub on the floor, a flame appeared in Lin Fan’s right palm. He tossed the essence blood in and began cultivating it to a higher state.

Even though there would be tremendous benefits for the cub to consume this essence blood immediately, there was a slight issue.

At the end of the day, this was just the essence blood of the Snow Lion, not the essence blood of the ancient Heaven Revolting Snow Lion.

The essence blood contained the life force and essence of a beast. Even though the effects would be lesser post the purification of the blood, it was nevertheless the essence blood of a higher caliber.

Dancing in the flames, the essence blood gave off a sizzling sound. Slowly shrinking, it shrank down to around 1/3rd of the original size.

‘Ding…congratulations on cultivating: 1 drop of Heaven Revolting Snow Lion’s Essence Blood.’

The essence blood which was initially maroon red was now a glistening golden color. Lin Fan could clearly feel the dominating aura radiating from the blood.


Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. Even though it might be a small drop, the consumption of the Heaven Revolting Snow Lion’s essence blood should nevertheless be a huge boost for this young cub.

In today’s age, the Heaven Revolting Snow Lion had long gone extinct. Therefore, it was practically impossible for its descendants to regain their former ferocious glory.

Even for Glory Sect itself, their confidence of grooming it successfully was just that small chance. It was not a certain thing. What was more, to even attempt at making that small chance work, they had to expend a tremendous amount of resources on it. With the same amount of resources, perhaps dozens of Lesser Celestial disciples could be groomed.

Just then, the cub let out a series of howls, as though something was sucking it sideways. While it was unable to stand on its own yet, all 4 paws of it were stuck to the ground, seemingly struggling against a slipping force.

Lin Fan smiled as he gently opened the cub’s mouth and threw the essence blood in, ‘Young one, how you go on from here will be entirely up to the Heavens.’

The moment the cub consumed the essence blood, the once tormented face of her turned into a calm face of satisfaction.

The originally snow-white skin of hers turned even whiter. In fact, it was gleaming brightly.

Satisfied with the change, Lin Fan placed the cub back into his storage.

"Junior Master Lin, the Grand Master has sent this for you." A voice came from outside his house.

"Yes, come in."

This man should be a disciple under the Grand Master.

Lin Fan checked the items: A beast taming manual and some fur from the Snow Lion.

Lin Fan stared at the manual with curiosity. It looked interesting. As for the fur, it was good material to be used for crafting equipment.

While Lin Fan personally had no use for it, he could definitely craft something good for his small little disciple.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Beast Taming Skill: ‘Beast Taming Arts’. Learn?’


Knowledge flooded through Lin Fan’s mind.

What the manual taught was the way of subduing different beasts and training them as a life companion.

A life companion was a unique relationship between a beast and a martial arts master. Once one was tamed to be a life companion, the beast would from thereon be a protector of its owner. If the owner were to die, so would the beast. But on the other hand, the beast’s death would not affect the owner in any adverse way.

From the sound of it, there were only benefits to be reaped from mastering a skill as such. But in reality, it was practically useless.

No martial artist would be willing to spend all that time and effort in grooming and training a cub.

Even though the cubs of wild beasts were actually pretty commonly found, the cubs of a ferocious and strong beast were extremely rare.

Therefore, most people would rather spend all that time and effort on cultivating themselves to be stronger than to waste it on looking for cubs.

‘Ding…‘Beast Taming Arts’ and side profession Life Coach are mutually compatible, hence able to be fused. Fuse them to obtain side profession: ‘Trainer’?’

Lin Fan had intended to study the manual for a bit, but upon hearing the notification from the system, he was pleasantly surprised.



Lin Fan blushed as though he was embarra.s.sed, but he was actually extremely gleeful on the inside.

‘Just what sort of a side profession was this Trainer? By the looks of it, it sounds pretty strong!’

Lin Fan thought of something naughty, but he shrugged his head with a solemn look on his face. As the sixth Master of Saint Devil Sect of Nameless Peak, how could he have such dirty thoughts!

From this day forth, he must be a righteous and respectable man to be revered by the ma.s.ses! He was the man destined to bring the fallen Saint Devil Sect to its former glory!

A side profession as such… Tsk. From the sounds of it, naturally, nothing good could come out of it. As a man who had such principles and morals, how could he fuse such a technique?

No. Definitely no, he couldn’t.

‘Fuse.’ Lin Fan selected it with the utmost decency as he cast away any hesitation he had initially.

In this world, there was no good or bad. All beings were equal, as were techniques. It was a matter of perspective and the intentions of the users.

‘The side profession of a ‘Trainer’…let Yours Truly glorify it through the ages and TRAIN up the ma.s.ses for the good of the world.’

‘Ding…congratulations on fusion success.’

‘Trainer: Level 0.’

‘Trainer: Able to train all beings in the world, bring out their utmost potential. Naturally carries the aura of a trainer.’

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