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Lin Fan smiled without saying anything. He needed to let the current situation completely diffuse itself within the minds of these disciples. The Snow Lion carca.s.s was already a big blow to their knowledge. Coupled with the cub, these disciples were entirely filled with disbelief.

He needed to let this situation sit itself in. Otherwise, many people would die from the shock of excitement.

Looking at their amazed looks, Lin Fan laughed internally. What a feeling it was to be adored by the ma.s.ses! With this, Nameless Peak’s reputation was all the more radiant from this day on.

"That’s not all! Fengtian Sect’s Number 1 genius, Lin Ao, was taken down by Junior Master Lin in less than a second!" An inner sect disciple said. Even though it wasn’t loud, it was clear enough for everyone present to hear it.

Lin Fan was surprised momentarily. Looking at the disciple who spoke, Lin Fan remembered him within his heart.

Some people offered help to others when they were in need. Others added on to perfect situations and caused disturbances.

But there were moments where disturbances were more useful than help.

Indeed, right after the disciple spoke, a shout erupted from within the ma.s.ses.

"WHAT?!? Junior Master Lin defeated Fengtian Sect’s genius in a second?!?" Those of them who knew of Lin Ao shouted out alarmed.

"Senior Brother! Who is this genius you’re speaking of? Why are you so shocked?"

"That genius is the one who desecrated Senior Brother Tianyu during the previous forbidden grounds expedition!"

"What?!? That f*cker?! Isn’t he pretty darn strong?! How was he defeated by Junior Master Lin in a swoop?!?"

"Hmph! What do you know! What sort of character do you think Junior Master Lin is! A young little brat like him would definitely be crushed easily in the hands of Junior Master Lin!"

"That’s awesome! This is way too awesome!"

"Invincible Junior Master Lin!"


The news had spread like wildfire. Everyone within Glory Sect knew of what the Fengtian Sect disciple did to Senior Brother Tianyu. The man who destroyed Senior Brother Tianyu’s cultivation foundation was a common enemy to everyone in the sect.

And now, Junior Master Lin had destroyed that man in one swift instant! What an amazing day this was!

Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders had yet another change in their expressions. If what was on their face earlier was shock, then they were absolutely alarmed now.

This genius of Fengtian Sect, they too knew of him. If he were to continue going on the same path, there was no doubt he would one day be a peerless and powerful individual. But to think that Lin Fan had crushed him in an instant. This…!

Grand Master Yan and the others knew of Lin Fan’s situation. Not only was he an extremely rare talent in cultivating pills, to think that he possessed such immense strength. What an incredible man!

Receiving these gazes from his fellow Junior Disciples, Lin Fan let out a smile. He was actually overflowing with joy within his heart, but he tried his best to put on a look of nonchalance as he waved his hands.

"Alright, alright. These are nothing much to begin with. After all, that genius from Fengtian Sect was not much of a character at all."

Lin Fan felt that he ought to be humble. After all, he was a very modest man.

But Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders felt somewhat awkward at what Lin Fan said. Glory Sect’s genius was utterly crushed by the enemy, yet Lin Fan proclaimed that he was nothing much of a character? Wasn’t the opposite meaning of it that Glory Sect was nothing much, slapping themselves on the face?

But it was fine, they could let it be.

After all, Lin Fan belonged to Glory Sect. That fact was certain in their hearts.

Shifting his gaze to the cowering timid girl behind Lin Fan, Grand Master Yan asked curiously, "Who is this young one here?"

"Grand Master, this is the new disciple I have recruited from Sky City, Zhiqiao." Lin Fan smiled as he fondled her little head.

Grand Master Yan took a look at Cai Zhiqiao and his expression changed somewhat. Letting out a small sigh, he continued, "In a sect, the most precious thing is the pa.s.sing down of traditions. But this..."

Grand Master Yan did not see the need to be directly concise about it. He had already seen through the little girl’s potential. In Glory Sect, anyone with her caliber could be found easily within the servant disciples.

And he wanted to let Lin Fan know that the selection of disciples had to depend on innate potentials. Otherwise, the sect would not last through the ages and flourish.

"Grand Master, I understand where you’re coming from." Lin Fan smiled.

To Lin Fan, innate potential meant jacksh*t. He was confident that even if a pig was to land into his hands, he could turn it into the G.o.d of pigs.

Besides, even if this young Lolita’s innate potential was somewhat low, he could not abandon the calling of his side profession as a life coach. If he were to bring her up, he was sure she’d be something great as well.

To this, Lin Fan had the utmost confidence.

"As long as you do." Grand Master Yan turned around without saying much. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing after all, that the sect had now gained a young little Lolita.

"Grand Master, I’ll leave the carca.s.s of the Snow Lion in the hands of the sect. All I need is a little fur. As for the cub, I intend to let it accompany my young disciple as a pet." Lin Fan had thought out all of these beforehand.

The Snow Lion was a pretty decent beast. Furthermore, it was the descendant of the ancient beast Heaven Revolting Snow Lion. If he was able to bring it up well, having it groomed to be as glorious as its ancestor was not entirely impossible.

And being a cub, it was just right to accompany and grow with his young disciple.

"If the cub were to be groomed by the sect ourselves, we would have a large chance of returning it to its peak glory." Senior Elder Wuya commented.

"Whether or not the sect continues to flourish does not lie in the hands of a single beast. But with it accompanying my young disciple, it can perhaps guard her for her entire life. I’m sorry, Elder, but I cannot accede to that request." Lin Fan naturally had his own ideas.

"Junior Brother, we’ll let Lin Fan decide on this matter. After all, the successful return of the expedition was all due to his credit. While the cub is a precious object, the sect can do with or without it. We don’t have to hurt our harmonious relationship over such a matter."

"My grat.i.tude, Grand Master." Lin Fan replied thankfully.

"I’ll send someone over with a Beast Taming Manual, and you can pa.s.s it on to your young little disciple. While the beast is ferocious and vicious by nature, it can be trained to submit with the help of the manual." Grand Master Yan carried on.

Elder Yu and the disciples who had partic.i.p.ated in the expedition stared at the cub with a wary and weird look.

The memories of the shameful acts performed by the Snow Lion on that very day flashed through their minds once more. The poor peak which was used and abused like a lifeless, inanimate di*do…

But now that the expedition was over, they too were glad to finally be home. The events of the day had the entire Glory Sect in a celebratory mood for the entire day.

Lin Fan made his way back to Nameless Peak with Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue following closely.

"Great Master! Will this be our Junior Sister from this day forth?" Zhang Ergou asked. He was sizing up the young Cai Zhiqiao the entire day.

But those dodgy eyes of his caused Cai Zhiqiao to be extremely nervous.

"If it was based on my will, she could be your Senior Sister." Lin Fan laughed.

"No please! Master, please! She’s better as a Junior Sister! We can then care for her even more!" Zhang Ergou pleaded tearfully.

"Haha, fine fine. Take good care of your young little Junior Sister from this day forth. If any harm were to befall her, you’d be in for it." Lin Fan had already lost all hope for Zhang Ergou.

The longer time pa.s.sed by, the more people showed their true selves.

He must groom this young Lolita of his with the utmost care. By no means should she be tainted by any of those sinful habits of her Senior Brothers.

Otherwise, to think that his only precious female disciple might walk out of the sect one day putting on airs and putting on acts and performances shamelessly no matter where she went… What a bleak and tragic future to think of…

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