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At that moment, the Heaven and Earth were silent.

At that moment, the Glory Sect was stunned.

At that moment, the Fengtian Sect was dumbfounded.

Everyone stared at the situation with their jaws wide open. Everything seemed so surreal, so impossible.

The battle was over just…like that?

What happened to the supposed fierce battle between these giants? How could everything have ended in a split second! This…this!

Hands behind his back, Lin Fan stared straight ahead at the Fengtian Sect. He did not move nor did he say anything.

A silent aura filled the entire surroundings, an aura so repressive that theFengtian Sect disciples could hardly breathe.

"This young man was handed his punishment for his defiance towards Yours Truly today. If it happens again, death is not out of the options." Lin Fan said calmly.

But to the Fengtian Sect disciples, this calm voice was like thundering roars in their heads. None of them could believe that their esteemed Senior Brother was defeated just like that.

The man before them looked so young as well. How could he be this strong?!?

Could he be the strongest genius in the whole of Glory Sect?!?

Back on the giant ark, Elder Yu let out a gentle smile. Within that one gentle smile were contained thousands of emotions.


"Go….!" Fengtian Sect Elder’s face was awful beyond words. Finally, he managed to utter that one word.

"Fengtian Sect. This disciple’s crushing defeat was because his skill could not measure up. But all in all, your sect would do well to take extra caution in upcoming forbidden grounds expeditions." Just as Fengtian Sect was preparing to leave, Lin Fan’s gentle voice floated over.

Fengtian Sect Elder’s body trembled slightly at these words as hatred flashed through his eyes, "Thank you for your kind reminders."

As Fengtian Sect left, the solemn Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief internally. He was beyond happiness within his heart. That act just now had used up so much acting talent that he could probably not pull off that same imposing aura for a month to come.

Not only that, Lin Fan clearly understood now how overpowered ‘Stealth’ was. Not only could he hide himself, but he could also stun his opponent momentarily with his disappearance, and take advantage of that confusion to strike.

Just that one moment of confusion was enough for him to make a decisive attack.

If they had fought fair and square just now, Lin Fan did not know if he would truly come out top in the end.

But a win was a win. Skills were one thing, but the Nine Five Legendary Brick was indeed an indescribable killing weapon. Even if one were a G.o.d, he’d fall with just a gentle tap on the head.

Clamouring down from the ark, all the disciples gathered around Lin Fan.

"Junior Master! Bravo!"

"What’s Lin Ao! In front of Junior Master, he’s nothing but an ant!"

"Even right now, I’ve got no idea how Lin Ao was defeated by Junior Master! It happened way too fast! So fast I could not even see it with my very eyes!"

Towards his fellow junior disciple’s adulations, Lin Fan let out a gentle smile, "Alright, let’s get over with it. That man was just a pa.s.serby in Yours Truly’s life… not worthy of a mention."

Cai Family had still not recovered from their shock of what just happened. They could not believe that the G.o.dlike enemy before them was defeated in an instant by this honorable sir.

Furthermore, there wasn’t even any fight to begin with. He had gone down without resistance. Horrifying!

Cai Family was going to make it big! Real big!

Cai Hui’s tears could not stop flowing down his face. For his young daughter to be the disciple of such a man, this was the good fortune of a thousand years for the Cai Family!

As for the Chu Family, they were equally stupefied. What was supposed to be the cementing of their position in Sky City was now destroyed in an instant.

This was a deadly blow to the Chu Family.

"Bro…brother Cai! I was wrong! Please spare us!" Chu Mulin collapsed to his knees on the ground, tears overflowing his face.

To this sudden change, Chu Mulin could not take it any longer.

"Honourable Sir, what is your take on this?" Cai Hui asked carefully. Now that this man had taken a liking to his daughter, he dared not get on the wrong side of this man. For such a matter, he should naturally let the honorable sir decide on it. After all, he wouldn’t want to say anything that would go against the man’s will.

"You guys can settle it on your own." Regarding this matter, Lin Fan did not want to know more, nor did he want to get involved.

Turning to the young Lolita, he asked, "So how goes your considerations? Will you be a disciple of Yours Truly?"

"Honourable Sir! She agrees!" Cai Hui replied hurriedly.

Lin Fan waved his hands.

"I will require her to make her own decision. Yours Truly does not like to force anyone against their will." Lin Fan said calmly.

Cai Zhiqiao was still cowering timidly behind Cai Hui. The events of the night were too much for a five-year-old to bear, and she had yet to recover from the shock.

Cai Hui was worried as well. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. If they could grab hold of it, the Cai Family was bound to do well for years to come!

Initially, if anyone from the Cai Family could even get into a sect, that’d be good fortune beyond words. But to be under this man, that’d be good fortune acc.u.mulated over hundreds of lifetimes!

From the looks of it, this man held a significant position in the sect. If their daughter were to get in under him, she’d have a future so bright it’d be immeasurable.

"Honourable Sir, could I have a few words with my daughter?" Cai Hui asked anxiously.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

In Lin Fan’s eyes, Nameless Peak was utterly running short of talent. To bring up some loyal disciples, naturally, it’d be best if he could bring them up as a kid. That way, they’d have an even greater sense of belonging.

And this sort of grooming method was one Lin Fan was looking forward to.

To bring someone up as a small kid, to see the type of genius they would become in the future, that was something Lin Fan was absolutely looking forward to.

After all, his side profession as a life mentor had not been of much use lately. It was time to bring it right back.

Whispers broke out amongst the Glory Sect disciples. They could not figure out why the Junior master wanted to bring this little girl back as a disciple.

From what they could see, her innate potential was not too great. To get someone of that potential in the sect was as easy as looking for dirt on the ground. With that, even if she were to grow up, she would not be a great somebody.

But now that Junior Master wanted to take her as a personal disciple, could it be that he had seen something they had not?

After a while, Cai Hui returned with the young Lolita.

"Do you agree?" Lin Fan asked.

"Your disciple agrees." Cai Zhiqiao’s small little frame knelt onto the ground and kowtowed to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled. "Good."

This could be considered his very first official disciple.

Cai Hui and Cai Yi evidently had looks of reluctance on their faces. But in front of the honorable sir, they did not dare to show it too outright.

"Zhiqiao, this is daddy’s gift to you. You have to learn well from the honorable sir, and not cause him undue worries." As the Cai Family Head, Cai Hui’s eyes began to redden with emotions as he hung a piece of jade on Cai Zhiqiao’s neck.

Cai Yi bit his lips to hold in his tears as he gently fondled his younger sister’s head.

But this was the best option for his younger sister. To be able to enter a sect, that was the best future she could possibly have.

But he wondered when the next time would be for him to see her once more…

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