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Boarding the ark back to Glory Sect, Lin Fan remembered his promise to bring the young Lolita with him back to Nameless Peak. After all, gaining a cute little kid back to the sect for free was a pretty good bargain to Lin Fan.

Arriving at Sky City, he saw lights flashing at the Cai Family with killing intent filling the heavens. He sensed that something was wrong immediately. The young Lolita that he had taken a liking to couldn’t just die like this! That’d be horrible!

"Yours Truly wishes to take this young little girl back to my sect. What are you trying to do here? Are you trying to disrespect me?" Lin Fan’s gaze was grim and firm as he locked them onto Lin Ao.

"Honourable Sir…!" The heart of despair within the Cai Family’s Head reignited with some flames of hope at the sudden appearance of Lin Fan.

It might have been the end of the Cai Family’s bloodline tonight if not for the presence of this man.

Cai Yi clenched his fists emotionally with blood pumping through his veins. The honorable sir did not lie to him nor had he forgotten! This surprise of a lifetime brought him close to tears of grat.i.tude.

Chu Mulin though, was beginning to feel unnerved as he stared at the gigantic ark in the skies and the elegant man who had just appeared before them.

To think that the Cai Family had the backing of another sect as well. And what was more incredulous was the fact that they were willing to take in the Cai Family’s young daughter as a disciple!

Lin Fan raised his head slightly and said in a soothing voice, ‘Don’t worry. Yours Truly is here. No one shall act in defiance in front of Yours Truly.’

Lin Ao frowned, his expression somewhat startled, "You’re…not dead?!"

What happened back then was witnessed by everyone there. This man was swallowed whole by the Snow Lion! There was no way he could still be alive. So how could he be standing here right before everyone yet again! How could this be?

"Whether or not Yours Truly is alive or dead…what has it got to do with you, young one? From this day forth, the Cai Family will be under my care. You dare to continue with your impudence?" Lin Fan’s aura was domineering and harsh. That imposing figure of his captivated everyone present.

As a genius of Fengtian Sect, how could Lin Ao take this lying down? Furthermore, every single word said by this guy was straight to his heart, without giving him a single shred of respect. Darn it!

The fire within Lin Ao started burning as he stared at Lin Fan while gritting his teeth, "How…dare you…"

Since Lin Fan had trodden on the path of being a c.o.c.ky ba*tard, there was no way he could back down now. He had to push forth all the way.

This Lin Ao guy’s potential was not bad, just like Zong Hentian. But in terms of fighting strength, he was probably way beyond Zong Hentian. Otherwise, they would not have been trashed so badly during the forbidden grounds expedition with two against one.

"It is a grand occasion today since Yours Truly is taking in a disciple. But if you want to give it a go, come on. I’ll see what a young one like you can do." Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back, face calm as ever.

"You…!" Lin Ao had not expected the man before him to not give him any pedestal to back down from at all! Even before he had said anything, the man was declaring war against him!

At first, he had considered backing off, since it was no point heading into a conflict over some mere mortals like the Chu Family. But, this guy wouldn’t even let him back off at all! Fine, if things were to come to this, he might as well have a go at it!

Lin Fan surveyed the surroundings. Spotting the various corpses of the Cai Family laying all around, Lin Fan shook his head regretfully. He turned his gaze up to Glory Sect’s ark.

"Disgrace of the martial arts scene… Disgrace of the sect. Fellow Junior Disciples, do take note that you are not allowed to bully the weak by killing helpless mere mortals! That is unbecoming and shameless behavior!" Lin Fan commanded contemptuously.

"Yes, Junior Master!" Zong Hentian and the other disciples echoed in unison.

When Zong Hentian first saw Lin Ao, he wanted terribly to rip this guy into a million pieces. But now that Junior Master Lin has gone down first, he could only suppress this feeling first.

And even though Zong Hentian wanted to warn his Junior Master about this Lin Ao’s vicious tactics, he could not do so. After all, Junior Master Lin had the advantage now. If he were to say anything, it would only bring the tides towards Lin Ao and disgrace Junior Master.

Furthermore, Elder Yu was expressionless towards the scene. No one could decipher what was going through his mind.

"You…you!!" Lin Ao was furious, and his fighting spirit totally ignited. He had to let this man know what the price for looking down on him was!


Lin Ao exploded forward. Energy gathered in his fist as he directed them at Lin Fan.


The skies changed color.

Disciples of both sects were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

For Glory Sect, they were emotional beyond words. Lin Ao had desecrated their Senior Brother. And now that Junior Master was there, it was time to take sweet, sweet revenge.

Whereas for Fengtian Sect, they had heavy expectations from Lin Ao. After all, he was their esteemed Senior Brother and also a highly regarded genius of the sect.

Lin Ao’s fist was caught by Lin Fan barehandedly. Realising something was off, Lin Ao tried to retract his fist. But just then, Lin Fan let out a cold grin.

Lin Fan disappeared.

At the moment of Lin Fan’s disappearance, Lin Ao was dumbfounded for a second as well. He had a split second of hesitation, wondering how Lin Fan disappeared as such.

It was silent. It was as though…Lin Fan had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

‘Out of the many undiscovered Legendary Items, finally, you’re out again, baby.’

In his invisibility state, Lin Fan gently tapped Lin Ao on the head with the Nine Five Legendary Brick.

No one was any wiser. In everyone’s eyes, Lin Fan had simply just disappeared for a split second in the blink of an eye.

"Hmph, could not even withstand a single blow."

When the audience next saw Lin Fan, he was standing in front of Lin Ao with a single finger on the latter’s forehead. With a gentle push, Lin Ao collapsed backward, as though he was dealt a tremendous blow.

"This…how could this be!" Everyone’s faces were filled with disbelief. What had happened in that split second?!?

But this was not the end. Right as Lin Ao landed on the ground, Lin Fan disappeared again.

After all, the next scene would damage his reputation. How could he let the ma.s.s audience witness it?

Grabbing both of Lin Ao’s legs, Lin Fan spread them apart.

Lin Fan’s eyes sparkled with excitement as waves of destructive aura began filling his mind.

"Life Stealing Rapid Stomp."

Under the guise of his invisibility, Lin Fan raised his right leg and aimed it right at Lin Ao’s crotch area. He struck viciously.




There wasn’t a single strand of hesitancy as Lin Fan executed his moves with pure swiftness.

Bam! Bam!

The audience hearing these sounds were trembling. But it wasn’t they who were trembling, but the very ground beneath their feet.

In that split second, after Lin Fan had repeatedly stomped Lin Ao a few dozen times, he grabbed Lin Ao’s hair and tossed him into the distance.

"Hmph, so that’s what Fengtian Sect’s genius disciple is capable of. Just that much…" Lin Fan reappeared, hands behind his back, voicing out expressionlessly.

Everything had happened so instantaneously that no one was prepared for anything at all.

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