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Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. Looking at the freshly born cub who had yet to even open its eyes, Lin Fan beamed brightly.

With a sheet of snow-white fur and horns yet to grow on its forehead, indeed it looked just like a lion’s cub.

Lin Fan gently spread its hind legs to check its gender.

How great it would be if it were a male. After all, most males possessed stronger fighting strength as compared to females. But alas, it was a female cub.

Lin Fan had no idea how long he had been here for, nor did he know whether his fellow Glory Sect disciples had left. Thus, he slipped the cub into his backpack and exited the cave.

In front of Lin Fan’s grave kneeled a disciple who was bawling his eyes out like a cuckoo spitting blood.

"Junior Master! I’m sorry! It’s all my fault! Please forgive me!!!" And the man bawling his eyes out was none other than the disciple who had farted the other day.

That fart had nearly caused the entire Glory Sect to be wiped out.

"Junior Master, I know that you can no longer hear my voice. But I hope that my thoughts can carry on to you in the afterlife…"

"Yes, I’ve heard you." Just then, a deep voice broke the pitch black night.

"Who!" The disciple leaped up in shock and surveyed his surroundings. A chilly breeze pa.s.sed by and his heart started pounding intensely.

Sweat began dripping down from his forehead profusely.

"How can you not recognize Yours Truly?" Standing behind his own grave, Lin Fan used stealth on and off. Thus, he appeared and disappeared like an apparition.

"Ju…junior Master!" The disciple began stuttering, unable to believe his very eyes.

"Do you acknowledge your mistake of causing my death? That one solid fart of yours has brought me into the afterlife." Lin Fan pressed down on his pitch and put on the deepest voice he could produce.

The disciple’s eyes dilated as he stared at this flickering apparition. Suddenly, he let out a horrified shriek, "GHOST!!!"

"Oi!" Just as Lin Fan shouted out to him, he had already run off far into the distance.

"Goodness. How can he be an inner sect disciple when he’s so b.l.o.o.d.y timid!" Lin Fan sighed helplessly. Looking at the grave, he couldn’t help but laugh. To think that before he had reached the end of his life, he already had two tombstones carved for him so far. Sigh!

For this expedition, the morale of the Glory Sect disciples was beyond low. Not only were they returning with nothing, they even led to the death of Junior Master Lin. Was the Heavens truly against Glory Sect?

Seemed like Glory Sect was no longer the sect it once was, with calamity befalling both recent expeditions.

"Elder! Senior Brothers! There’s a ghost!!!" The disciple came rushing back with his face pale as a sheet. Recalling what had happened, he couldn’t help but shiver.

"Hmph, what nonsense are you talking about?" Elder Yu was not in the best of moods. Hence, he asked sternly.

"It’s true! There’s a ghost! Junior Master Lin has returned as a ghost, and he appeared right before me!!!"

"My young junior disciple, Yours Truly is back. How am I a ghost?" A voice rang through the dark night once again.

Everyone’s faces changed when they heard the voice. As for the disciple, he hid behind Elder Yu’s back instantly. He was afraid of nothing in this world…except for ghosts.

As the shadow came closer, the shape of Lin Fan began to materialize with the help of the moonlight. Elder Yu was emotional beyond measures, and the disciples all echoed in unison, "JUNIOR MASTER LIN! YOU’RE…NOT DEAD!"

Lin Fan chuckled, "Dead? Nah. Yours Truly possesses immense powers. How can something like this do me in?"

"We saw you being swallowed by the Snow Lion by our very eyes! How could this be?" Elder Yu walked up with a face of disbelief.

Lin Fan flicked his robes and turned around. Hands behind his back, he gazed at the distant moon and replied at ease, "Who am I? Yours Truly is the sixth Grand Master of Saint Devil Sect in Glory Sect’s Nameless Peak. Just a mere Snow Lion, how could it ever hope to be my match? Not only have I slain it, but even its cub is also in my possession at this very moment.’

Lin Fan’s aura was domineering as everyone was encompa.s.sed within his awesomeness at the moment.

n.o.body could believe what they had just heard.

The Snow Lion was slain by Junior Master Lin?!


Lin Fan snorted, evidently displeased at their doubtful faces. "Take a look. What’s this?"

When everyone saw the furry Snow Lion’s cub, their teeth started chattering nonstop.

"Junior Master. Is this…for real?" Zong Hentian asked. He could not believe the sight before his eyes.

The Snow Lion’s ferociousness was witnessed by every single one of them. It was feral and barbaric. Especially so when its fur had turned red.

"Of course it’s real. Could it be fake?"

At last, everyone came to terms with the facts laid bare before their eyes. As to how Lin Fan killed the Snow Lion, no one knew. But one thing was for certain, their gazes at him were gazes full of admiration.

It was a cold, dark night with a full moon.

Even if lights were not lit, the brightness of the moon covered the Earth like a blanket.

Sky City was unusually silent.


The killing intent was murderous, with the scent of blood in the air.

"As an honorable member of a sect, how could you…lay your hands on us? Do you…not…have any shame?" A middle-aged man in green robes choked as he lay in a puddle of blood.


A streak of light flashed through the air like a sword cutting down.

The person’s head flew through the air lifelessly.


Cai Family’s Head howled in despair. Looking at the seemingly G.o.dlike man in front of him, he could not summon any strength to his body to resist.

"Hmph. Ants. I gave you guys a chance, but yet you did not cherish it. Bear no grudges for your own pitiful deaths." Lin Ao stood like a G.o.d looking down at these puny ants.

"Cai Hui! The honorable sir had already given you a chance! But you did not take it hahaha! You have no one to blame but yourself! The Sky City can only have one ruler, and that’s the Chu Family!" Chu Mulin laughed coldly.

A long sword laid in Chu Yi’s hands. In front of him were many corpses of the Cai Family. Living just moments ago, they were now cold and lifeless.

Just one man, and it was enough to lay the entire Cai Family to waste. The difference in strength was like heaven and earth. One could not hope to resist it at all.

"Daddy!" The once rosy cheeks of the young Lolita Cai Zhiqiao were pale as a sheet as well, as she cowered timidly behind Cai Yi.

Cai Hui looked at what was left of his family and bowed down his head in regret, "Honourable Sir. The Cai Family will leave this place. Please spare our lives…"

It was common for dynasties to collapse. At this point in time, all he could hope for was for his bloodline to remain flowing.

Looking at the scene unfold before him, Chu Mulin was long overjoyed beyond words, "Fine! I’m also not a man without emotions! You guys can…"

Chu Mulin had not intended to wipe them entirely as well. As long as they got out, that was enough. But before he could finish, Lin Ao cut in coldly.

"Did I say that you could speak? Did I say that they could leave alive?" The frosty tone of Lin Ao froze the surrounding atmosphere as everyone felt like they were repressed by his cold-hearted aura.

"I gave you a chance yesterday. When I said that nothing gets out alive, I mean that nothing gets out alive." Lin Ao’s killing intent was clear-cut. Slaying these things was the same as squashing ants.

Watching the scene, Fengtian Sect’s Elder was stone cold. But when Lin Ao made the verbal decision to kill them all, the elder nodded while smiling in pride.

Fengtian Sect needed no benevolent, charitable characters. Since the chance was given, it was only right that they paid the consequences for not taking it up.

"Tonight, nothing gets out alive in the Cai Family." Lin Ao’s killing intent filled the air as he raised his hands yet again.

Anyone left alive still from the Cai Family stared at this grim reaper with abysmal despair. They could never go against anyone like that.

Cai Hui rubbed his young daughter’s forehead, tears of regret flowing from his eyes.

"That’s too much, young one."

Just then, a serene voice came over from the void.

Everyone raised their heads.

Under the shining moonlight, a sole ark floated quietly above them.

Like a heavenly being, a flashing apparition floated down the skies.

A moment he was there, and the next moment, gone.

‘Stealth’ was undetectable by anyone as Lin Fan used it on and off.

Glorious and extravagant, Lin Fan’s aura affected everyone present. In fact, his aura completely dissipated the aura of killing intent by Lin Ao.

Landing without a single sound, Lin Fan’s hair floated elegantly in the skies as he let out a gentle glow. Those all-seeing eyes gazed at Lin Ao coldly as he said deeply…

"The Cai Family has an affinity with Yours Truly."

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