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"Elder, the other five sects have already left." Zong Hentian said softly as he looked at the tombstone before him.

"Hmm." Elder Yu closed his eyes as he sat down cross-legged. Not only did the expedition fail, he even lost Junior Master Lin who was entrusted to his care. He had no idea how he was going to report this failure to the sect.


Sky City…

Fengtian Sect did not leave immediately. As the number one genius of Fengtian Sect, Lin Ao naturally had the privilege of having the sect stay an extra night at Sky City as per his wishes.

And his main motive was because he had promised a favor to the Chu Family earlier on.

While the favor was nothing to him, it was of grave importance to the Chu Family.

Chu Family…

All the lights were lit, and it was livelier than ever.

Over the failed expedition, the disciples of Fengtian Sect were still feeling pretty sore. After all, the Snow Lion did give them a pretty huge scare with its insane strength.

But the warm hospitality of the Chu Family, coupled with an abundance of delicacies and wine, did help to soothe their mood a little.

"The Chu Family will always remember the graciousness of your greatness." The Chu Family’s Head was exuberant. After all, if these masters were to act on their accord, Cai Family would forever disappear from Sky City like little ants.

And then, Chu Family would finally live on as the sole ruler of Sky City.

He had long since dreamt of such a day. To think that his dreams would finally be coming true.

"Small matter." Lin Ao replied coldly. If he had not slept with the head’s daughter, he would not even bother with such an affair.

But fair enough. Once he was done with this matter, he’d owe them nothing any longer.

This woman was not even worthy of being his partner.

"Your greatness, could you bring Chu Xue home? Chu Xue wishes to stay by your side to take care of you for the rest of your life." Chu Xue flirted gently with a look of antic.i.p.ation.

The Chu Family Head and his son waited with bated breath as well. If Chu Xue were to join this man by his side, then Chu Family’s place would be well rooted in history!

Lin Ao gave her a smile of disdain, "You’re not worthy."

This reply of Lin Ao was extremely hurtful for anyone to hear. But to Lin Ao, these people were mere ants. And one did not need to give any respect to mere ants.

Chu Family’s Head and his son gave an awkward laugh. As though to brush it off, the head shouted, "Chu Xue! How can you make such an unreasonable request of this great man! He has already given us enough face to help us with this matter. Don’t ask for too much!"

"Yes, Father." Chu Xue was evidently disappointed. But with Lin Ao around, she still had to put on her brightest smile and serve him courteously.

Fengtian Sect’s Elder was...o...b..ard the ark all along. Towards such mortal affairs, he had no interest at all. He had had his fair share when he was younger. Thus, naturally, he was long used to such matters. When members of sects arrived at such places with common families, they were often treated with utmost respect and flattery as dignitaries. What an annoyance! Lin Ao was one of the strongest geniuses to have appeared in the history of Fengtian Sect. Naturally, they had to nurture him with extreme care.

They should just let this matter be a mere trial for Lin Ao. If he had been obsessed with l.u.s.t and brought this maiden back, she would not meet with a good end either.

"Send someone out to inform the Cai Family to leave Sky City immediately. If they do not leave by tomorrow, I will strike." Lin Ao commanded.

"Yes, your greatness." The Chu Family’s Head replied gleefully.

At the moment, the courtyard of Cai Family was way more desolate compared to Chu Family’s lively atmosphere.

"Father, Fengtian Sect’s disciples have entered and are now residing within the Chu Family residences." Cai Yi said grimly.

This was the outcome they had dreaded the most. Chu Family had finally made contact with one of the sects.

"Cai Yi, what about the great men of Glory Sect?"

Cai Yi lowered his head solemnly and did not speak. To those powerful men, they were merely ants after all. Regarding promises to mere ants, they might even have said it all as jokes in the first place.

"Old Master, the Chu Family sent someone here saying that we have to get out of Sky City by tonight, or we won't be able to even if we want to tomorrow!" Cai Family’s caretaker rushed over hurriedly.

"Chu Family is really pushing us to a corner…!" The Cai Family Head’s face was immensely worried.

"Father, what should we do?" Cai Yi was evidently worried. Would they really have to leave their home for the past 100 years?

Just then, Lin Fan was slowly waking up from his slumber within the Snow Lion. Feeling revitalized after his rest, it was time to think of how to get out of this place. The body of the Snow Lion was indeed not fit for a human to reside within.

Following the blood red meat walls of the beast, Lin Fan headed up. No matter what, he had to get out of the Snow Lion’s mouth. There was no way he was going to get out from her a.n.u.s. Even if he were to die, he would not do something of the likes.

This was a matter of dignity!

After an enduring walk, Lin Fan arrived at a location he presumed to be the Snow Lion’s throat.

Lin Fan stopped. Perhaps he should give it a good blow right here and blow a door right open so he could strut out of this beast’s throat through it.

Other than her a.n.u.s, this should be her weakest spot of the entire body. If he was to deal a good blow here, he might just be able to break a hole through her body.

Lin Fan closed his eyes and began gathering energy for the final breakthrough.

‘Supreme Sword Will.’

The aura around Lin Fan began increasing rapidly as an intense Sword Will surrounded his body.

‘Faceless Sky Demon.’

The demon’s aura merged together with the sword will into one.

‘King of Swords.’

The initial aura created by the fusion of the previous two now merged with the King of Swords to create the presence of something domineering.

‘Dragon King’s Hegemony.’

With this, Lin Fan’s power continued surging non-stop. A typhoon centered from his body began to implode out.

‘Twisting Heaven and Earth’, ‘Black Tiger Steals Heart’, ‘Deflowering Finger’ etc, etc… He began invoking every single skill he knew into one around him.

At the moment Lin Fan opened his eyes, as a golden aura burst forth from him instantaneously.

‘Snow Lion! Have a taste of Yours Truly’s strongest blow!’ Channelling Tidal Push, he was sure that this 11 folds worth of power he now had would definitely crush this beast instantly.

‘Ding…congratulations on defeating lesser celestial upper-level beast Snow Lion.’

‘Ding…experience points +600,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Ding…congratulations on reaching postcelestial upper level.’

‘Ding…congratulations on reaching postcelestial full cultivation.’

‘Ding…obtained Ancient Beast Heaven Revolting Snow Lion’s Essence Blood x 1 drop.’

Wait a moment. Just what was going on!

Just as Lin Fan was ready to channel the strike down to the beast, the series of notifications from the system left him dumbfounded.

What’s up with the Snow Lion! How did it die before he had done anything?!

Could it be that it was terrified by the intense aura gathered by Yours Truly and got scared to death without him having to do anything!

No, that couldn’t be it either.

Even though Lin Fan was insanely confident and egomaniacal, he was sure the Snow Lion couldn’t have pa.s.sed away from just his aura.

Could it be that it had exhausted way too much energy due to the overconsumption of Biggra, and hence collapsed entirely?

But that didn’t make much sense either. In this world, there were only cows which were worked to death, not soil that had been plowed to death.

Furthermore, this beast was a female!

‘Oh well, forget it. It’s dead anyways. And besides, the kill was granted to me! And the experience points given do show a certain amount of sincerity. Especially the number of levels gained is absolutely inhumane.’

At this, Lin Fan was extremely pleased.

Heading up, he came to its pointy frosted fangs. Pushing up its jaw, he leaped out with ease.

When he got out, Lin Fan looked at the motionless beast and mourned for a few seconds. Looking at its pitiful state, Lin Fan did feel a tinge of guilt.

To think that a ferocious beast as such would die of l.u.s.t from a mere drug overdose.

Pity. What a pity.

Even though Biggra was a wonderful pill, she should not have consumed this much. Sigh.

Lin Fan swore to himself that he’d categorize Biggra in the future under the precious pills category. After all, if even a lesser celestial upper-level beast could not handle it, how could mere humans?

Looking at the ma.s.sive carca.s.s before him, Lin Fan had it entirely kept within his storage with a flick of his robes.

This Snow Lion was definitely filled with countless of treasures. Once he got back to the sect, he’d slowly examine it all.

But right! Since he was here… The cubs were definitely around…

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