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Helpless as they were, the six sects could do nothing. They had made a mistake in their initial investigation of the situation. If they had gotten the actual picture, the sects would not have merely sent them out.

And now, they could only stare as the three other sects struck at the bounty for themselves.

Even though it was in its peak condition, in the hands of three lesser celestial peak cultivation masters, it would still fall nevertheless.

"Old Lady Tianji, Glory Sect only requires to be allowed to slice open the belly of the beast in the aftermath to retrieve the corpse of our disciple. We will definitely express our sincerest thanks for this." Elder Yu sighed. This was most he could do.

"Small issue." Old Lady Tianji twitched her eyes and whispered.

"When the beast next appears, the three of us will strike together and utterly decimate it in one blow." Great Sword Sect’s Elder Zhang Tianheng stood there, glowing with all the great swords surrounding him, as though he had pierced a hole through time and s.p.a.ce.

"Alright…" Rapid Lightning Sect’s Elder Shang Wusheng placed his palms together and moved them like a snake, ready to send off a shockwave the moment the Snow Lion appeared at the lair entrance.


A lower toned roar came out of the lair this time around. In fact, the roar sounded somewhat hurried, as though it was preparing for a large explosion.

Standing from a distance, the six sects wondered, ‘Something seems off.’

Elder Yu frowned. Unable to contain himself, he warned the three elders, "Everyone, there’s something wrong with its roar. Please take extra caution."

But the three of them did not pay any heed to it and grinned, "Don’t worry, Brother Yu. Since your cultivation bases are the same as this beast, naturally you’d be alarmed by its aura."

The six sects were displeased at this condescending remark by the three elders. Weren’t they just implying that the six sects were lower than the beast?

Just then, the skies turned gray as dark clouds covered the skies. Streaks of lightning could be seen flashing across it.

Far in the distance, citizens of Sky City looked at the situation on Floating Snow Peaks with grim faces as well.

They did not know what was going on. Whether or not the beast was slain by the six sects was still unknown to them.

But amongst them, Chu Family was making their final preparations. There could be only one leader for Sky City. Once the matter of the beast was done with, the same could be said for the Cai Family…

"Brother Zhang, take a look at this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Even as the brink of death, it’s coming up with all sorts of patterns. Interesting." The resolute face of Shang Wusheng revealed a cold laugh, as he looked at the situation in disdain.

"Futile struggle." Zhang Tianheng snorted coldly. He paid no attention to the change in the skies as the great swords continued floating around him, ripping the air apart.

After all, the three of them were of lesser celestial full cultivation. If they could not even deal with such a beast, then they’d just end up being a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Even though this was a direct descendant of the ancient beast, the power difference between cultivation bases was something that neither human nor beast could replace.


Just then, something shocking happened.

From the ruins of Zhang Hengtian’s first strike, a claw pawed its way out of the cracks. Rocks began raining from it like an avalanche.

A red beam shot out from the cracks and once again shook the heaven and earth. The atmosphere was filled with a frenzied aura.

‘What’s going on with that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’ The three elders were momentarily unnerved as well.


An unsettling monstrous roar came screaming across the skies, and every disciple present could not stop trembling.

"Elder! There’s something wrong with the Snow Lion!" Zong Hentian shouted amongst the chaos.

Looking at the sight ahead of him, Elder Yu was filled with waves of fear. More so than something wrong, what was happening was entirely impossible!

The Snow Lion, whose fur was initially snow white, had now turned red entirely. In fact, an intense aura was steaming out from the red fur, melting all the snow around it on the peaks.


The beast looked up into the skies and screamed out its entire lungs. Compared to its frenzied look initially, it looked diabolical at this moment. Those ma.s.sive claws of it were pawing fanatically at the ground in front of it, and the Floating Snow Peaks shook as though it was going to split into two.

Its long tail stood upright, with hot air gushing out continuously from its a.n.u.s in a strong stream.

"Just what is happening?!" Old Lady Tianji, who was initially filled with confidence, was now staring at the beast in disbelief, unable to comprehend the situation before her.

At the same time, Lin Fan, who was within the beast, was not having the best time of his life either.

Initially, it was still pretty cool within the beast. But now, it was heating up like a volcano, and the temperature was insufferable.

Worse still, the digestive liquid remaining in the cesspool began bubbling like boiling water.

The strong compressions and expansion of the beast’s body was causing immense pushing and suction pressure within it, causing Lin Fan to tumble around unable to stand properly.

He felt like crying.

Goodness, this situation was just simply f*cked up.

Definitely, Biggra must have taken effect. But wasn’t this way too vigorous!

Lin Fan had no idea how many Biggra pills he popped for the beast. All he knew was that he was entirely out of ingredients in his stash.

But according to his memory, the numbers should lie within a few hundreds.

On the outside, the Snow Lion’s bloodshot eyes were darting around, as though looking for something. It entirely neglected the presence of the three elders.

"This Snow Lion seems to be paying no respects to us!" Shang Wusheng frowned.

"If not now, then when? STRIKE!" Zhang Tianheng roared furiously, and a great sword protruded amongst his collection, shooting towards the Snow Lion with extreme sword will.

Old Lady Tianji and Shang Wusheng refused to fall behind. Bursting above from the ground, all three of them released an immense power ready to destroy heaven and earth.

The combined strikes of three lesser celestial full cultivation beings were more than enough to destroy even s.p.a.cetime of the surroundings, let alone a mere beast.

Members of the six sects could only stare dumbfounded at the development of this situation. Even the six elders could not hide the tinge of fear that was spreading through their faces.

The Snow Lion in front of them was practically undefeatable!

And what would happen to those three elders?!

The frenzied Snow Lion huffed and puffed repeatedly and steams of hot air began gushing out of its nose at the same time. She needed a release. She needed a male right now! But all that was present was mere white snow!

Looking at the three ants lunging towards it, it could only snort furiously, as though telling them, ‘You guys are too small. Not satisfying enough!’

"Heaven and Earth Slash!" Zhang Tianheng shouted in wrath. The giant sword in his hand shone with immense brightness as it acc.u.mulated the essence of heaven and earth, ready to slice the beast into two.

"9 Heavens Thunderbolt!" Shang Wusheng opened his arms spread-eagled as electricity gathered within his palms rapidly to cage the beast within them.

Old Lady Tianji’s cane flew from her hands into the skies and began twisting at lightspeed, as though acc.u.mulating the air around it, ready to pierce through the beast.

The three elders let of an extremely intimidating aura, that was not to be trifled with.

Back on the arks, the disciples gritted their teeth and couldn’t bear their excitement. Finally, their elders struck! The beast was theirs!


A sudden roar of the Snow Lion shook Heaven and Earth.


A swipe came across the air and ripped through time and s.p.a.ce.


In an instant, the auras of the three elders vanished.



The disciples on the arks screamed at the top of their lungs in disbelief.

As for the six sects present, everyone was flabbergasted beyond words.

How…could this be happening?! 

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