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"Where’s your Junior Master Lin?" Elder Yu, who was swiped flying by the Snow Lion, asked with a pained look.

"El…elder! Junior Master Lin was swallowed whole by the beast!" A disciple replied in utter shock.

Terrifying. This was simply a nightmare!

They had not expected the lesser celestial upper-level Snow Lion to be so monstrous. If not because the Snow Lion was worrying about its cubs inside the lair, none of them would stand a chance even with their strengths combined.

"What…?!" Elder Yu struggled to stand up, intending to go rescue Lin Fan back into their midst.

"Elder…it’s useless. The Snow Lion is simply way too strong!" Zong Hentian pulled back Elder Yu.

To Zong Hentian, Junior Master Lin was already dead. There was simply no chance of him surviving this. At this rate, unless a Senior Elder was present, none of them would stand any chance against this beast.

"GET LOST!" Elder Yu shouted. But this aggravated his wounds, and he spat out yet another bout of fresh blood as his face turned ever paler.

It felt like an eternity for Lin Fan, as though he was stuck in an endless abyss swirling round and round without a destination.

‘Where…is this?’

Lin Fan opened his eyes and was stunned by the sight before him.

Hold on…

Lin Fan tried to recall what happened. First, he could no longer tolerate the beast’s impudence. Thus, he raised his finger so that it’d know its place and stand down. But just then, he entered a world of darkness.

What! Was he eaten by the Snow Lion?!

At this thought, Lin Fan sweated profusely as a surge of fear rushed up to his head. Sh*t, he was seriously eaten by that sh*t!

And the beast was so strong to boot!

If he were to be digested by the beast, wouldn’t he just come out as a pile of dump and be stuck between heaven and earth?

The thoughts of it filled Lin Fan with gooseb.u.mps.

Just then, Lin Fan heard a loud sound like the gushing of a torrent. This sound came closer and closer. When Lin Fan raised his head, he was traumatized.

‘F*CK ME…!’

A gush of yellow liquid came pouring down like a waterfall. Taking Lin Fan along with it, it rushed downwards.

The smell of this yellow liquid was nauseating to the nose. Lin Fan held his breath and did not dare to open his mouth as well.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Snow Lion Digestive Liquid.’

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ Experience Points + 20,000.’

As the system kept ringing, Lin Fan momentarily forgot about the nauseating smell as he leaped with joy in his heart.

To think that even this digestive liquid could give him experience points!

But Lin Fan had no intentions of following the digestive liquid all the way down. Based on his calculations, he should be around the stomach area. Once he was digested, he’d follow it down all the way to the a.n.u.s opening to be pa.s.sed out.

But oh well, no hurry. Since he was here, he might as well see if he could take advantage of this.

To fight this beast headstrong outside, he was definitely not its match. But inside here? Now things were different. Perhaps, he could blow it up from within so that this beast would know that it had to pay the price for swallowing Yours Truly.

Stretching his hand, Lin Fan held on to a piece of blood-red meat, determined to not let himself be flushed down.

After the digestive liquid was flushed down entirely, Lin Fan let go of his hands and surveyed the surroundings.

Inside the body of the Snow Lion, the red meat walls pulsated like any other living being, compressing and expanding as it breathed.

Looking at it was causing Lin Fan to be somewhat nervous. This was indeed way too horrifying a sight.

Stepping downwards slowly, Lin Fan caught sight of the cesspool where the yellow liquid acc.u.mulated in. He was startled. Thank goodness he was smart enough to not head down with it. Otherwise, he’d die of disgust.

Within the cesspool floated a bunch of white bones, probably from beasts it had consumed before. After they were digested, all that was left of them were just bones.

Looking at it, Lin Fan thought of ways to deal with this Snow Lion. Now that he was inside, he must definitely pull a big one on it.

If he could kill this Snow Lion from within, then he’d be reaping in a s.h.i.tload of profits.

Lesser Celestial Upper-Level beast. The amount of experience points must be beyond imagination.

Just thinking about it was t.i.tillating.

But of course, he needed a proper plan.

Lin Fan took out a couple of Biggra. He wondered if tossing Biggra into the cesspool would be of use. Since the Snow Lion needed to replenish its nutrients by digesting beasts, throwing Biggra within it should probably be somewhat useful.

Though there were no guarantees, it was definitely worth a shot. Fearing that 1 was not enough, Lin Fan threw 10 Biggras within the cesspool.

As they landed inside, the cesspool bubbled for a moment, and they vanished entirely.

Waiting a moment, Lin Fan expected a reaction. When nothing happened, he was puzzled. Could it be that this beast was of a monstrous size, hence the Biggras were not strong enough for it?

Right, that must be the case! Otherwise, there could be no other explanation.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Fan tossed every single last Biggra he had within the cesspool and waited patiently. To f*ck this beast up, first he had to get her tired.

But this should be of some use to the Snow Lion, right?

After all, this was the G.o.dly pill cultivated by Yours Truly. Theoretically, it should kill BOTH males and females.

Outside, the six sects were already all out of ideas of how to deal with the Snow Lion.

It wasn’t that they weren’t interested; they just couldn’t deal with it at its peak condition.

The only reason they could escape was because the Snow Lion was busy guarding its lair, so it didn’t chase far out. Otherwise, no one would be left alive by now.

But towards Glory Sect’s losses, Fengtian Sect was filled with joy.

Pleasure…this was pure pleasure!

"Elder Yu! Nine Heavens Sect, Rapid Lightning Sect and the rest are about to make a move on the Snow Lion!" Zong Hentian commented.

Elder Yu was overwhelmed with joy. No matter what, as long as the Snow Lion was defeated, they could search for Lin Fan’s corpse at least.

Regarding his survival, Elder Yu no longer had any hopes.

But upon hearing this, Fengtian Sect was distressed instead. To think that these other sects that came to observe were now taking the chance at the Snow Lion! Darn it!

But they had no choice in the matter. If these sects dared to take on the Snow Lion, then the Elders leading them must definitely be of a higher cultivation base.

In the current state of affairs, they would only let these sects s.n.a.t.c.h this cheap deal.

For Nine Heavens Sect, Rapid Lightning Sect and Great Sword Sect, the elders leading them for this observation were all of Lesser Celestial Peak Cultivation.

Since the elders from the six sects were of lower cultivations and could not defeat the beast, naturally they could only give these guys a helping hand in taking it down. But naturally, the treasures and loot would be split amongst the 3 only.

Especially the cubs of the Snow Lion, that was of crucial importance. After all, it could probably grow into the Greater Celestial beast it was meant to be.

Nine Heavens Sect’s Leader of Observation Team: Old Lady Tianji. Cultivation Base: Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation.

Rapid Lightning Sect’s Leader of Observation Team: Shang Wusheng. Cultivation Base: Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation.

Great Sword Sect’s Leader of Observation Team: Zhang Tianheng. Cultivation Base: Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation.

The three elders of lesser celestial full cultivation…taking down the beast was more than enough.

None of the disciples of the 3 sects came down to a.s.sist the fight; they were all just waiting on the arks.

The six sects disciples stood at a distance as well. Even though they were helpless, they had to see how this beast was taken down.

"Zhang Tianheng, you’ll take the first strike." Old Lady Tianji struck the sharp edge of the cane she was holding on the ground. A crack spread out in all four directions like a wave, and in an instant, all the snow on the surface blew away.

Great Sword Sect’s Elder Zhang Tianheng raised a finger to the skies intimidatingly. A mult.i.tude of great swords numbering in the hundreds flew across the skies and ama.s.sed behind him.



Just then, the lair shook vigorously, as though an earthquake was present.


A furious roar erupted from the lair, as though the beast was in an uncontrollable rage.

Within its body, Lin Fan too was raging.

He could not believe that his Biggra wouldn’t work. In disbelief, he continued cultivating more of it fanatically as well.

A large amount of Biggra exploded within the beast’s body as though it was free of charge and the beast’s meat absorbed all of the Biggra in powder form as they landed on the inner walls of the beast.

‘Yours Truly refuse to believe that this won’t G.o.dd*mn work!’

Finally, Lin Fan noticed something happening. The digestive liquid in the cesspool was disappearing, as though it was swallowed up by the Snow Lion.

Veins as thick as his forearms started appearing on the inner walls of the beast and pulsated intensely, as though it was absorbing something.

‘Yes! I’ve done it!’ Lin Fan leaped with joy.

Woohoo! Was the beast finally gonna explode?

The three elders looked at the scene before them calmly.

"Elders of the 6 sects, the three of us will take control of this situation now. Please take no offense." The bark-like skin of Old Lady Tianji let out a smile, as though telling them that the bounty of Snow Lion was already in their bags…

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