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‘Lesser Celestial Upper Level. (Perfect Condition)’

‘F*CK! Who the f*ck said that it was in a weakened state?! F*CKING h.e.l.l!’ Lin Fan was absolutely dumbfounded.

When the Snow Lion’s appearance with such a ferocious aura caused the atmosphere to thicken, Lin Fan immediately knew that something was off. And checking the system, indeed his doubts were confirmed.

"How could this be?!" The Elders exclaimed in disbelief. They had realized that the beast was in a perfect condition at all, without any hint of being any weaker.


Again, the Snow Lion roared ferociously. It rattled the entire peak, rendering beasts nearby trembling in fear and creeping lowly on the ground.

"How…how could this be? Just a few days back, we confirmed that it was in a weakened state after giving birth! And now…!" Some of the disciples muttered in fear, while the rest stood still not knowing what to do with this situation.

If the Snow Lion were to strike, things would be utterly horrific.

For a beast of lesser celestial upper level, only a human with a cultivation base of lesser celestial full cultivation could deal with it.

But other than the six elders present, who were of lesser celestial cultivation base, all the disciples were as good as mere insects to the beast!

The arks in the skies…

The disciples who had arrived to observe the hunt were equally wary. In fact, they even shifted their arks higher up the skies, just in case they were to suffer from any unnecessary impact.

"To think that the beast is in its peak condition. The six sects are in for some trouble." An old lady with a tree bark-like skin on one of the arks commented.

As to what was happening below, she had zero intentions of lending them a hand.

"Elder, the six elders present are of lesser celestial cultivation base. They should have no issues dealing with the beast, right?" A female disciple asked.

The old lady shook her head, "The Snow Lion is a descendant of the Ancient Beast, Heaven Revolting Snow Lion. It is way more ferocious than any casual wild beast. Even for someone at peak of lesser celestial, they would need a big deal of sacrifice to face it.’

"What should we do?!"

This was the thought on everyone’s mind.

At this moment, even Elder Yu was dumbfounded. How had things come to this? If the beast was in a weakened state with less than half its full power, then, with just the combined strength of all the disciples present, there was hope in taking it down. But things were different now.

At full power, even if the six elders were to partic.i.p.ate alongside the fight, victory was not guaranteed.

"Everyone, there was a mistake in the information we received. How about the six of us hold the Snow Lion and allow our disciples to escape first?" Elder Yu whispered anxiously.

"Hmph! Follow the plan! Glory Sect, Xuanyang Sect, and Taiyi Sect will strike first and hold it while we 3 will enter the lair! Even though the situation has changed, the plan remains unchanged!" The Fengtian Sect Elder demanded.

"Your mother’s f*cking a*s!" Elder Yu screamed in anger. Fengtian Sect’s Elder’s brains must have been eaten by a donkey for him to spout such ridiculous nonsense.

Just then, the Snow Lion started moving. That seemingly enormous body with the stature of a mountain gave off an intimidating aura that was so choking that some of the disciples found it hard to breathe.

That domineering aura was like a sharp blade, stealing the words out of everyone’s mouths.

"Here…it comes!" Disciples of the six sects starting panicking.

Like a smashed egg, Lin Fan was also at a loss for words. Which b.l.o.o.d.y dumb pig retrieved the information regarding the Snow Lion! He had thought to simply obtain some easy rewards from this expedition. To think that the situation had changed as such.

Suddenly, the Snow Lion’s bloodshot gaze turned towards Glory Sect. Lifting its razor-edged claws, it slammed down on the ground, causing the earth around them to shake like an avalanche.

"Everyone, the beast’s target is Glory Sect! Let’s take the opportunity to head off!" Fengtian Sect’s Elder shouted gleefully. Seemed like the heavens were on Fengtian Sect’s side for them to get this lucky.

Even though it was freezing on the Floating Snow Peaks, Elder Yu was sweating profusely, and his heart was pounding.

"I’ll take over control later. You guys retreat while protecting Junior Master Lin!" Elder Yu knew that things were about to go south, but no matter what he needed to protect the disciples. Especially Lin Fan, whom the Senior Elder has specially entrusted.

"No, Elder! One for all and all for one!" Everyone’s faces changed. Elder Yu was going to sacrifice himself for their sake!

Even though Elder Yu was also lesser celestial upper level, he was definitely no match for this beast alone!

"Spare the nonsense! Protect Junior master Lin and leave!!!" Elder Yu’s face turned frosty with a determined look on his face. He was prepared to fight the beast to his death.

All this while, Lin Fan had been pondering about something while carefully a.n.a.lyzing the Snow Lion’s body structure through the system. With a flash in his eyes, he whispered sneakily, "Listen to Junior Master…everyone lay down and play dead."

"Ahh…Junior master…! This…!" Everyone was puzzled and did not know what he meant by this.

"Stop wasting time. Elder Yu, listen to me! Lie down and stop breathing!" To salvage his own life as well, Lin Fan laid down without hesitation, hoping that this would work.

Looking at Lin Fan lying down, Elder Yu and Zong Hentian hesitated for a moment. After that, all of them followed suit and played dead on the ground.

At this moment, the skies were eerily silent. n.o.body knew what Glory Sect was up to. Could it be that they gave up knowing that only death awaited them?

On the arks in the skies, everyone was stumped as well.

"Elder, what’s Glory Sect up to?" A female disciple of Nine Heavens Sect asked.

"No idea." The old lady shook her head cryptically. What is Glory Sect thinking?

The other five sects stood there bewildered.

And during all this, Lin Fan’s heart was pounding relentlessly. This HAD to work, or they’d be dead meat!

He hoped that his knowledge from the previous world would finally pay off here.

The larger the size of an animal, the more they scorned living things of smaller sizes.

And when those living things laid still on the floor, the other party would naturally a.s.sume that they were dead.

Zong Hentian felt a deep sense of shame within his heart. As a born genius, how could he be doing something like this?

"Elder, this would ruin our reputation. How about we just give it a shot?" Zong Hentian asked.

"Shut up and listen to your Junior Master!" Elder Yu squinted his eyes and glared at this pig like disciple. A young man who did not know what was good for him indeed.

Naturally, experience was king in this world. Elder Yu had gone through many tides and tribulations in his long life. As long as he could stay alive in this situation, who gave a f*ck about reputation anymore.

Seemed like when he got back, he ought to let the Grand Master know so that he could give these young ones a precious lesson about life.

The most important in life was staying alive.

Just then, the situation changed abruptly.

The imposing Snow Lion stood still, somewhat baffled at this development. It squinted its eyes carefully as it huffed out a puff of hot air. These once lively ants were no longer moving anymore!

At the same time, all the disciples of the other sects grew pale as a sheet as they realized something.

The Snow Lion had turned its gaze on them.

A dangerous aura surrounded them, as the tension made it difficult to breathe within.

"s.h.i.t…this is not good…!"

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