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Lin Fan prayed fervently. All he needed was a few more pericelestial beasts, and he’d be done.

Once his 100,000,000 experience points were filled, he’d be able to enter the middle level of the postcelestial stage, receiving a boost in fighting strength immediately. In fact, he could even try reaching the pericelestial level.

"Junior Master, here it comes!"

Just then, a gigantic carca.s.s flew over at Lin Fan. Even just staring at the size of it shocked him.

"Catch my finger!"

Lin Fan shouted and pierced the beast’s skull.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing postcelestial upper-level beast: Snow Tiger.’

‘Ding…experience points +100,000.’

‘Ding…‘Deflowering Finger’ has leveled up.’

‘Wait a moment. Something’s not right! How could such a high-level beast only give so little experience points! That’s bulls.h.i.t! Complete bulls.h.i.t!’

But, Lin Fan gradually understood. Even though his cultivation base was at postcelestial initial level, his fighting strength was comparable to that of a pericelestial. Therefore, in his hands, this postcelestial upper-level beast wouldn’t be of any threat.

Hence, it only gave off so little experience points in the system.

Upon realizing this, Lin Fan no longer wanted to kill all these small little critters. He shouted over, "Junior Disciples! Look for pericelestial beasts! These postcelestials are of not much use!"

Zong Hentian, who was leading the search, shuddered helplessly. How could there be so many pericelestial beasts available?

To begin with, Floating Snow Peaks was not even a forbidden ground. Therefore, it didn’t even contain too many beasts usually. The presence of these beasts now was because they were attracted here by the appearance of the Snow Lion. If not for that, there probably wouldn’t even be a single pericelestial beast present.

"Alright, Junior Master. We’ll try looking!" Zong Hentian replied.

Lin Fan felt better instantly. All he needed was 30,000,000 more experience points to level up.

At the same time, Lin Fan understood a point. To level up, he needed a group of highly skilled teammates to give him a.s.sistance.

If he were to just depend on himself, it’d take way too long.


Just then, a furious roar rang over. Lin Fan leaped with joy. Such a vibrant roar! This must definitely be a high leveled beast!

"Senior Brothers, please render your a.s.sistance! There’s a pericelestial upper-level beast over here! I can’t deal with it alone!" A call of distress came over from a distance.

Lin Fan was overcome with joy. Pericelestial upper-level beast?! He’d be rich with experience points if he could land the killing blow!

Suddenly, a bunch of trees ahead of them collapsed onto the ground in a swoop, and a strong aura could be sensed.

Lin Fan rushed ahead, observing the situation from a distance.

The beast looked like a western dragon. It was around 10 feet tall, with the stature of a small mountain itself.

Zong Hentian and the other disciples had rounded it up and were bashing on it viciously from all sides.

"Buck up, Junior Disciples! Give him a good wallop! I’ll come in soon!" Lin Fan’s eyes widened as he waved exuberantly. He MUST kill this thing!

‘Whether or not Yours Truly can level up depends on this!’

The beast was filled with blood from head to toe, as it let out another roar of wrath. It was determined to fight Zong Hentian and the rest of them to death.

Amongst the 15 of them, Zong Hentian had the highest cultivation base, and he firmly suppressed the beast.

When he heard the beast’s roar of wrath, he too shouted back at it with rage. Raising his palms, he leaped into the air. His palm was filled with True Energy, and a golden glow enveloped them. Crashing down from the skies with an unstoppable force, he struck the beast.

Just then, the air was filled with the sounds of bones cracking, as the beast fell, kneeling on the floor immediately. Its breath gradually grew weaker, as it laid there breathing heavily, with a deep imprint of a palm on its body.

"Junior Master, here you go!" Zong Hentian shouted over.

"Here I am!" Lin Fan leaped excitedly towards the beast, jabbing his finger into its skull.

A destructive force filled the beast’s skull, rampaging within it.


The beast collapsed heavily on the ground with bloodshot eyes wide open. His grievance was that he had traveled thousands of miles from the forbidden ground over here, but it died before catching sight of the Snow Lion.

Such injustice…

‘Killed it…’

Lin Fan was ecstatic. He had f*cking finally killed it.

‘Ding…Congratulations on defeating pericelestial upper-level beast: Blood Horned Violet Flying Dragon.’

‘Ding…experience points +30,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on breaking through the bottleneck.’

‘Ding…cultivation base is now postcelestial middle level (0/200,000,000)’

‘Ding…congratulations on unlocking fusion function.’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining Blood Dragon’s Horn.’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 drop of Blood Horned Violet Flying Dragon’s Essence Blood.’

‘Blood Horned Violet Flying Dragon’s Essence Blood: Upon consumption, one turns into a semi dragon.’

Lin Fan felt a powerful force surge through his body. It was stronger than anything he had ever felt before.

But what Lin Fan could not understand was why the experience points required did not go down. In the past, it was a bottleneck. As long as he tided over it, the experience points required would decrease in fact!

Not only did it not decrease, but it also jumped up by twice! Lin Fan was utterly speechless.

But, that fusion function unlocked got him pretty curious. He wondered how it worked.

But, this was not the time for it. After all, his junior disciples were waiting for him.

"How was it, Junior Master?" Zong Hentian asked.

They had not expected to b.u.mp into a pericelestial upper-level beast. Seemed like with the presence of the Snow Lion, many beasts had come along for the ride.

"Wonderful. The ingredients were great. It’s all thanks to you Junior Disciples. Once we get back, I’ll be sure to reward you boys with something good." Lin Fan laughed.

Zong Hentian and the other disciples laughed along as well. As to Lin Fan’s breakthrough in cultivation base, none of them felt anything at all, because the system hid his aura entirely. Unless he himself were to show it, no one would be able to detect it on their own.

They carried on slaying beasts, but they were all low leveled beasts from there on. Lin Fan did not pay much attention to them, and they just continued clearing the area.

"Junior Master, it’s getting late. We should head back. I suppose Elder Yu has already communicated with the other sects. I wonder how we’re going to deal with the Snow Lion tomorrow." Zong Hentian let out a hint of worry in his voice.

After all, the Snow Lion was a lesser celestial beast. These pericelestial beasts weren’t even comparable to it. Even if its cubs were of lower cultivation base, they wouldn’t be easy targets either.

"We must not rush head-on. Even if the time comes to it, we’ll let the other sects take the frontlines. Remember not to show off." Lin Fan warned.

"How can we do that, Junior Master Lin! The expedition this time round, other than to deal with the Snow Lion, it’s to show off our sect’s prowess. How can we let the other sects take the attention?" Zong Hentian replied.

Lin Fan looked at Zong Hentian and rolled his eyes. You G.o.d*mn b.l.o.o.d.y greenhorn. It’s a miracle you could live to this day with that att.i.tude.

"Just listen to my instructions tomorrow." Lin Fan said.

Even though Zong Hentian did not agree entirely, he nodded his head.

Translator Notes:

Alright guys, so apparently there’s been a miscommunication earlier with the glossary as made evident through this chapter.

So, apparently, now that they’re in Dongling Continent, the leveling system seems to have changed. In every cultivation base, there seems to be lower level, middle level, upper level and full cultivation.

But do forgive my mistake on not making this point as clear as possible earlier on as the novel did not indicate it clearly as well.

And also, the portion about the western dragon, I hope you guys understand the difference between the Chinese dragon and the Western dragon.

Chinese Dragon is like a giant snake with claws and scales. Western Dragon is like a gigantic lizard with wings.


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