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The Chu’s and the Cai’s, these were the two families governing Sky City over the past 100 years. Locked in constant strife, each yearned to rule over Sky City in its entirety.

Chu Family…

"Lord Father, the major sects will arrive in Sky City within eight hours. This is finally a chance for the Chu Family." A young man greeted courteously.

"Whether or not we can retain a sect within the Chu Family this time around depends on…your younger sister." Chu Family’s Head said with his eyes twinkling. If they were to succeed, then Sky City would finally belong to the Chu Family.

"Understood." The young man nodded solemnly.

Approaching the Floating Snow Peaks, the skies began to be filled with snowflakes. The noises behind them gradually disappeared as well.

"Junior Master…!" The disciples gathered in front of Lin Fan with weird looks on their faces.

Fengtian Sect’s battle ark was no longer tailgating them and had disappeared into the distance. Also, the disciple who had consumed Biggra was carried down to take a rest.

To them, everything that had happened was simply too horrifying.

"Are we heading to the city or within those peaks?" Lin Fan asked.

"Junior Master, we’re heading over to the peaks. Once we arrive, we will set up the base and attack the Snow Lion."

"Ok." Lin Fan nodded.

As gigantic arks floated by the Sky City, residents of Sky City looked at them with both fear and joy in their eyes.

The Snow Lion’s appearance on the Floating Snow Peaks was a disaster for Sky City.

As a result of the Snow Lion’s appearance, numerous ferocious beasts had gathered around Sky City and encircled it, causing countless deaths and casualties. Now that these major sects were here, they could definitely save Sky City from this predicament.

"Father, the major sects are here." A young man commented in Cai Family’s garden. He looked up the skies as the gigantic arks filled the skies as though Sky City was covered in clouds.

"Brother, how are those ships flying!" A small little Lolita beside the young man raised her tender finger at the arks in the skies and asked in a gentle voice.

She had a luscious head of black hair, and eyes that were wide and sparkly… On that chubby tender face of hers hid a hint of shyness, as her full, ample lips reflected light brightly.

"Those aren’t ships, they’re birds." The young man fondled his younger sister’s head as he let out a smile. Just that, within that smile was a hint of uneasiness.

"Oh." The Lolita blinked her bright eyes and wondered in her head that this wasn’t how birds looked like.

"Cai yi…I’m afraid the Chu Family will not just sit about idly." Cai Family’s Head sighed.

"Lord Father, I’m sure these major sects would not be overly concerned with the secular happenings of our city." Cai Yi replied gently. But his tone didn’t give off the confidence that it should have.

"Sigh, things aren’t that simple. Those from the major sects are humans too. They have their needs too."

Cai Yi did not say much. He just stared at his little Lolita…

Soon, the ark pa.s.sed by Sky City and arrived at the Floating Snow Peaks.

"We’re here. Set up camp! I’m afraid we might have to stay here for a couple of days!" Elder Yu took a quick look at the surroundings. There were a ton of beasts. But that didn’t matter, as these would not affect the course of things.

Descending from the ark, Lin Fan looked at the skies. All the other sects had taken their own positions. Everyone had surrounded the Peak’s entrances. Thus, no beast would be allowed to escape.

"Elder, I’ll bring our Junior Brothers to clear the surrounding wild beasts." Zong Hentian remarked.

"Yes, that’s good. Take care." Elder Yu nodded.

Upon hearing what Zong Hentian suggested, Lin Fan’s interest was piqued. What did he leave the sect grounds for? Obviously to level up! Perhaps he could not solo the boss of these peaks alone yet, but the small little underlings definitely wouldn’t pose a problem for him.

"Do not rush, Junior Disciple. Let Yours Truly accompany you guys." Lin Fan said.

"Junior Brother, it’s best you stay here with me. Menial tasks as such could be left to them." Elder Yu did not want Lin Fan disappearing in front of him. Thus, he was on his toes for the entire trip.

"No matter, I need some training too. With these junior disciples around, nothing will happen." How could Lin Fan just stay back! Letting such a big opportunity pa.s.s by would be regrettable!

Looking at Lin Fan’s resolute face, Elder Yu could not do much.

"Hentian, ensure Junior Master’s safety."

"Yes, Elder." Zong Hentian nodded.

Initially, none of them had thought much of Lin Fan. But after what happened on the ark and hearing the tragic cries from the Fengtian Sect, Zong Hentian had an extremely good impression of Lin Fan.

"You guys go along as well." For safety precautions, Elder Yu sent out 15 of the 20 disciples. If not for the sake of setting up a base, he would have sent all of them.

Even though he wanted to go as well, he could not. After all, the leaders of the expedition from the various sects would gather to discuss their attack strategies.

Lin Fan then followed the Junior Disciples into the distance.

"Junior Disciples, I have something to discuss with you guys." Lin Fan suddenly asked.

"Junior Master, just let us know if you require anything! What’s there to discuss?" Zong Hentian smiled.

Lin Fan had already thought through this. Perhaps, this was indeed a big chance. After all, all of these junior disciples were far from ordinary. Killing these beasts should be extremely easy for them.

"I need to cultivate a certain type of pill which requires the Essence Blood of these beasts. Therefore, I hope that you guys can just conquer the beasts, and bring them back for me to do the slaying."

"Yes, understood." Zong Hentian nodded. He did not know why Junior Master Lin had to take the kills, but he supposed that he must have his reasons.

The sixteen of them pushed forth.

Just then, a series of growls and roars could be heard. In the past, if he had met a beast, Lin Fan would run without hesitation. But things were different now. His cultivation base had increased ma.s.sively, and furthermore, he was surrounded by fifteen bodyguards.

‘No matter how fierce you are, beasts…you guys are done here!’

Just then, a wild beast appeared in front of them.

‘Pericelestial Level 1.’

d.a.m.n, this wasn’t too bad.

Lin Fan took a leap of joy, "Go on, Junior Disciples!"

In an instant, Zong Hentian and the disciples leaped forth and attacked.

The three Striped Red Tiger was just walking around the peak aimlessly. But looking at fifteen aggressive individuals who emitted a scary aura while rushing at it, it turned around to run with gooseb.u.mps all over.

But alas, his fate had long been decided as he had nowhere to escape.

Suppressing the three Striped Red Tiger with one hand, Zong Hentian struck down with a heavenly blow on his other hand. Fresh blood spurted from the Tiger, and it lost its fighting will instantly.

"Here, Junior Master!"

Zong Hentian tossed over the Tiger with one hand.

Lin Fan’s eyes brightened up, and he was filled with joy.


"Foul Beast! Have a taste of Yours Truly’s deathly finger!" Lin Fan shouted and activated his Deflowering Finger. His fingertip glowed brightly as his True Energy pierced through the Tiger’s skull like an arrow.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing pericelestial level 1 beast 3 Striped Red Tiger.’

‘Ding…experience points + 10,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining 3 Striped Red Tiger Claw.’

‘3 Striped Red Tiger Claw: Material for crafting weapons.’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining 3 Striped Red Tiger Inner Pill.’

‘3 Striped Red Tiger Inner Pill: Yin type. Good medicine’

Lin Fan was over the moon as he tossed the pill happily within his backpack and waited for the Junior Disciples to hand him more beasts.

Goodness, gaining experience points like this was way too pleasurable!

With his own cultivation base, he would definitely not be able to defeat these beasts on his own. But now that he had a bunch of able free labor, what was impossible?

These experience points were way too easy and fast! It was only one time where he used his own wits to kill those two pericelestial level 2 Burning Rhinos.

"Junior Disciples, keep it up! Keep ’em coming!" Lin Fan shouted.

They needed to toss more beasts over for his pleasure!

Translator Notes:

Haha, I don't know what's with the Lolita thing. Apparently, the author just coined her as Lolita without giving her a name? And those descriptions of her too...hmm... HAHA.

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