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Recently, Geng Yangtian had been kept busy with the affairs of the Endless Mainland. All of the sects had started gathering together, concentrating their powers as a whole. As for the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland, the frequency of their attacks was increasing these days as well. Furthermore, there were many fights taken on by the Master G.o.ds themselves.

For them from the Endless Mainland, facing up against a Master G.o.d would often require a couple of Old Masters of Immortal King state before they could even match up and fight evenly — and that was just against the normal Master G.o.ds.

For example, two of the Master G.o.ds that they had to deal with recently were slightly trickier and tougher to handle. The Undead Spirit Master G.o.d treaded through the darkness, summoning countless living beings who had died. This was especially the case for the side of the Endless Mainland, which had many living beings who had died, and were now being summoned by the Undead Spirit Master G.o.d. For the beings of the Endless Mainland, this was absolutely unpardonable — the Undead Spirit Master G.o.d was just desecrating the legacy of their ancestors.

As for the other Master G.o.d, even though his powers weren't all that strong, they were extremely sinister, such that countless disciples had found themselves dead in the hands of the other party without anyone being alerted to it or being prepared for it in the slightest bit. Even some of the Old Masters had suffered considerable losses in his hands.

He was none other than the Nightmare Master G.o.d.

While his powers weren't the greatest, he was present everywhere. Each time someone was to fall into a deep sleep, he would appear in their dreams to slowly guide and lure them till they were smothered right in their slumber.

Even if they were to keep their eyes wide open, the Nightmare Master G.o.d could still find a way to sneak into their consciousness and create all sorts of dreamscapes, such that they could not differentiate between reality and illusion even right before their eyes. In fact, that would even cause some of the disciples from the Endless Mainland to slaughter and fight amongst themselves. By the time they were to wake up to it all, it would be too late.

"You've returned?" Geng Yangtian appeared before Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the Old Master, his face changed slightly. "Old Master, what's wrong with your arm?!"

Geng Yangtian looked over at his arm and replied with an indifferent tone, "It's nothing. I met with the Undead Spirit Master G.o.d of the Moon Shadow Mainland and was pestered by his Death Qi. It's just not purged yet at the moment. However, it won't take long now. Once it's purged, the arm will regrow itself as well."

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. "Watch me."

Extending his hand, he grabbed Geng Yangtian's arm area and ripped out a ball of Death Qi. Giving it a squeeze with his finger, it dissipated and scattered out into the world.

Geng Yangtian was taken aback. "Your cultivation state…"

He had not expected that the cultivation state of this lad would have grown to such a state! Even if it were him, he could only take time and slowly remove the Death Qi of the Undead Spirit Master G.o.d. But, the fact that this lad could have gotten rid of it with just a single grab was rather astounding.

Lin Fan chuckled, "After rampaging for a little bit outside, I've raised it by quite a bit. Right, help me to check if you know these bald monks inside."

Geng Yangtian looked into that Buddha Palm. When he caught sight of the people trapped within, his face tensed up for a moment. "Old Master Pu Xin…!"

"Brother Geng, it's been a long time. Because this Benefactor here does not know of us, we had requested for him to bring us over here. To think that you would have been able to groom such a disciple, Brother Geng. This is truly a huge pride for the Heaven and Earth Sect!" Old Master Pu Xin remarked.

Geng Yangtian continued hurriedly, "Hurry and let Old Master Pu Xin out. This is the number one Old Master of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect with a heart that cares for the entire world! For the Endless Mainland to be able to maintain its peace, much credit goes to Old Master Pu Xin!"

Lin Fan had not expected that his Old Master would have really recognized these bald monks. Feeling a bit relieved, he smashed the Buddha Palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord apart and broke the seal within, letting them out.

The place sparkled out with Buddhist lights as ten esteemed monks of the Buddha Clan appeared before Lin Fan.

"Amitabha! Thank you for the lifesaving grace, benefactor." Old Master Pu Xin thanked Lin Fan gratefully.

Geng Yangtian asked, "Old Master Pu Xin, why are you guys locked up within this Buddha Palm?"

Old Master Pu Xin could only sigh out regrettably, "Hais! After returning to the world, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord came over to our Good and Evil Buddha Sect. Naturally, we knew that he had already fallen into the Dao of the Evil Buddha, and wanted to persuade him to repent. However, he was sunken far too deep for him to come out of it. He then suppressed us and wanted to take away our Buddha Hearts so that he could use it to refine and perfect his own Buddha Heart to attain the Dao of the Heavenly Lord."

Lin Fan stood at a corner and remarked in disdain, "Hmph! Someone like that bald monk actually thinks he can be a Heavenly Lord? He's got to be dreaming."

Old Master Pu Xin shook his head. "Once upon a time, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had fallen into the path of the Evil Dao because of his unstable Buddha Heart. In that battle back then, he had deceived the Buddha Ancestor, causing the Heart of the Buddha Ancestor to fuse into his body. He had intended to make use of that to attain the great Dao of the Heavenly Lord. But, little did he know that the Buddha Ancestor had long predicted this. Understanding that it was his own Calamity, the Buddha Ancestor chose to go down on his own before re-establishing himself from his downfall. As for whether or not he had managed to overcome his Calamity, no one knows for sure. However, during the period of time when we were imprisoned, I could feel that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's Buddha Heart had sunken completely. The Buddha Ancestor must have most likely failed. If we don't get rid of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord completely, the consequences of him attaining the great Dao of the Heavenly Lord would be unimaginable. By then, there could probably be no one between the entire Heaven and Earth who could take him down."

Lin Fan was stunned, somewhat in disbelief. "That can't be, right? Even if he were to attain the Dao of the Heavenly Lord, that can't possible make him unrivaled, can it?"

Old Master Pu Xin shook his head once more. "If it were just the Boundless Future Buddha Lord himself, it would naturally not be that scary even if he were to complete his path and become a Heavenly Lord. The thing is, the Buddha Ancestor had accepted the fact of his own Calamity and allowed his own Buddha Heart to enter that of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, fusing together with it. He did so with the intention of wanting to purify the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and lead him onto the right path. But clearly, he had failed. If we were to allow the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to attain his Dao of the Heavenly Lord, the Buddha Heart of the Buddha Ancestor would fuse together as one with him, allowing him to obtain control over BOTH Future and Fate. By then, no one would be able to take him down ever again."

Lin Fan was flabbergasted; to think that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would still have this up his sleeves! So, that guy actually had a Cheat to unlock once he reached the Heavenly Lord state! No wonder he was so afraid of death and was all bent on turning into a Heavenly Lord. So, that was the reason.

After this incident, Lin Fan did not know if the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would even take the initiative to come and gang up on him anymore. That should most likely be impossible anymore. Since the bald monk knew that he would not be able to kill Lin Fan, he would most probably be setting out to go and harm others then.

Seemed like Lin Fan still had to be more careful in the future.

After hearing that, Geng Yangtian could only sigh out helplessly, "Seems like this is really a Calamity for the Endless Mainland this time around. Whether or not we can tide through this shall all depend on providence."

Old Master Pu Xin muttered out with a Buddhist Chant, "Everything in the world has its karma. When the Calamity arrives, there will naturally be a thread of life available. Now that the Good and Evil Buddha Sect has been annihilated, there's naturally no way I can just sit by idly."

Geng Yangtian nodded his head before replying, "Old Master Pu Xin, we've coincidentally met two Master G.o.ds who are slightly more c.u.mbersome to deal with. I'm afraid that the only things that can deal with both of them are the two great Immortal Arts of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect…the Great Benevolent Radiance and the Buddha Dream's Karma."

Old Master Pu Xin pondered, "I presume that you must be talking about the Undead Spirit Master G.o.d and the Nightmare Master G.o.d, right? Indeed, the powers of those two Master G.o.ds can only be countered by the Immortal Arts of the Buddha Clan. At the same time, I'll plant the seeds of some of the Buddha Clan's mystic skills into the disciples of the Endless Mainland. Otherwise, under the might of those two Master G.o.ds, most ordinary disciples would truly not be able to defend against them."

Geng Yangtian, "I'll just have to trouble our fellow Old Masters here then."

Standing and listening at the side, Lin Fan was coming up with some ideas of his own in his mind. Without the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to c.o.c.kblock him, he was still pretty much like a fish that had found water if he were to head out, wasn't he?

Furthermore, the only Master G.o.d who could get him slightly nervous right now was that Frost Master G.o.d that he had b.u.mped into earlier on. Given his current situation, it was rather true that he was unable to f*ck her over just yet.

That b*tch was simply way too twisted.

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