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Lin Fan knew why they did not want to let him go. What else could it be other than the fear of him getting harmed?

Possessing ‘Pills Through Thought’…any sect which had this would definitely care for it beyond anything else. Why would they risk letting him go out? If anything untoward were to happen, it would be a great loss for the sect.

Grand Master Yan did not say anything. He was observing Lin Fan silently.

Lin Fan stepped forward, his face resolute as clasped his fists, "I am very grateful for Grand Master and fellow Senior Elders’ grace for saving me. Hence, I was able to survive and live on from the giant calamity previously. But I’ve been in the sect for countless months, and I’ve yet to contribute anything. Now that the chance has been put before me, I ask for your blessings and hope you may grant me this wish.’

"Junior Brother, that’s not right. You’ve done us great credit in helping the outer sect disciples to cultivate pills. How can you say that you’ve done nothing? Furthermore, the journey out there is fraught with dangers, perhaps even fatal ones. It’s better if you stay within the sect." Danding Peak’s Senior Elder voiced out.

Lin Fan was relentless. He would not let it go just like this, "A lesser celestial beast is far from ordinary. There’s a huge chance that our disciples heading there would just be slain by it instead. If I was giving them support by cultivating pills for them, perhaps I can even help save more of our disciples. I ask for your blessings in granting me this wish."

"This..." The Senior Elders looked at Grand Master helplessly. They did not know what else they could say.

While what Lin Fan said was full of righteousness and devotion, he was not wrong. They acknowledged the fact he pointed out that if he were to join the team and cultivate pills from the back…with that G.o.dly skill of his, perhaps he might be able to save many disciples.

The expedition this time round was far from ordinary. While there was the aim of killing the lesser celestial beast, the main aim was also to train and toughen up the sect’s disciples.

In the previous forbidden grounds’ expedition, Glory Sect had suffered huge losses. Especially the loss of an inner sect genius was more than enough to let the ma.s.ses feel disheartened.

While this Junior Brother’s cultivation base might not be that high, his pill cultivation skills were top tier. To the sect, this was invaluable.

Looking at the hesitant faces of the ma.s.ses, Lin Fan pushed on even more determinedly, "The forbidden grounds expedition has caused our sect great losses. We lost face in front of all the other major sects. For this Floating Snow Peaks expedition, I MUST make use of my pill cultivating skills to let our disciples display even greater ferocity and vitality. The other sects must see Glory Sect’s prowess with their own eyes! I plead for your blessings!"

They were in an even bigger dilemma now. What Lin Fan said now was extremely true as well. Glory Sect did lose face during the last expedition, and became the laughing stock of many sects. Not only did they retrieve nothing from the previous expedition, but they also lost an extremely talented disciple for nothing.

That was an immense loss.

If Lin Fan were to head there with the inner sect disciples, perhaps they could truly regain that face and reputation of Glory Sect.

But it was just that…the more they thought, the more undecided they became.

‘Pills Through Thought’ was a pill cultivating talent which the world had not seen for thousands of years. If they were to lose him by any accident at Floating Snow Peaks, that would be more than just a simple loss of two geniuses in two expeditions.

"Yes, you may go. But you’re not allowed to use ‘Pills Through Thought’ in front of any outsiders." Grand Master Yan spoke with a twinkle in his eyes.

‘This guy is far from simple. I wonder what’s his motive for fighting so fervently to head out for. But as long as he’s heading out with our sect, I doubt it can be anything bad. Well, on the path of cultivation, naturally one has to be fierce and vigorous. A flower within a greenhouse easily withers. One can definitely not train to be anything great if cooped within comfortable shelters.’ Grand Master Yan thought.

"Master…this…!" The Senior Elders echoed in disbelief. They had not expected the Grand Master to agree.

Lin Fan leaped with joy in his heart, "Don’t worry, master. I will definitely not reveal ‘Pills Through Thought’ in front of any of them."

"Yes, and also, in the expedition this time round, you are not to make any contact with any of the other sects. Do keep that in mind." Grand Master Yan warned again.

"Yes." Lin Fan was happier by the second. He had not expected to convince them this easily.

The Senior Elders present were unable to make a decision initially. Hence, they followed along with the Grand Master’s will.

"Junior Brother, please head up to Danding Peak later on and pick up some medicinal herbs you may require for the expedition, just in case you need them later on." Danding Peak’s Senior Elder offered.

"Thank you, Senior Brother." Lin Fan was touched. He had stolen all of Danding Peak’s business back at Nameless Peak, but senior brother was still so generous. One would have to be stonehearted not to be touched.

But to someone of Senior Elder’s generation, it did not matter anymore as to who was stronger or weaker. All they cared about was for the sect to flourish. Even if Danding Peak were to disband, it wouldn’t cause any big difference in the grand picture.

Indeed, one’s perspective of things changed as one progressed upwards in position.


After Lin Fan left…

"Master, are you truly allowing him to go along with the inner sect?" Senior Elder Wuya asked questioningly.

"Yes. Ever since he was here, I’ve been observing him from the dark from time to time. While he is cheeky and mischievous, his loyalty to Glory Sect is certain. Since he wants to explore the world outside, I definitely can’t keep him in here just because he has mastered ‘Pills Through Thought’." Recalling Lin Fan’s various antics on the Nameless Peak, Grand Master Yan heaved a sigh of helplessness as well.

And what amazed Grand Master Yan further was the fact that Lin Fan was actually able to help restructure someone’s cultivation foundation. Now, THAT was pretty unimaginable.

"But what if there’s danger?" Elder Senior of Zhongtian Peak asked.

"Doesn’t matter. I’ve made plans." Grand Master Yan replied calmly.

"I guess this is good as well. After all, if nothing untoward were to happen, this man would definitely be the leader of Glory Sect for the generation." Senior Elder Wuya had high regards for Lin Fan.

"Senior Brother Wuya, isn’t that evaluation way too excessive? Within the next generation of inner circle disciples, there are many talented geniuses as well." Senior Elder Yan Zhanwen laughed.

He did not agree completely with the words of Senior Brother Wuya.

"Junior Brother, just wait and see." Wuya smiled gently without naming anyone.

All the Senior Elders present laughed heartily. As to who was going to be the next leader, it did not matter to them. They had no personal agendas. As long as Glory Sect was to live through the ages and flourish, that was the best they could hope for.


On the way back, Lin Fan hummed happily. This feeling was good, too good. He had not expected everything to go so smoothly. Based on that charisma of his, along with some skillful acting, he bought over those Senior Elders in an instant.

And now, he was heading to the direction of Danding Peak. Since the Senior Elder had already said so, he was free to head up to pick up anything.

Back in the past, he had to do it sneakily and stealthily. But now, he could do it righteously and gloriously. The difference was definitely perceivable.

When Lin Fan reached Danding Peak, those disciples in charge of the outer quarters scrambled as far as they could from him, like rats scurrying back to their nests.

Lin Fan left a deep impression on them. This was a crafty and despicable fellow who caused their outer quarters’ disciples to have no customers left at all.

Nowadays, no disciples would head up to Danding Peak for pills. Even after their Senior Elder’s scoldings and the fact that they stopped charging fees for cultivating pills, the result was the same.

Back then, it was ten sets of ingredients for one serving, but now, it was five for one.

Even more so for lower graded pills, they needed to produce one serving for every two sets.

For the Danding Peak outer quarters disciples, these requirements were way too strict.

Li Shun was the one who had it worst. In the past, he could still cut some slack while cultivating pills. But now, he had to use his utmost attention.

Else, if the pills cultivation failed, he would have to shoulder the blame personally.


And all this was caused by that ba*tard from Nameless Peak.

"Senior Brother Li! Not good! The ba*tard from Nameless Peak is here!" Just then, a shout of horror came from outside his house.

Li Shun stood up immediately with eyes opened wide. In fact, they were filled with rage as he stomped his feet and rushed out of the house.

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