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The Great Earth Master G.o.d did not think too much about it because he had already seen through the strength of this person before him from the very beginning. Weak…Extremely, extremely weak! However, the aura emanating forth from the treasure was extremely strong on the other hand. There was an exceptionally mystifying feeling about it.

Raising both of his arms up high, Lin Fan declared, "Great Earth Master G.o.d, I seek for your pardon."

The face of the Great Earth Master G.o.d was filled with a bright smile as he came before Lin Fan's face. He then placed his hand onto the Heaven and Earth Smelt. "Don't worry. Your G.o.d here pardons you…"

Lin Fan smiled out as well as he lowered his hands slowly.

Holding onto the treasure, the Great Earth Master G.o.d was filled with excitement in his heart. He could sense the power that was contained within it.

Tremendous! That was incredibly tremendous!

The Hunting Master G.o.d could only stare at the Great Earth Master G.o.d with envy, jealousy, and hatred. His heart was filled with indignance. Why did all the benefits have to go over to the hands of the Great Earth Master G.o.d?

He could even sniff out the smell of that treasure from this distance — that was the smell of power.

It was intoxicating!

With that, the Great Earth Master G.o.d remarked with a face of satisfaction, "Not bad, not bad indeed, my peo…ple?"


Instantly, the entire Heaven and Earth fell silent.

Lin Fan replied indifferently, "Yepp, it truly is not bad indeed…"

The face of the Great Earth Master G.o.d, which was initially filled with satisfaction, changed all of a sudden, flushing blood red like that of a pig's liver entirely. He then switched between shades of green and white at this moment. Slowly, his lips spread apart as he heaved in a huge breath of cold air. He could feel a sense of pain surging right into the depths of his heart. This, too, was a mystifying sensation.

A ball crunching sensation found its way entering the very bottom of his heart. This was a feeling that he had never experienced before in his life. He could only feel as though there was something that was crushed entirely into smithereens between this Heaven and Earth here.

Looking at everything before him, the Hunting Master G.o.d was bewildered. What was the meaning of this? Could this be the latest sort of worship position or something?

Or perhaps, was this the way that the Great Earth Master G.o.d liked his followers to behave?


An extremely sharp wail shot all the way up into the Heavens as the legs of the Great Earth Master G.o.d broke out into a wobble and collapsed over. He then glared at Lin Fan with an extremely complex expression. "YOU…! Y-YOU…!"

Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief. Seemed like his plan had gained yet another success story to tell.

At that moment, Lin Fan did not wait for the Great Earth Master G.o.d to make any unnecessary actions as he controlled the Heaven and Earth Smelt to have that guy caged within it immediately.


"Just who in the world is that fella? Where has the Great Earth Master G.o.d gone?"

"What happened? Why did the Great Earth Master G.o.d seem to have vanished all of a sudden?"

At that moment, all of those people down below started getting into a state of nervousness.

But, just as the Hunting Master G.o.d was about to speak up, a figure appeared before him.

Stunned, the Hunting Master G.o.d stood there as though he was unable to recover from the shock while Lin Fan merely slapped down his palm onto his shoulder. Chuckling out, Lin Fan's mask disappeared instantly as he revealed his original face.

"You're that Indigenous Being of the Endless Mainland…!" The Hunting Master G.o.d exclaimed out all of a sudden, dumbstruck once more.


A stabbing sound came forth.

The face of the Hunting Master G.o.d grimaced up as he revealed a look of disbelief. Lowering his head, he found a dagger stabbed right into his stomach.

Fresh drops of blood were dripping down from the blade of that dagger.

The Hunting Master G.o.d felt that he had just been stabbed by someone. Wait a minute… no! He WAS indeed being stabbed by someone right now!

"You…!" Immediately, the Hunting Master G.o.d grabbed out at the arm of the other party. But, he could sense that there was a surge of power that was infiltrating his body through it. That stream of power blocked away his G.o.d Powers such that he could not fight back at all.


The dagger was pulled out.

But, it didn't take long before another stab was dug in.

The face of the Hunting Master G.o.d changed drastically as his body shivered uncontrollably.

"Just who in the world are you?" The Hunting Master G.o.d spoke up, his voice hoa.r.s.er than ever. He could sense that his lifeforce was being lost continuously, and could disappear at any moment now.

Lin Fan's expression was calm while he let out a gentle smirk. "Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect."

The Hunting Master G.o.d did not know who this fella was at all, but he could not imagine that this fella would have been able to keep himself hidden so deeply that he couldn't tell in the slightest bit at all.

"I don't even know you…" The Hunting Master G.o.d just could not figure out why this person would have chosen him. He did not seem to recall ever having offended this guy before! While he wanted to beg for mercy, the dignity of being a Master G.o.d did not allow him to do so.

"Goodbye now, Master G.o.d." Lin Fan declared.



In and out, in and out, his motions were swift as he stabbed a couple more times.

This series of motion continued till the point where the Hunting Master G.o.d had lost every single bit of aura before coming to a stop. This was simply way too amazing of a feeling!

Lin Fan did not know why, but all of a sudden, he seemed to have fallen in love with this move of stabbing someone continuously. Each time he stabbed someone, he would feel this incredible and unrivaled pleasure!

In fact, at this point, he had already forgotten about the number of people that he had stabbed to death. He only knew that there were plenty for sure.

Even till his death, the Hunting Master G.o.d did not retaliate at all. This was something that was of the utmost humiliation for him.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Hunting Master G.o.d.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

'Ding… Obtained Hunting Dimension.'

Lin Fan was slightly baffled — to think that he would have actually obtained something! He had slain so many Master G.o.ds by now, but none of them seemed to have dropped anything for him just yet.

The Hunting Dimension was just a crystal object, and Lin Fan could not tell of what was special about it.

'Hunting Dimension: Formed from the G.o.d Core of the Hunting Master G.o.d. It can encompa.s.s brave hunters to take on missions of hunting within the Hunting Dimension…'

'Current Hunting Dimension (None).'

This thingy seemed to be rather decent. It was pretty similar to some Master G.o.d Dimension or something.

But for Lin Fan, this thingy didn't seem like it would have much use. Furthermore, there wasn't even any Hunting Dimension right now; that was as good as being useless.

But perhaps, he could keep it and research it properly in the future.

"Ahhhhh…! He killed the Hunting Master G.o.d!"

"Hunting Master G.o.d! That's THE Hunting Master G.o.d…!"

At that moment, all of those living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland were completely flabbergasted. They had not expected that things would turn out as such! That was a MASTER G.o.d! And yet, this Indigenous Being was able to have both of them killed!

That strength he possessed…! This…!

Unimaginable! This was truly unimaginable!

Looking at those living beings that were making a break for it, Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin as the Great Buddha's Light of Purification shone down upon the entire world.

Since he had already come over, it would truly not be enough to recoup for his efforts if he did not purify some living beings.


Against that boundless Power of Purification from Lin Fan, there was no one who could do anything to defend that all.

One after another, tragic shrieks rang out across the entire world as those menacing faces took on a stark change.

From evil, they turned to good.

From good, they turned into completely letting go of every attachment to the world.

Buddhas started singing out with Buddhist Sutras beside the ears of these living beings as the Power of Purification wrapped itself around every single one of them.

With that, a series of notifications rang out from the System.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin — this was the type of effect that he had wanted. Under the Power of Purification, there was no person who could escape at all.

And right at that moment, something happened up in the void.

Lin Fan raised his head over; he could sense the aura of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"Lin Fan, to think that you would actually dare to appear here…" A boundless Buddha voice boomed over, causing the entire void to explode out in its might.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord, seems like you're ready to die." Lin Fan smirked out brightly.

"Insolent!" At the first instance, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had sensed out this vast Buddha power from afar. When he arrived at this place, he could not believe that the lad had dared to make his appearance here. This was practically a case of him wandering into h.e.l.l when he could stay safe and alive by hiding out.

Lin Fan looked over at the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland that he had purified. "Go and attack him…!"


All of a sudden, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was surrounded by those living beings.

Lin Fan roared out in laughter, "Bald monk! Come at me if you've got the guts!"

"Courting death…!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord barked out in rage as he slammed down with a single palm.

How could these living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland possibly be a match for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord? With that single palm strike, it was only natural that there would be an entire river of blood ensuing.

Standing there, Lin Fan cast his sights into the distance before vanishing from the spot.

Right at the moment that Lin Fan had vanished, he heard a few mighty voices coming forth from the void.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord…How dare you kill my people of the Moon Shadow Mainland…!"

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