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The arrival of the Great Earth Master G.o.d brought forth exclamations from countless people as many living beings prostrated down onto the ground and kowtowed in respect. In the Moon Shadow Mainland, the Great Earth Master G.o.d enjoyed an extremely high status, with many living beings placing their faith in him. Therefore, he was naturally more popular than the Hunting Master G.o.d.

At this moment, the difference between Master G.o.d to Master G.o.d was perfectly exemplified: the Great Earth Master G.o.d was in no lack of followers, while the Hunting Master G.o.d lacked them greatly.

All the Master G.o.ds that were coming forth to invade the Endless Mainland this time around were looking to gain more benefits for themselves. Some of them wanted to be able to step foot into that coveted unparalleled and unrivaled Creation state, while others wanted to just expand their number of followers.

This Hunting Master G.o.d, for example, wasn't all that popular back in the Moon Shadow Mainland, and the people did not wish to place their faith in someone like him. Therefore, now that this chance had presented itself, he naturally had to try his best to work hard at gaining followers.

For the Master G.o.ds, the more followers they had, the greater the amount of faith they could collect. With that, their strength would be able to be raised greatly.

The Hunting Master G.o.d looked at the Great Earth Master G.o.d and furrowed his brows. "What do you mean by that?"

The body of the Great Earth Master G.o.d was well built and seemed as though it was draped with a layer of golden brown outer shirt. He gave off a rich, intense aura of being indestructible as he chuckled out, "Hunting Master G.o.d, don't be mistaken now. I'm merely here to notify you that the War of the Master G.o.ds is about to begin. It's about time for the Endless Mainland to be annihilated."

"So quickly?" The Hunting Master G.o.d was slightly taken aback, feeling that everything had happened way too quickly. Remembering that he still had something to do, he continued, "Now that you're done telling me what you have to, I suppose it's time for you to leave then. After all, I'm in the midst of transmitting my powers over to my new followers."

Chuckling out, the Great Earth Master G.o.d looked at the people down below, not really bothered with the proceedings. "Sure, continue with your recruitment of followers. I'll just stay here and take a look."

The strength of the Hunting Master G.o.d was nowhere as strong as the Great Earth Master G.o.d, and therefore, his ranking amongst the Master G.o.ds wasn't all that high either. But, the good thing was that there were no wars between the Master G.o.ds in the Moon Shadow Mainland. Even if there were wars, those would only be wars between the followers. As for the Master G.o.ds, they would simply observe with amus.e.m.e.nt like watching a movie. From time to time, they would step in and offer some of their followers miracles. That was an act to bring forth a point, 'G.o.d is always with you.'

Right now, Lin Fan was thinking about his plans as well. He wanted to have both of these Master G.o.ds killed. But, given the way things were right now, if he were to rush up with brute force, that might bring forth a series of unnecessary troubles. That was because he did not dare to guarantee that he could instakill this Great Earth Master G.o.d. If he were to delay things and give the other Master G.o.ds a chance to sense that something was wrong over here, he would be f*cked if he ended up being surrounded by them.

After pondering for a bit, Lin Fan finally thought up some ideas.

The Hunting Master G.o.d spoke up at this moment, "Those who wish to be the followers of Your Master G.o.d, come on forth! Let Your Master G.o.d cleanse the impurities from your bodies!"

Some of the living beings that were in dire need of turning stronger immediately started walking toward the Sacrificial Altar. When the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland took on the faith of a single Master G.o.d, it would allow them to communicate with the powers of that Master G.o.d. Not only that, if they were lucky, they might even be able to receive the blessings of the Master G.o.d at times.

Taking Wizards, for example, the only way for them to cast out even stronger magical spells was by following Master G.o.ds.

In the legends, Forbidden Curses were said to be a part of the Master G.o.ds' powers. If there were Wizards that did not have a faith, they would never be able to cast any single Forbidden Curses in their entire lives. Therefore, the end path of a Wizard was always to seek out the faith of a Master G.o.d.

That was also the reason why Master G.o.ds such as the Radiant Master G.o.d, Flame Master G.o.d, etcetera would never be lacking in followers. That was because their powers had already determined that they would gain quite a number of followers.

At this moment, people arrived before the face of the Hunting Master G.o.d one after another while kneeling down on a single knee, preparing to receive his blessings.

The reason why the Hunting Master G.o.d was here handing down missions for the living beings to complete was for them to slowly understand through receiving the rewards that they would be able to gain even greater benefits if they were to place their faith in him.

And, the reason why some of the living beings out there did not have any faith nowadays was clearly because they had yet to experience the benefits of gaining one.

Therefore, this time around, the Hunting Master G.o.d was prepared to impart even stronger powers down to his followers. This would help those followers who were not placing their faith in him to know just how good things would be under his faith.

At that moment, the Hunting Master G.o.d realized that there was a single living being that was not heading forth. He then pointed over at Lin Fan while asking, "Since you're here at the Sacrificial Altar, why do you choose not to come over?"

Right now, the first one Lin Fan wanted to make a move and kill was the Great Earth Master G.o.d. Since the Great Earth Master G.o.d was quite a lot stronger than the Hunting Master G.o.d, if Lin Fan could have him killed, the experience points gained would definitely be much more than what the Hunting Master G.o.d could offer.

If he were to just kill the Hunting Master G.o.d first and allow the Great Earth Master G.o.d a chance to make his escape, his losses would be extremely heavy. Therefore, after thinking back and forth, Lin Fan decided that it was still for the best for him to have the Great Earth Master G.o.d killed first.

Lin Fan replied calmly, "Respected Hunting Master G.o.d, when I caught sight of the Great Earth Master G.o.d, I was reminded of my father. He was a follower of the Great Earth Master G.o.d. Before his death, he had told me to follow him and give up my entire life for the Great Earth Master G.o.d. However, the one I wanted to place my faith in right now is you, Hunting Master G.o.d. But, when the Great Earth Master G.o.d appeared right before my face, that had me feeling extremely uneasy in my heart. To go against the last wishes of my father is something that is causing my heart to be filled with guilt."

The Hunting Master G.o.d had initially thought that this fella was going to go over to the side of the Great Earth Master G.o.d. But when he heard the later part, his face broke out into a smile. "Oh, my people, I shall pardon you in place of your father."

"Hunting Master G.o.d, his father was my follower. If anyone should pardon him, it should be me." The Great Earth Master G.o.d said.

Lin Fan continued, "Great Earth Master G.o.d, in order to repent for my sins toward you, I'm intending to give you a mysterious treasure that I had obtained from the Endless Mainland. I hope that that will be enough for me to seek your forgiveness."

When the Great Earth Master G.o.d heard that, his interest was piqued. "Oh…? What sort of a treasure is that?"

On the other hand, the brows of the Hunting Master G.o.d furrowed with some displeasure. This fella really did not know what was good for him. If it were a treasure, it should be presented to Your Master G.o.d, shouldn't it? How could he give it over to the Great Earth Master G.o.d?

But, given the current circ.u.mstances, since that fella had already said it out, what else could he say about that? He could only watch silently. If it were just any normal treasure, he could just forget about it. That was what the Hunting Master G.o.d felt. He didn't think that it would be anything spectacular. After all, the strength of this commoner should be rather weak.

At that moment, Lin Fan took out the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Great Earth Master G.o.d, this is the treasure that I had obtained from this Endless Mainland. It can refine every single living being between the Heaven and Earth. However, after thinking about it, I decided that only a treasure as such is befitting to seek the pardon of the Great Earth Master G.o.d." Lin Fan propped up the Heaven and Earth Smelt with both hands up high. At the same time, the Smelt gave off an extremely mystifying aura, causing the expression of the Great Earth Master G.o.d to change slightly.

He could tell that this thingy held in the hands of this fella was something good.

When the Great Earth Master G.o.d sensed out the mysterious power that was exuding forth from it, his eyes shone with an unusual glint before he eventually broke out into a smile. "I can sense your sincerity."

When the Hunting Master G.o.d caught sight of this, his eyelids twitched. He could b.l.o.o.d.y tell that this was definitely some incredible item through and through!

b.l.o.o.d.y mother*cker!

Was this commoner some f*cking braindead r.e.t.a.r.d or something? To think that he would give such a wonderful item over to the Great Earth Master G.o.d instead of himself! T-This…!

Lin Fan was secretly smirking inside him.

'Hurry up and come over to take it!'

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