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By now, Lin Fan had already arrived at the area that was occupied by the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Choosing not to fly through the void, he decided to walk instead. At the same time, he crafted out a gigantic sword so that he could disguise himself as one of the warriors from the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Although Lin Fan did not know the cultivation methods and skills of these living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland, the way he looked right now would enable him to blend right into the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland without anyone discovering him.

Lin Fan sighed out. For the sake of him turning stronger, he could have been considered to have given it his all. If he were to not b.u.mp into any Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland, that would definitely be an immense loss for him.

"Who's there?"

At that moment, a group of living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland walked over.

Turning around, Lin Fan caught sight of his targets: three Wizards and two Warriors. Their strength wasn't strong at all — they were just the cannon fodder of the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Lin Fan nodded his head which sufficed as his greeting in return. Since these people weren't even strong, he couldn't be bothered to exchange any proper greetings with them at all.

One of the Warriors had a well built body with bulging muscles. He then patted out on Lin Fan's shoulder. "My name is Oaf. What about you?"

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Nicholas."

"That's such a weird name." Oaf remarked suspiciously. Unbothered about it thereafter, he continued, "Seems like you're a Warrior. Are you headed to the side of the Hunting Master G.o.d to take on missions for killing the Indigenous Beings of the Endless Mainland?"

Lin Fan's brows furrowed, his heart filled with bewilderment. But, he didn't think too much about it as he nodded his head. "Yes."

Hunting Master G.o.d?

At that moment, Lin Fan was interested in checking this guy out for himself.

To think that the Endless Mainland would actually turn into a place for this Hunting Master G.o.d to hand out missions. And, the reason why the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland were arriving at the Endless Mainland continuously should have a big connection with what this Hunting Master G.o.d was doing.

Oaf then smiled out. "Let's head there together then. Who knows, we might even be able to partner up after receiving the missions."

Since Lin Fan was unfamiliar with this entire place, it would be better for someone to bring him around as well.

"Alright, together it is then!" Lin Fan spoke up.

Along the way, Lin Fan asked a number of questions sneakily, and at the same time, he found out about how the Moon Shadow Mainland was completing their invasion.

With the Hunting Master G.o.d handing down missions, it attracted tons of people who had no religion. These were people who did not bear faith or swore allegiance to the Master G.o.ds. But at this moment, there was a Master G.o.d that was handing out rewards for those who completed his missions. In the face of such handsome rewards, it naturally attracted quite a number of people to head over.

And not only that, there were many large scale missions that would take in a large number of people so that they could all fight together and complete the missions together.

After a long time…

Lin Fan followed Oaf and the others to arrive at a place that looked like some sort of a Sacrificial Altar.

This was a place that was long crowded by many living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland, who were gathered here in wait for receiving missions.

Sweeping through the entire place with a single glance, Lin Fan could tell that there was a light screen above the Sacrificial Altar with countless missions imprinted onto it. Some of those missions were really simple, merely asking for them to kill countless disciples of the Endless Mainland.

At the same time, there were some missions concerning the Heaven and Earth Sect; the ones that required someone to destroy the Heaven and Earth Sect were the highest graded missions, with exceptionally handsome rewards. Following close behind were missions related to the different other sects.

For the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland, this was their fastest method of raising their strength. Every single high difficulty mission wasn't limited to a single person; anybody could come and take it on. For example, for a mission that entailed them to take down a small sect, there were countless people who had taken on something like that and headed out together. Because of that, the parties formed were mini powerhouses in themselves that those small sects could not deal with at all.

Naturally, Lin Fan knew that the Moon Shadow Mainland and the Endless Mainland were the same — there are both good and bad people mixed in there. However, given the current circ.u.mstances, there was really no room for him to think that much about things. Lin Fan had already decided that he was just going to have all of these invaders purified. As to how things would eventually turn out, that would have to depend on their own fates and doings.

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his head and looked toward the Sacrificial Altar. He could sense the aura of the Hunting Master G.o.d emanating out of there. Only, he could tell that the latter wasn't around himself.

Seemed like he would have to come up with another way if he wanted to seek out the Hunting Master G.o.d.

And right then, Oaf spoke up, "Today, the Hunting Master G.o.d is going to appear himself and start handing out new missions once more."

Coming to a stop, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. "You're saying that the Hunting Master G.o.d is going to come?"

Oaf nodded his head. "That's right. Each time the missions handed down by the Hunting Master G.o.d are completely gone, he would come forth and publish the latest missions. Now that the missions here are mostly coming to an end, the Hunting Master G.o.d will naturally appear with more missions to be handed out."

Lin Fan was immediately ecstatic on hearing this. To think that he would actually have obtained this opportunity! If the Hunting Master G.o.d were to appear, he might probably have a chance to get that guy killed! Although, the main thing was still to check out just how strong the other party was first.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes…

Just as Lin Fan was getting a little impatient from waiting, the void trembled slightly as a beam of G.o.d Light shone down from the Heavens.

Seeing this, the surrounding crowd started clamoring out.

"The Hunting Master G.o.d has appeared…!"

Lin Fan raised his head over and was immediately enveloped by that G.o.d Light of the Hunting Master G.o.d. Descending from the void, it floated out gently toward the Sacrificial Altar.

The strength of this Hunting Master G.o.d was nowhere as strong as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. But, he was still rather decent all the same.

"My people, all of you have done well to complete the missions. Your G.o.d here is extremely heartened to know that. Right now, Your G.o.d is going to start handing down even more missions, that will bring for you guys even more handsome rewards." The Hunting Master G.o.d spoke up.

All of these living beings were not the followers of the Hunting Master G.o.d. Therefore, when they caught sight of him, there was only a fearful type of respect, and not reverence and idolization.

Looking down at these living beings before him, the Hunting Master G.o.d naturally had plans of his own in his heart. He then pointed out with his finger, causing countless latest missions to appear out on the light screen. When the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland caught sight of those missions, all of them started exclaiming out — the rewards for those missions were simply way too incredible!

At that moment, the Hunting Master G.o.d spoke up, "My people, are you guys willing to turn into the followers of Your G.o.d here? If you guys are the followers of Your G.o.d, you shall receive the blessings of Your G.o.d when you go through with the missions. That will help you complete the missions with greater ease."

Every single Master G.o.d required followers. Compared to the rest of the Master G.o.ds, the Hunting Master G.o.d had the least number of followers out there.

Amongst all of them, the one with the most followers was the War Master G.o.d. That was because war was something that broke out really often in the Moon Shadow Mainland. Every single living being then thirsted for power, and l.u.s.ted to stand forth as the sole victor of wars.

Even though the Hunting Master G.o.d had spoken at that moment, many of those living beings started hesitating. They knew that if they were to worship and pray to a Master G.o.d, their bodies would no longer belong to themselves, and would be connected together with the Master G.o.d.

If the Master G.o.d wanted one to live, one would live; if he wanted one to die, one would die.

The Hunting Master G.o.d continued, "My people, if any of you wish to become the people of Your G.o.d, walk onto the Sacrificial Altar and receive the mighty grace of Your G.o.d!"

At that moment, some people started walking toward that altar one after another.

Lin Fan did not hesitate as well. Right now, he wanted to kill the Hunting Master G.o.d. How could he do that without getting close to that guy?

Because of that, the Hunting Master G.o.d let out a bright smile. How could he not be happy upon knowing that he would have a rise in his number of followers? That was a fact that naturally brought a smile to his face.

But suddenly, a voice broke out of the void.

"Hunting Master G.o.d, to think that you would have started recruiting for followers once again."

Lin Fan narrowed his gaze over and saw a golden brown shade of color appearing in the distance. From there, a single figure descended upon the Heaven and Earth.

All of the living beings down below exclaimed out, "Great Earth Master G.o.d…!"

Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat.


There was another Master G.o.d that had arrived?

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