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When it came to shamelessness, there was no one who could beat Lin Fan. He truly refused to believe that he wouldn't be able to take a smelly b*tch in hand today. Instantly, he gave himself a great taste of his Twisting Heaven and Earth. What was the use of being a man anymore? He might as well just go and turn into a tranny!

"ARGH! THAT HURTS SO BADLY! I'M GOING TO DIE…!" Lin Fan wailed out tragically, as though he could barely hang on any longer.

Lin Fan had sealed his Mythical Parasol Tree and some other moves of his, such that even the slightest drop of life force could not leak out at all.

Looking at Lin Fan, the Frost Master G.o.d knitted her brows. Raising her head up into the void, she could sense a mysterious will that was gathering over in the Heavens.

An oath was an oath. Even though she had sworn it to the Master of Chaos, the oath did not differentiate between either of them. If the oath were reneged, she would definitely suffer the consequences.

Following the weakening of Lin Fan's aura, the sense of danger felt by the Frost Master G.o.d was getting stronger by the moment.

"ARGH…! I'M GOING TO DIE…!" Lin Fan yelled out as he extended his tongue and was prepared to wait for the arrival of death.

"NO…!" Suddenly, the Frost Master G.o.d could sense this extremely tyrannical yet inexplicable will that was bolting down from the Heavens, driving itself straight into her G.o.d Core.


A single crack appeared on her G.o.d Core while the Frost Master G.o.d spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, her face turning frightfully pale. Evidently, she had not expected that this Indigenous Being would actually resort to such a method!

At the same time, she could not have imagined that such a method could actually implicate her as well.

What had this got to do with her? She didn't even budge a single inch, and he himself was the one who had come ramming over! And yet, the oath was making her accountable for it!

"No… NO…!"


Lin Fan's aura was getting feebler and weaker, causing more cracks to appear on the G.o.d Core of the Frost Master G.o.d. An existence such as the Frost Master G.o.d would be completely doomed if her G.o.d Core were to be shattered. With that, her self healing capabilities would be less than 10% of her initial self — wanting to recover from an injury as such would require an extremely long time.

"INDIGENOUS BEING, YOU ARE WAY TOO DESPICABLE…!" The Frost Master G.o.d screamed out at Lin Fan at the top of her lungs as the fiery flames of rage in her heart burned ever more ferociously. She could not wish for anything more than to slay this Indigenous Being right now.

"What am I being despicable about? You ARE clearly the one that's killing me right now! I'm being rammed to death by that ice sh.e.l.l of yours!" Lin Fan hollered out. He had already realized that there was something off with the aura of the Frost Master G.o.d — the G.o.d Core within her body should most probably be breaking down at this moment then!



Those shattering sounds were ever so ear-piercing, yet it was ever so pleasurable in the mind of Lin Fan. A shriek rang out as the Frost Master G.o.d was prepared to make her escape. At the same time, she laid down her threats, "INDIGENOUS BEING, I'LL DEFINITELY RETURN TO KILL YOU!"

This wasn't a place where she should continue lingering in. She knew that this Indigenous Being was just trying to f*ck her over. While there was absolutely no way that the Indigenous Being was going to die, the cracks appearing on her G.o.d Core right now had a monumental impact on her. Just for precaution, she definitely had to get out of this place as soon as possible.

Right now, the G.o.d Core was already damaged, and she had to spend time to repair it properly.

Lin Fan looked at the Frost Master G.o.d and felt fl.u.s.tered for a moment. Unlocking his Mythical Parasol Tree, life force started to gush back into his body furiously as he brandished his Eternal Axe before chopping over at the Frost Master G.o.d. "Smelly b*tch! You had better stand there for Yours Truly! Yours Truly is going to chop you to death!"

The initially half dead Lin Fan suddenly sprung to life as he rushed after the Frost Master G.o.d.

With that, the tides of battle had taken on a huge turn.

"Lin Fan…!" Han Juntian tore out of the void, not knowing what was going on at this moment.

When Lin Fan caught sight of Han Juntian, he shouted out immediately, "Grandmaster, hurry and follow me to have that b*tch chopped down! We mustn't let her escape!"

The Lin Fan who was wielding his Eternal Axe was filled with imposingness. That ferocious stance he had right now was absolutely earth-shaking. When the Frost Master G.o.d looked at Lin Fan, her eyes shone with an unbridled rage. "INDIGENOUS BEING, I'LL BE BACK!"


Instantly, the void shattered just like a mirror, blocking Lin Fan in his path. And with that, the Frost Master G.o.d vanished from the void instantaneously.

Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of regret. To think that the Frost Master G.o.d would have really given him the slip! What a mother*cking dogsh*t event everything turned out to be! The fact that he failed to capitalize on such an amazing opportunity was absolutely heartbreaking!

Han Juntian rushed forward. "What's going on?"

"That was a Master G.o.d of the Moon Shadow Mainland… the same one that had landed the entire Northern region in this state. She is extremely strong, but I had managed to find a way to f*ck her over despite the overwhelming odds. To think that she would have managed to escape despite those wounds. If I could have had her slain, the losses sustained by the Moon Shadow Mainland would have been absolutely immense." Lin Fan explained.

Han Juntian froze up slightly, evidently filled in disbelief. To think that a single Master G.o.d could have had such capabilities! However, he definitely believed in Lin Fan's words firmly.

At that moment, the frosty skies started to clear up as the entire snowy grounds returned to their previous state.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's mind thought about the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland that had set up base in this Northern region, and his interest was piqued immensely. "Grandmaster, even though that Master G.o.d has managed to escape, all those other living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland must not have had the time to react to this just yet! Let us hurry and go annihilate them! This will deal quite a huge blow to the Moon Shadow Mainland as well!"

Han Juntian nodded his head in agreement. The reason why he had followed Lin Fan over here was naturally because he was afraid of anything happening to this lad. As for the frost around this area, he had only managed to sense it after arriving here. It was extremely formidable indeed! Despite being an Immortal King, he could actually feel the powers within his body showing signs of freezing over completely.

That was something absolutely incredulous in his eyes. Being someone who could manipulate the frost to such a level, it was evident that the other party was far from a simple being.

Lin Fan flew over to the distance, and aha! He could indeed catch sight of those living beings struggling to make their escape right now. All of them were scared silly at this moment, not knowing why the territory of their Frost Master G.o.d had turned out into such a state.

"HAHAHA…!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter as his voice reverberated through the entire world. When the living beings caught sight of that figure up in the void, they were even more astounded.

"It's an Indigenous Being of the Endless Mainland…!"

"Let us hurry and escape!"

Looking down at the living beings below, Han Juntian's eyes were filled with a disturbed expression. "There are truly way too many of these living beings here. They are even more than an entire sect in itself!"

Lin Fan nodded his head. "Grandmaster, I was initially thinking about having them killed. But, by the looks of things now, if we can turn them over and make use of them, that could probably reduce the losses that are taken on by the sects of the Endless Mainland as well."

Han Juntian shook his head. "How could they possibly allow themselves to be made use of by us?"

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Well, we don't know that for sure. Check this out."

At that moment, Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath as his aura took on a stark change, causing an infinitely bright Buddhist light to shine out from his back. Those Buddhist lights were just like banners that extended out into the void.

Shrouding the entire world, it shone down across the Heaven and Earth.

The Great Buddha's Light of Purification was something that was so darned heaven revolting, and could purify the living beings of the entire world. This was especially the case for these living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland who were so puny and weak; how could they possibly defend against this?

As he muttered out his Buddhist Sutras, Buddhas appeared in the void one after another. Dense and numerous, they started enveloping up those living beings within their ranks as a bright, golden Buddhist light shone down over the entire world.

After the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland were touched by that Buddhist light, their bodies turned stiff as though they had been frozen.

"Lay down your sins and you shall turn into a Buddha on the spot…"

As he closed his palms together, a boundless Buddha light exuded out from within them and caged all of those living beings up within it.

Standing by the side and witnessing everything, Han Juntian was totally petrified. How in the world could such a mystic skill exist in the universe? Even the Good and Evil Buddha Sect might not be in possession of something like this, right?

Ever since Lin Fan had come forth from the Ancient Saint World, he was starting to realize that the mystic skills that he had obtained from either the Ancient Saint World itself or the Xuanhuang World were not that weak at all. In fact, they might not even lose out to the mystic skills of the Endless Mainland; some of them were probably even stronger!

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