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The moment those words came out of Lin Fan's mouth, the entire world went eerily silent.

His little heart was skipping up and down furiously. Honestly, it was really quite a stressful experience to speak the truth at times. This was especially the case when it was in front of someone like the Frost Master G.o.d, whose strength was so darned formidable. Given Lin Fan's current strength, he was truly not a match for her.

Stunned for a moment, that supremely peerless face of the Frost Master G.o.d suddenly took on a stark change.

"What did you just say?" The Frost Master G.o.d asked coldly, causing the entire place to feel as though there was an endless snowstorm ripping out all of existence. Compared to before, everything was even more threatening right now. In her mind, she could have never thought that this Indigenous Being before her would actually dare to spout out such words.

Right now, Lin Fan expressed his exasperation. Honestly, he did not want to let this out. But, no matter what he said, the Frost Master G.o.d would not believe him at all. He had wanted to throw the blame onto the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. But well, well, well. Guess what? She had managed to knock down that entire accusation with a single statement.

'The Boundless Future Buddha Lord does not have the guts.'

The moment he heard that, he was just rendered helpless. If the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had heard that personally, he would have definitely tried his best to prove that he had the guts even if it would mean the end of his life. After all, which man would want to say that they did not have the guts?

Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath of air and looked at the Frost Master G.o.d straight in the eye. "I said that the Water Master G.o.d was killed by me."

Right now, he was feeling really nervous in his heart, wondering if the Frost Master G.o.d would kill him for spouting out such words. However, he didn't reckon that that might happen. After all, the Frost Master G.o.d had made an oath, and it was something that was already set in stone. If the Frost Master G.o.d dared to strike out to suppress him, her G.o.dhead would definitely be destroyed.

The changes on the face of the Frost Master G.o.d were endless as the chilly aura in the air turned ever stronger by the moment. She then glared wide eyed at Lin Fan. "You…!"

Lin Fan could feel an enormous killing intent being emanated from the body of the Frost Master G.o.d, as though she was bent on having him killed right here. But seemingly recalling something, the Frost Master G.o.d did not take action right away.

Lin Fan asked her carefully, "You swore earlier on. You'll… keep that oath, right?"

The Frost Master G.o.d closed her eyes and heaved in deeply before jerking them wide open once more. "I'll definitely abide by that oath and not kill you today for sure. You can leave."

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. Thereafter, not daring to linger for the slightest bit, he bolted off far into the distance. This Frost Master G.o.d was simply way too dangerous. However, his trip to the Northern region this time around could not be considered as a huge loss either — he had managed to find out that there was such a Master G.o.d that existed within the ranks of the Moon Shadow Mainland. If he did not know about this beforehand, there might have been a high chance that he could get himself f*cked over by these Master G.o.ds the next time he went up against the Moon Shadow Mainland just because he would have ended up underestimating them.

But, at that moment, the thing that had Lin Fan feeling shocked was that the Frost Master G.o.d had actually started moving as well! She was just following him side by side.

Lin Fan came to a stop. "Frost Master G.o.d, could we somehow be headed in the exact same direction? Or how about this? Perhaps, you can leave first and I'll look for another way to go?"

The thing that he was the most afraid of was happening right now. However, he still maintained his composure and commented.

The Frost Master G.o.d looked at Lin Fan. "I swore that I would not kill you today and will let you off from this Northern region as well. However, the moment the day is past, your death shall arrive. You can just walk your own way and I'll just follow you all the way. I'm not breaking the oath at all."

"F*ck me…!"

This was THE thing that Lin Fan was the most afraid of. From the very beginning, he had thought that this was an extremely normal oath. But, it was only after the oath was made that he noticed something was really off with it.

She was going to let him off today. But, given the strength of the Frost Master G.o.d, she could just follow him all the way; and once tomorrow arrived, she'd just f*ck him over. There was nothing wrong with that really.

Lin Fan replied exasperatedly, "How can you do this? This is just reneging on your words."

Looking at Lin Fan with her icy expression, the Frost Master G.o.d merely scoffed out a few times coldly without say anything more.

Given her strength, if Lin Fan wanted to ditch her in the dumps, that was something just not possible.

At that moment, Lin Fan felt his entire heart breaking down. The Frost Master G.o.d was no fool or r.e.t.a.r.d. Perhaps, she was already prepared to have him killed from the very beginning.

Lin Fan started thinking things through. Things were really getting dangerous now. No matter what, he would have to ditch this Frost Master G.o.d away. Otherwise, the outcome would really be unimaginable.

"Frost Master G.o.d, do you have to be this shameless? You've promised to let me off, yet you're just following behind me all the way. Isn't that just lying blatantly?" Lin Fan remarked once more, hoping that this could persuade the Frost Master G.o.d to leave.

But once again, the Frost Master G.o.d said nothing more, choosing to just look at Lin Fan silently instead.

Shaking his head, Lin Fan bolted into the void and started sprinting for his life. But, no matter how fast Lin Fan's speed was, he found that the Frost Master G.o.d just sticking to him the entire time. This was something that had him feeling totally stupefied. While the strength of the Frost Master G.o.d might be much stronger than hers, there was no need for her to mess with him like this, right?

"F*ck this! I'm going for it!"

"Power of Biggra!"

At that moment, the Power of Biggra burst forth as a rich mist of Biggra enveloped the entire Heaven and Earth with it. Instantly, the Frost Master G.o.d frowned as she increased the intensity of her chilling aura. To Lin Fan's astonishment, he was discovering that his Power of Biggra was actually showing signs of being frozen up, such that it could not approach the side of the Frost Master G.o.d at all!

Holy f*ck! To think that it would be useless!

Did he really have to resort to using that soap of his?

But, he did not know whether the soap had any use on the Frost Master G.o.d as well.

The strength of this Frost Master G.o.d before him was way, way stronger than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. If he were to have her killed, perhaps his strength would be able to leap up instantaneously as well!

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan took out the soap before turning around to face the Frost Master G.o.d. "Are you going to leave or not? Do you know what this item in my hand is?"

The Frost Master G.o.d said nothing, neither did she reveal a single trace of fear or anxiousness on her face. Evidently, Lin Fan was nothing to her.

F*cking h.e.l.l!

To think that even after he took out the Lin Brand's Soap, this Frost Master G.o.d would not even bat a single eyelid! She was clearly belittling him! Intolerable! Absolutely intolerable!

Lin Fan contemplated for a moment. If he could have this Frost Master G.o.d f*cked over to death by the soap, then everything would be worth it.

In that case, the number of experience points gained would be extremely astronomical. After that, even if he were to meet the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, he wouldn't have to fear the other party at all. In fact, he might even be able to slay him at that time.

At that moment, Lin Fan did not think twice.

"Go on out, soap!"

Lin Fan tossed the soap out.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Frost Master G.o.d would definitely pick up the soap, and with the slip of her hand, it would then drop down onto the ground.

But all of a sudden, Lin Fan froze up.

After he tossed out the soap, the Frost Master G.o.d did not even budge a single inch when a notification came forth from the System.

'Lin Brand's Soap cannot be used on the female s.e.x. This is a gay item…'

When Lin Fan heard the notification from the System, he was completely dumbfounded. Oh my G.o.d! What the flying s.h.i.t! Did it really have to be this f*cked up? If it did not have a single use on the Frost Master G.o.d, how in the world was he supposed to escape?

The soap flew back into Lin Fan's hand as he gave off an awkward laugh before holding onto it.

But at that moment, Lin Fan thought of an idea! His eyes sparkled with a bright glint. 'That's right! I really have it now!'

"Frost Master G.o.d, you swore that you will not kill me today. But, I did not swear that I will not kill you instead. If I were to strike out and you were to kill me, you'd be disobeying your oath then, right?" Lin Fan roared out in laughter before rubbing his hands together.

He was ready to use his Twisting Heavens and Earth so that he could turn this Frost Master G.o.d into a male. By then, the Frost Master G.o.d would definitely be in tremendous pain, and would lose every single bit of fighting strength! Even if she didn't lose her will to fight, he would still have his backup plan with the Lin Brand's Soap!

That was right!

After coming up with this idea, Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out sinisterly.

This was going to be a firm plan!

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