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A month later…

Lin Fan had been hard at work. ‘Tidal Push’ had now reached 20 folds in strength. ‘Faceless Sky Demon’ and ‘Will of the Sword’ were both at 3rd stage, awaiting completion. ‘Twisting Heaven and Earth’, ‘Black Tiger Steals Heart’ and ‘Deflowering Finger’ though were still at where they were, barely touched in all this while.

Especially ‘Dragon King’s Hegemony’, the skill which increased his power level, it had not grown by even a bit.

Meanwhile, his own cultivation base was the worst. Facing the sea of experience points required, even ma.s.sively gulping down a lot of pills continuously did not help that much at all.

While the number of pills he took daily could not be considered little, most of them were low graded pills. Even after consuming them, they did not help much with his experience points.

"No, I have to head out to experience more waves."

The peaceful and idle life was causing Lin Fan to feel uncomfortable, as though he was stagnant.

He was far, really far, from his ultimate goal. And now that he was living so idly within the sect, that furiously burning heart he once had was starting to grow stale.


In his life, he did not need the help of the smooth sailing winds. All he needed was tumultuous waves of events. And now that nothing was happening, was he still himself at all?

Postcelestial Level 1 (60,000,000/100,000,000)

This experience points required left Lin Fan speechless.

But, if he could cross the barrier, this barrier of level 1 postcelestial, the experience points required should drop.

And now, within Glory Sect, he was already a highly regarded master. How could he continue milking experience points from his junior disciples. If word were to spread, wouldn’t he just be a laughing stock?

Besides, the world was so big. He ought to head out to experience it for himself.

Lin Fan stood up. Opening his house doors and gazing at the clear blue skies, he made up his mind.

He was going to leave the sect grounds and check out the world outside, bringing up his cultivation base.

"Junior Master." Just then, Tian Yu exited from his house. Upon seeing Lin Fan, he immediately stepped up and greeted.

During his stay here, Tian Yu had experienced deep care and heartfelt concern. Furthermore, he had established a strong relationship with Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue.

Especially Zhang Ergou, the two of them were exceptionally chummy.

Tian Yu recognized that Zhang Ergou’s cultivation base was low, and that he had no talent at all. In the past, he would not have even bothered with such a disciple. But upon discovering Zhang Ergou’s care and concern towards himself, it made him recall back to the times when he was just a mere mortal, and the love of brothers in a family.

"Yes. Your cultivation base has reached postcelestial level 1. I doubt it will be long before you will return to your peak." Lin Fan’s gaze focused at Tian Yu.

In this period of time, Tian Yu’s cultivation foundation had been retrieved by Lin Fan by a huge portion. Furthermore, given that he had a good foundation in the past, his cultivation speed was all the more faster than the rest.

Lin Fan realized that indeed, a talent was a talent.

Even though he had a system, there were pros and cons.

As long as there was sufficient experience, one could level up as many times as they’d like to without the need for a good body or mental foundation. For those of them without the system, as long as they could overcome this obstacle, they could level up.

When comparing the two methods, each had its strengths.

Now, of course, the con of the system would be the leveling aspect. But that was about it. Other than that, everything else surpa.s.sed everything within this world.

"It was all because of Junior Master, who granted me a new life. This debt, I will etch it in my heart for the rest of my life." Tian Yu greeted thankfully.

The longer he spent around Lin Fan, the more he realized about Lin Fan’s mysteriousness.

But what Tian Yu did not know was that within those seemingly G.o.dly and omnipotent eyes of his Junior Master was a world of worries. Because, in order to leave a good impression in front of Tian Yu, Lin Fan had to put on his best act every time he saw him. He could not even give himself s.p.a.ce to relax lest he let up on his act.

But to Lin Fan, this was all worth it. Based on Zhang Ergou’s frequent reports, Tian Yu’s att.i.tude was gradually changing. As long as Lin Fan persisted, poaching this man from the main sect was not impossible.

"Master, we’re back!" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue’s voices rang out from a distance.

On their master’s orders, both of them headed out to scout out some news.

A few days earlier, Lin Fan already had the notion of leaving the sect grounds. So, he first sent these two out to find out more about the current situation within the sect.

"How, is there anything?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes! I just heard from within the inner sects that the sect is sending inner sect disciples up to the Floating Snow Peaks!" Zhang Ergou replied.

Lin Fan took a glance at Tian Yu. Since he was an inner sect disciple, he should know of the place.

Receiving Junior Master Lin’s gaze, Tian Yu explained, "Junior Master, the Floating Snow Peaks lies within the Sky City. It snows continuously on the Floating Snow Peaks all year long, and is a place where many ferocious beasts gather. The Sky City belongs to all the major sects, and we take turns guarding it against the ferocious beasts."

Lin Fan nodded understandingly, "So, did you guys find out what’s their intentions of heading up to the peak?"

"Yes! But I don’t know if it’s real or not. It seems like a beast with a cultivation base of a Lesser celestial has appeared. But as for the actual situation, I’m not too sure." Zhang Ergou answered.

"Junior Master, I suppose our sect has sent people out to slay the beast. While the lesser celestial beast’s body may contain countless treasures, it is also wildly dangerous. Each of the major sects is probably planning to take action as well." Tian Yu elaborated. He had once taken part in such an operation. Thus, he was clear of what was happening.

"I see. Alright, you guys head back to rest." Lin Fan waved his hands and headed down the peak.

He was going to head over to the Grand Master and ask for permission to hitch on this ride.

Things like slaying beasts and the likes were Lin Fan’s favorite. Not only were the experience points aplenty, so were the treasures. If he were to stay cooped within the sect, he wondered when he could finally level up.

"What’s master up to?" Zhang Ergou shrugged, unable to understand his master’s actions.

"Junior Master should be keen on heading there as well." Tian Yu remarked as he looked at Lin Fan’s leaving back.

Heading down from the Nameless Peak, Lin Fan nodded his head to the outer sect disciples he pa.s.sed by. These outer sect disciples’ dream now was to be able to enter the Nameless Peak as a disciple.

But, Junior Master Lin had not made any attempts to recruit any disciples. So, while they were anxiously waiting, they could do nothing.

How could they have not seen Nameless Peak’s potential back when they were starting up?

But now, they were the ones on the begging end.

Lin Fan traveled briskly towards the Grand Master’s Great Hall. He was determined to follow the Grand Master down out of the sect grounds.

"Lin Fan requests an audience with the Grand Master."


Entering the Great Hall, there were a group of Senior Elders gathered as well. Revealing his most charming smile, Lin Fan greeted, "Greetings, my Senior Brothers."

"Ahh, it’s Junior Brother..."

Calling him Junior Brother did not leave a good taste in their mouths. After all, they were all a bunch of aged old men. Calling a young fella as Junior Brother was kind of weird.

Yet, there was nothing wrong based on seniority. Now that Lin Fan was the master of the Nameless Peak, and had established his own sect, based on position, he was the same as them.

And to regard seniority, those who entered after them were naturally Junior Brothers. Thus, in technical terms, Lin Fan was in no way unworthy of being called Junior Brother.

Looking at Lin Fan, Grand Master Yan revealed a smile, "Yes?"

"Master, I heard that you chose a few inner sect disciples to head up to the Floating Snow Peaks? I would like to follow as well."

"No." Just as Lin Fan had finished his words, the Senior Elders present rejected him immediately.

Now that Lin Fan possessed ‘Pills Through Thought’, he was a darling of the sect. How could they let him take such a risk in the Danger Grounds?

Furthermore, while the other sects might not bear any grudges against Glory Sect…once they discovered that Glory Sect had a disciple who could perform ‘Pills Through Thought’, it was hard to guarantee that they would not try to a.s.sa.s.sinate him in case he became a threat in the future.

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