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"s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d, why are we not chasing anymore?" The Darkness Master G.o.d floated gently in the void while asking. All the other Master G.o.ds looked toward the s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d as well.

The eyes of the s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d were fixed up in the void, with a Water Crystal embedded in his forehead. He then spoke up, "The Boundless Future Buddha Lord is trying to make use of us to kill that Indigenous Being. There's no need for us to be used by him. If he wants to kill that Indigenous Being that badly, let him go for it then. As for that Indigenous Being, I'm sure that he must be deeply filled with hatred toward the Boundless Future Buddha Lord as well, and will definitely not rest till his death when it comes to fighting him. All we have to do is to wait for them to battle it out and collect the rewards after they're done with one another."

"How is the Wisdom Master G.o.d doing?" The s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d asked.

"His condition has stabilized. To think that that Indigenous Being would have methods of that level that even we Master G.o.ds cannot defend against." The Life Master G.o.d replied.

"The strength of that Indigenous Being is exceptional. We'll just let the Boundless Future Buddha Lord settle his own headache. The Flame Master G.o.d has sent news that the Frost Master G.o.d is going to descend upon the Endless Mainland to seek vengeance for her sister." The s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d continued.

When the many Master G.o.ds present heard of the Frost Master G.o.d, their brows knitted together as they let out an alarmed look. While their strength was formidable, they could not help but admit that despite being a woman, the Frost Master G.o.d was the strongest existence out of them all. Not only that, she was twisted in the heart and her methods were ruthless. Usually, there were no Master G.o.ds who would enjoy coming into contact with her. Now that they were invading the Endless Mainland, they were faced with a myriad of powerful beings. While it was evident that the Moon Shadow Mainland had the advantage, the losses on both sides were still tremendous. But, things would be different now that the Frost Master G.o.d was going to enter the fray; the current state of things would definitely take a stark change.

"Let us return. As for everything right now, we'll let the Boundless Future Buddha Lord settle it himself."


With that, the eleven Master G.o.ds left the place. Halfway through, they had decided on giving up entirely. For them, this Boundless Future Buddha Lord was clearly untrustworthy, and could just go settle the Indigenous Being himself then.

"d.a.m.n it, those fellas! The chance is clearly laid down right in front of them and yet they're choosing not to come!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was totally enraged right now. This was really way too f*cked up a situation! He had finally deployed his unparalleled Immortal Art with much difficulty to chase up to this lad, and yet, those eleven Master G.o.ds had chosen to leave at this moment! What was he to do about this now?

Lin Fan roared out with laughter at this moment, "Boundless Future Buddha Lord, come, come! Yours Truly is going to fight you one on one today! Don't run if you've got the guts!"

Looking at Lin Fan, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was starting to cuss out at his mother in his heart. This was really one h.e.l.l of a mother*cking f*ckfest! To think that a completely free opportunity would have been lost just like that! He had come to a realization that the potential of this lad before him was way too high. Each time they met, this lad's strength would be at yet another level higher. It was as though he was sitting on a rocket — that speed of growth was simply way too alarming. If he were to just let this lad be, the outcome would be absolutely horrifying.

The Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland were simply way too stupid! Instead of killing the most dangerous existence right now, they were choosing to go and kill those existences that posed no threat at all!

Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out as the soap appeared in his hand. He was not going to use it now. But, as long as he were to catch a chance, there was no way the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was going to be able to escape.

Catching sight of the soap in Lin Fan's hand, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord jerked backward furiously as he glared at Lin Fan with caution. Right now, the thing he was the wariest about was that soap in the lad's hand.

The previous time, he survived just because he had managed to escape fast enough. Otherwise, he would definitely end up in the same state as the Radiant Master G.o.d. Therefore, no matter what this lad was planning to do with this soap in his hand at this moment, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord truly did not dare to bet on that.

Lin Fan took a bar of soap out from his storage and flung it out toward the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. "Here comes the soap…!"


Seeing that, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord bolted right into the void. But, after realizing that he had been toyed with, an infuriated voice boomed out in the void, "Lad, you had better wait up! I'm definitely going to have you killed!"

Lin Fan did not chase after him; he knew that he wouldn't be able to catch up. Even if he did manage to catch up with that fella, the latter was not going to come at his head on forcefully. Right now, his aim was to go kill a few more of those Master G.o.ds and have his experience points raised. By then, he would have the confidence of being able to kill this Boundless Future Buddha Lord for sure.

This vendetta was something that Lin Fan would keep in mind for now first. Once Yours Truly was to get his strength up, the first one he would chop to death would definitely be that Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Lin Fan had finally returned. Upon returning, he discovered that there were quite a number of disciples from other sects in the Heaven and Earth Sect. These disciples either had their sects destroyed, or had turned over to seek help from them.

In the depths of the sect…

"How did it go? What did those few Ancient Immortal Kings say?" Geng Yangtian asked.

Lin Fan shook his head. "Let's not talk about the Truth Immortal King, as he's no more. The Southern Demon Immortal King agreed to it right away, but from what I could tell, I doubt he's going to join us. As for the last two remaining Immortal Kings, I did not even manage to catch sight of them. I'm guessing that they must have been swayed by the words of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, and would definitely not come forth to help. Old Master, looking at your expression right now, I'm guessing that you must have expected this, right?"

Geng Yangtian nodded his head. "Indeed, it's as I had guessed! Those four Ancient Immortal Kings have their entire hearts set on attaining the great Dao of the Heavenly Lord, and would naturally not be concerned over affairs as such. For them, the affairs of the entire universe have nothing to do with them at all."

Lin Fan chuckled out, "You had me go over despite knowing that? Wasn't that just to have me make a wasted trip? On my way back, I was blocked by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord in my path. Thankfully, I was rather lucky and managed to give him the slip."

Geng Yangtian looked at Lin Fan. "Your strength is already that of an Immortal King, right? You don't have to hide it. I've had a hunch about it for a long time now."

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders. "To think that you would have been able to tell. Initially, I had wanted to give you guys a surprise and tell you that I'm already at the Immortal King state. Since that Truth Immortal King did not know what was good for him, I did him in. There are seventy two Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland, and I have killed two of them as well. However, that Boundless Future Buddha Lord is bound to be hot on my heels from now onwards. I might have to be really careful if I were to head out in the future."

Geng Yangtian and some of the other Old Masters let out alarmed looks. Even though Lin Fan had said everything really casually, it was something unusually horrifying in their ears.

Han Juntian's face was just blank right now. "From what you're saying, your current cultivation state is even higher than mine now, right?"

Lin Fan looked over at Han Juntian. "Grandmaster, don't go harping on such things now. At times, it's better to not compare between ourselves and others. The most important thing in life is to be happy."

"Hue… Hue…" Han Juntian could only laugh out bitterly. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! How was he supposed to be happy about this? Even his disciple was stronger than him right now! If word of this were to get out, how embarra.s.sing would that be?

Even though it is said that the student should always surpa.s.s the master, but wasn't this rate of growth way too fast?

Just as Lin Fan and Han Juntian were enjoying their idle conversation, a jade pendant on Geng Yangtians waist suddenly snapped into two, causing the color to drain out of his face. "Not good!"

"Old Master, what's wrong?" Lin Fan inquired.

"This is a message from Junior Brother Yu Ling! Something must have happened over at the side of the Heavenly River Mountains." The face of Geng Yangtian froze up. "Junior Brother Yu Ling is also an Immortal King. For him to send out a distress call, I'm afraid that the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland must have sent out a Master G.o.d as well."

"Old Master, say no more. I'm going to head over to check it out." Lin Fan interjected immediately without hesitation.

Geng Yangtian's face changed. "You've only just returned. For you to head out right away again…"

Lin Fan waved it off dismissively. "Old Master, how can I sit by idly when it comes to affairs of the sect? Leave this matter to me. You guys don't have to come with me. I'm going now."

How could Lin Fan possibly let this chance up? The only way for him to raise his strength right now was through those Master G.o.ds! If he did not kill Master G.o.ds, he would not gain any significant experience points!


Without waiting for Geng Yangtian and the others to say anything more, Lin Fan left the sect immediately.

Han Juntian could only sigh out, "Hais! He's truly a wonderful disciple. After this crisis is done with, I think it should be time for me to step down as well."

Geng Yangtian nodded his head and agreed in silence. Right now, Lin Fan was probably the only one qualified to be the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect.

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