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After the eleven Master G.o.ds heard that, their spirits shuddered in disbelief. How could there possibly exist such a treasure between the Heaven and Earth? While their hearts were filled with disbelief, when they looked at the way the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was behaving right now, they could not help but somewhat believe in it.

And honestly, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord truly did not dare to do it. He had witnessed the might of the soap twice now, and found it to be totally incomprehensible. While he refused to believe that there could be something so heaven revolting that existed in the world, he did not dare to take a gamble on that. If he were to lose that gamble, he would definitely be killed here.

And now that the eleven Master G.o.ds here were not budging a single inch, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was truly experiencing a dilemma.

"Everyone, even though that item may be heaven defying, the requirements for him to use it are extremely strict. How about we all join forces and strike together to have that lad killed?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord rallied out. If they were to strike out together, there was a huge chance of them succeeding. And even if anything were to happen, he would definitely be the first to make a run for it.

None of the Master G.o.ds replied. They were no fools either; how could they possibly fall for the trick of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord? The invasion of the Endless Mainland had already cost them two Master G.o.ds so far. For them, that was an immensely huge loss. At the same time, cooperating with this Boundless Future Buddha Lord was as good as plotting together with a tiger. Therefore, there was no way they were going to act as meat shields for the latter.

Right now, the one thing that Lin Fan was the most afraid of was for all of those Master G.o.ds to strike at him together. In that case, even if he had the soap, that would be absolutely useless. But for the current moment, he knew that he still had to hold his ground firm.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord¸ you are indeed crafty and sneaky. You know that I have many treasures with me, and that's why you're thinking of letting those Master G.o.ds die in your place so that you can just sit back and collect the rewards, right? Even though they have not seen through you, Yours Truly is just reading you like an open book." Lin Fan chuckled out coldly, that expression of his not seeming as though he was joking.

When it came to acting skills, if Lin Fan dared to proclaim being the number two in the world, there would be no one who could dare to proclaim they were the number one.

Naturally, there was no way the Boundless Future Buddha Lord could tell how many soaps he had. That was the biggest shot at life that he had right now.

Even though the Heaven and Earth were sealed, they could not hold off someone like him. But of course, the prerequisite was that these folks must not come and stand in his way first.

"You…!" All of a sudden, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord found himself caught in a total loss for words. This lad was just trying to push him all the way. That lad clearly knew that if he did not make a move first, all of those other Master G.o.ds would definitely stand by idly as well.

Right now, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was truly fl.u.s.tered.

The s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d took a slight step backward. "Boundless Future Buddha Lord, are you trying to make use of us?"

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was burning with rage in his heart. "s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d! Both of us have known one another for several hundred thousand years now! Do you think that I would lie to you?"

Some of the other Master G.o.ds chimed in right away, "Hmph, that's hard to determine…"

Looking at the current situation, Lin Fan seized an opportunity. "Oh, you poor little d*ckheads of my children, come and take the soap of Your Daddy!"

At that moment, Lin Fan went berserk. Sweeping his robes out, tens of soaps flew out and danced in the sky.

The moment the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of those white soap, his heart skipped a beat. Without even hesitating once, he bolted right into the void and went into hiding.

As for the other Master G.o.ds, they were stunned for a moment. Thereafter, they quickly hid into the void just as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord did.

"Time to run…!"

Lin Fan did not dare to think twice as he bolted off into a sprint right away. The barriers in the voids were smashed apart by a single punch of his as he then went into Stealth mode and sped off into the distance.

"We were tricked…!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord roared out in a furious rage. He had been on his guard for the entire time. But all of a sudden, he realized that there was no change in those soaps at all! And not only that, that lad had even vanished in front of their faces!

Some of the other Master G.o.ds furrowed their brows from within the void; their hearts were burning with an endless fury as well.

"Chase…! We must absolutely not let that lad escape!"


The twelve Immortal Kings bolted after Lin Fan immediately. This was especially the case for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. No matter what, he was going to have that lad slain.

Right now, he had finally understood that there was definitely a restriction of sorts for the soap. If there weren't, that lad would not have needed to run at all. And with these eleven Master G.o.ds around, if they were to all strike out together, they would definitely be able to have that lad killed.

Lin Fan streaked through the void while cussing out. That b.l.o.o.d.y Boundless Future Buddha Lord was too d.a.m.ned accursed! To think that he would keep coming after him in groups like that, trying to kill him at the slightest opportunity. Once he was to raise his strength up in the future, the first one he would f*ck over would definitely be that guy.

F*cking h.e.l.l! This was way too f*cked up a situation!

"Dimensional Shift!"

The G.o.d Powers of the s.p.a.ce Master G.o.d burst forth right away, altering the s.p.a.ce right ahead of Lin Fan. All of a sudden, it turned into layers one after another just like mirrors, and blocked out Lin Fan's path of escape entirely.

But, how could Lin Fan dare to linger at all? He turned around to change directions immediately. This time around, it was really one h.e.l.l of a mother*cking cl.u.s.terf*ck to be hunted down by twelve Immortal Kings.

"Don't run…! You'll never be able to escape!" The body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord descended as he chased hot in pursuit.

Even though Lin Fan had gone into Stealth mode, he would reveal his entire aura with even a single budge. For these Immortal Kings, there was completely no need for them to see everything with their physical sight — they could tell where he was just by sensing any changes in the aura of the vicinity.

"Bald monk, you had better f*cking wait and see…!" Lin Fan cussed out angrily. Sweeping his robes, he released the Power of Biggra right away. No matter whether or not this would work, he would have to give it a shot as they scattered behind Lin Fan.

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord rushed into that Power of Biggra, his brows furrowed right away. "Everyone, watch out. There's something wrong with this scent."

For the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, even if this lad before him were to just p.i.s.s a single puddle of pee, that would definitely be something suspicious. Now that he was suddenly sensing this invisible and odorless Power of Biggra, he naturally put on his guard. The Buddhist Light within his body shot out and protected his body right away, so that nothing could penetrate through it and infiltrate his body.

"Motherf*cker…! What a crafty fella!" Lin Fan was utterly speechless right now. He had not expected that this Boundless Future Buddha Lord would actually be so careful that he could even sense something like this!

But to his greatest delight, he discovered that there was one Master G.o.d out of the eleven who had been infected by it! Instantly, the Power of Biggra was exploding out within the body of that Master G.o.d.


A beast-like roar sounded out across the entire Heaven and Earth. The Master G.o.d who was invaded by the Power of Biggra was going entirely berserk right at this moment. That was something that shocked the other Master G.o.ds present. However, to Lin Fan's disappointment, the Master G.o.d that was infected was one with an extremely weak strength — that was the main reason why he had a weaker resistance toward the Power of Biggra as well.

As for the other Master G.o.ds, they were completely unaffected entirely. They suppressed that crazed Master G.o.d instantly. But, that was something good as well, as it had bought him quite a bit of time at least.

"Lad, hold on there…!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord barked out. This lad was running way too quickly! Even though he was chasing right behind that lad, for a moment or so, there was truly nothing he could do about him at all.

Lin Fan naturally ignored him. The place he was headed for right now was the Heaven and Earth Sect. It was only by running in that direction that he would be able to stand some chance.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was totally incensed by now. While howling out, his entire body's Buddhist Light shone across the entire area as though it was incinerating life itself.

The entire world was filled with a boundless Buddhist voice immediately such that even the Heaven and Earth were undergoing some changes due to it.

It turned into a Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

When Lin Fan caught sight of how everything before his face was changing right now, he jerked to a stop. He could see a gigantic Buddha seated on a lotus seat right up ahead.

"Let's see where else you can run!" The Buddha spoke out, blocking Lin Fan's escape path entirely.

"F*ck me…!" Lin Fan was almost exploding at this moment. He then swerved around and caught sight of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. That fella was still hot on his tails, bent on leaving him with no way out of this at all!

However, at that moment, Lin Fan chuckled out…

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord frowned, not knowing what that lad was laughing about. But all of a sudden, he came to a realization…

After chasing for such a long time, it suddenly seemed like he was the only one left here now!

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