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"Your mother jump! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, you s.k.a.n.ky weasel!" Lin Fan had admitted defeat. He truly couldn't do anything but admit defeat. To think that this fella would have nine heads! While one of the heads was slumped down and had descended into a state of endless slumber, the other eight heads remained ever so malevolent.

The Magical Beast Master G.o.d was enraged at this moment. He had just come out when he was struck by the other party's sneak attack! At the same time, to think that one of his head would be entirely unconscious! "Indigenous Being! What have you done!"

He was the Magical Beast Master G.o.d, one of the seventy two Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland. He was also one of the strongest Master G.o.ds, with an extremely formidable strength that was unlike any other, wielding control over the countless magical beasts in the Moon Shadow Mainland.

He was sitting firmly in the Moon Shadow Mainland when he felt the lifeforce mark he had left in his underling, the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python, disappear all of a sudden. He immediately knew that the latter must have met with some danger, and had therefore rushed over here. But, to think that this Indigenous Being would have dared to make his move despite that!

"Oh, I didn't really do anything much. Just a gentle slap, that's all. But honestly, you're quite the hideous sh*t, aren't you? Magical Beast Master G.o.d? Nine heads, each with a different face... h.e.l.l, even the shade of your skin tone is different! I wonder how you can possibly endure living life like that." Lin Fan remarked in helplessness.

The strength of this Magical Beast Master G.o.d was indeed really strong, similar to the War Master G.o.d! Both of them were evidently top tiered existences amongst the Master G.o.ds. Hence, being able to slap a single one of his heads unconscious must have evidently been a huge impact for him. If Lin Fan were to strike out now, he should have quite a bit of confidence in suppressing the other party.

"Courting death!" The Magical Beast Master G.o.d glared at Lin Fan frostily, his eyes shining with coldness. A boundless might of the Master G.o.ds then burst forth from the void, shattering it apart. This was the Power of the Master G.o.ds; they could have the other party killed with just a single thought.

Now that there was only the Magical Beast Master G.o.d alone, Lin Fan wasn't fazed in the slightest bit as he struck back in retaliation. While he might not dare to claim that he had the greatest confidence in dueling with a top tiered Immortal King, Lin Fan knew that it wasn't going to be easy for these top tiered Immortal Kings to want to have him killed either.

Doomsday's Descent!

Hurling out his fist, Lin Fan raised the Power of Doomsday along with it. As he took a step forward, the part of the world around him crumbled down as that Power of Decay a.s.saulted relentlessly, pushing out toward the Magical Beast Master G.o.d.

However, for the Magical Beast Master G.o.d, an attack of this level was not something that he would fear. One of his heads trembled out slightly, sending forth a cyclone that ripped everything apart. When that force collided with the Power of Decay, even the entire Heaven and Earth quaked in the face of it.

While the Magical Beast Master G.o.d had control over all the magical beasts of the Moon Shadow Mainland, it also meant that he was capable of casting every single ability that those magical beasts had.

Lightning, Fire, Ice, Earth, s.p.a.ce, etcetera... All of those powers were sent exploding out.

The entire void around them began to distort and collapse; this was the clash between mighty powers. With Immortal King state beings on both sides, when Lin Fan and the Magical Beast Master G.o.d struck out, the amount of force produced was supernatural. Shattering the void apart was something as easy as the flick of a finger for them.

Lin Fan's brows were knitted right now. While time was pa.s.sing by the moments and seconds, he realized that he wasn't exactly getting an edge over the other party. If he were to allow that head of the Magical Beast Master G.o.d to awaken, that would be an entirely f*cked up situation for him by then.

"d.a.m.ned Indigenous Being! Your power is already determined by Your Master G.o.d here! Once that Head of Power of Your Master G.o.d awakens, the only path awaiting you shall be death!" The Magical Beast Master G.o.d shouted out. He was feeling a little restricted in terms of his powers right now. But, he could clearly understand that this Indigenous Being before him was definitely unable to match his powers at their peak.

Lin Fan narrowed his gaze as his mind started whirling. The strength of this Magical Beast Master G.o.d was extremely strong indeed, and right now, there was truly no clear victor between either of them in the fight. It was just that Lin Fan did not know if his moves would have any effect on this fella.

He slapped his palms together, and his hands were shrouded in a ball of light when he pulled them apart. His body flashed out nimbly as he appeared in the void above the Magical Beast Master G.o.d instantly, slamming toward the head of the latter.

"Insignificant tricks!"

Lin Fan was trying his best to get closer to the Magical Beast Master G.o.d. However, that guy did not give him any chance at all, forcing him to retreat right away.

"Magical Beast Master G.o.d, do you have the guts to fight me in melee combat?" Lin Fan asked.

The Magical Beast Master G.o.d glared at Lin Fan, striking out immediately without saying anything more. Toward an Indigenous Being as such, he didn't want to say even a single word more.

"Holy f*ck!"

Lin Fan found himself being knocked back rapidly. Gathering a Sword Will in his hands, he sliced out at the Magical Beast Master G.o.d.

"Indigenous Being, your strength is totally pathetic. Melee combat? I'll grant you your wish then." At that moment, the Magical Beast Master G.o.d burst out laughing. That slumped head of his bolted awake all of a sudden as a horrifying aura was exuded out of those terrifying eyes.

The term 'Head of Power' represented the fact that it was where the power of the Magical Beast Master G.o.d was contained.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a smirk. Melee combat? That was something that Yours Truly loved the most!


The Magical Beast Master G.o.d changed its fighting tactics instantly, and with a single flash of his body, his speed reached its peak. "Indigenous Being, since you wish to fight in melee combat, Your Master G.o.d shall give you a melee combat. But, I'm afraid you may have not known that melee combat is actually the strongest suit of Your Master G.o.d!"

At the start, when that Head of Power of the Magical Beast Master G.o.d was knocked unconscious by Lin Fan, it naturally meant that his strength had taken a huge dip. However, now that it had recovered, the Magical Beast Master G.o.d naturally wanted to make use of his fullest strength and take down this Indigenous Being thoroughly.

As he punched out with a single fist, the entire void exploded: this was an absolute strength. The Magical Beast Master G.o.d had lived for a long time now, and his strength was far from normal. Even though that punch had not made its way to Lin Fan's face just yet, the resultant Astral Wind was already starting to rip his body from the impact.

"A little interesting..." Lin Fan's brows furrowed. This Magical Beast Master G.o.d was truly extraordinary. Every single move he made caused thunderous booms to resound. In terms of pure strength, that guy was even stronger than Lin Fan; however, the latter still wasn't fazed.


Roaring out, Lin Fan shone with a bright golden light and replied with a punch as well. The void were shattering constantly, causing a gigantic tornado to form — this was the result of two utmost powerful forces colliding against one another.


"Indigenous Being! You can go to h.e.l.l!" The Magical Beast Master G.o.d yelled out as his power rose significantly, sending Lin Fan flying with his punch.

Lin Fan's expression turned pale. He had evidently underestimated the strength of this Magical Beast Master G.o.d! The powers within his body rumbled furiously; the latter's strength had clearly rattled the state of his body.

Stamping down with his feet, he channeled a large part of that power downward, causing the entire ground to split apart. That tremendous amount of power created a gigantic pit 10,000 miles in radius immediately.

This was the power of an Immortal King. If it were an Immortal Lord or even a lower leveled Immortal King, their bodies might have broken apart entirely just under the might of this punch. That was because there was no way they could possibly endure this terrifying amount of power.

Lin Fan's knee buckled out slightly for a moment before he pushed himself up once more, looking at the Magical Beast Master G.o.d up in the void.

All of this was truly out of his expectations.

The strength of the Magical Beast Master G.o.d was clearly far beyond Lin Fan's calculations.

Twisting Heaven and Earth wasn't going to be that easy to be used here.

True Origins Crushing Kick? That was a little difficult as well.

It was needless to even talk about the Power of Biggra right now. A powerful being of this level might most probably be able to sense out even the slightest changes within the Heaven and Earth. But still, he could probably give it shot nonetheless. After all, it might even work!

"Indigenous Being, how was that? What other capabilities do you have?" The Magical Beast Master G.o.d looked at Lin Fan with a face full of contempt.

Lin Fan chuckled out and started to emit his Power of Biggra secretly. But all of a sudden, a bright beam of Buddhist light shot out from behind him.


Lin Fan dodged in a flash, barely avoiding that attack.

"BOUNDLESS FUTURE BUDDHA LORD! YOU ARE WAY TOO DESPICABLE, ARENT YOU?" Lin Fan glared right into the void. That power from earlier on was clearly from the Boundless Future Buddha Lord! To think that that guy would dare to try a backstab him again!

He knew that the reason why the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would not dare to fight him face to face was because the other party knew that he had that mysterious soap of his. That was something that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord did not have confidence in handling, which was why he chose to try and do Lin Fan in stealthily.


The Buddhist chant sounded out across the entire world as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord made his appearance. But to Lin Fan's astonishment, he was not the only one.


"Your Buddha Lord here was just informing these fellow Master G.o.ds about the danger that you pose, Benefactor. Therefore, we have all prepared to join our forces to take you down, Benefactor…"

Lin Fan: "…"

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