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"Just what in the world is going on with you guys?!"

One after another, those magical beasts howled out miserably. However, those cries were drowned soon after and replaced with a series of horrific yells.

The brows of the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python furrowed as his eyes shone out with an endless fury. d.a.m.n it! Just what in the world was going on here? What did they experience for them to turn as such?

One of those magical beasts pounced out on the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python. Choking him by the throat, the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python realized that the eyes of the other party were filled with a deranged, crazed look. It was as though something was possessing him. His hand lit up with a burst of flames, incinerating that magical beast into ashes.

"HAHAHA…! I'm f.u.c.king laughing to death!" Lin Fan stood in the void and burst out in laughter. This scene right now was simply way too amusing!

The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python raised his head and glared up at the void, barking out, "Who in the world are you?"

By now, he had finally understood that this entire situation must have been created by that Indigenous Being. Otherwise, there was no reason why the magical beasts would act in this way.

For the beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland to invade the Endless Mainland, they had already drafted up a full attack plan. And, if that didn't work, they would just have to crush the enemy with overwhelming numbers then. There were countless magical beasts in the Moon Shadow Mainland, so many that it was truly immeasurable. Just these magical beasts here alone amounted to less than a single drop in an ocean worth of their actual numbers. However, as the number one magical beast under the command of the Magical Beast Master G.o.d, how could he possibly allow himself to be defeated as such?

"Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect... You guys from the Moon Shadow Mainland have really planned out for your interests through and through for this invasion of our Endless Mainland, eh? But in my eyes, there's no way that you guys are going to succeed." Lin Fan chuckled out. Right now, fights were breaking out all over the Mainland — it was evident that the Moon Shadow Mainland did not intend to gather their forces and strike out in a single direction. While Lin Fan might not know what the situation was like in the other places right now, the conclusion for this place could be determined — this was going to be a complete wipeout.

There were seventy two Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland. After two of them had been slain by Lin Fan, there were seventy of them left. However, even these seventy were not to be underestimated. Every single Master G.o.d had their own cult of followers. The strength of these followers was extremely formidable — some were fanatics, in fact. If the disciples of the Endless Mainland wanted to fight against them, they might truly not be a match for them.

"Hmph! Insolent! Just because of someone like you…? Watch how I'm going to devour you!" The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python howled out, his eyes burning with an endless wrath. He felt that this Indigenous Being before him was simply being way too audacious!

Lin Fan's brows rose up as he looked down with contempt. "Huehue... To think that the weakest of all Immortal King states would dare to spout out such bold and brazen words. Aren't you afraid of embarra.s.sing yourself?"

"Black Heavens Demon King Army, rush and kill them!"

Lin Fan did not say anything more as a single flag appeared in his hands instantly, tossing it out at the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python. In midair, the flag emitted an extremely thick black mist which then sent forth 10,000 Black Heavens Demon Kings slaying everyone right away. They brought with them a tremendous might just like cracking thunder.


Their adrenaline rush burst forth as their bright flash ripped the entire world asunder.

The face of the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python changed — he could feel an extremely incredible pressure pushing down on him. To think that the power being emitted forth by this flag would actually give him this much pressure!


The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python screamed out. Spreading his mouth wide open, he attempted to devour the black mist of the steel mounts. But in the eyes of Lin Fan, that fella was really just looking to die.

The long spears in the hands of the Black Heavens Demon Kings shot out with an extremely sharp glow of light that sliced everything.


A black light flashed past, and the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python's expression turned entirely aghast as though he was filled in disbelief.

"How could this be?"


The Black Heavens Demon King Army just stampeded their way through, appearing behind the back of the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python before turning around. A fresh drop of blood was dripping down from every single spear of those Black Heavens Demon Kings — this was all the blood of the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python.


The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python lowered his head toward his body before splitting apart. He then grimaced his face and faced Lin Fan. "H-How could this be…? HOW COULD THIS BE…?"

Looking at the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python, Lin Fan could only shake his head helplessly. "You're just simply far too weak…"


With that, the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python exploded, his body parts splattering out everywhere.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Devouring Heavens Dragon Python.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

The cultivation state of this Devouring Heavens Dragon Python was rather decent; after all, he was still an Immortal King state being no matter what. However, he could only be considered as one of the weakest among the Immortal Kings. As for Lin Fan, what he wanted to do right now was to have more Immortal Kings killed. Only Immortal Kings could provide him with the large amount of experience points he required.

Looking at those crazed magical beasts down below, the scene was found to be absolutely unbearable to watch. Violent… This was way too violent! It was an entirely inhumane scene right here.

All of those magical beasts that were infected with the Power of Biggra seemed as though they were in a trance. Nothing could describe them other than horrifying.

At that moment, a heaven encompa.s.sing palm appeared, spreading out a boundless might. The entire sky was blanketed by this single gigantic palm of Lin Fan. He wanted to just slap down and have all of them f*cked to death.

But right at that moment, a tremendous power shot out from within the endless void.

"If you dare lay your hands on them and kill them, I'll have you dead…!"

That voice was absolutely terrifying to hear, sounding as though it was filled with an infinite amount of rage. Lin Fan's brows twitched. How could he possibly care about such words? Smirking out, he pushed his palm down right away.


The entire ground quaked as those magical beasts wailed out for a split second. After all, they were being exterminated just when they were at the pinnacle of pleasure in their lives.



The notifications from the System rang out ceaselessly. The experience points from these measly little magical beasts were not something that Lin Fan could be bothered with at all as he ignored them all entirely.

As for that figure in the void, it was just completely incensed. "Indigenous Being…! You are just looking to die…!"

"Huehue…" Lin Fan laughed out in disdain before standing up in the void and waiting patiently. However, even after waiting for a long time, the other party was still not b.l.o.o.d.y appearing at all! This was something that made him pretty peeved.

"So, are you coming down or what? If you're not going to come at me, I'm going to be leaving, alright? Who in the world has the time to waste it here with you?" Lin Fan yelled out.

He naturally knew that the other party must be a Master G.o.d. But, wasn't the time spent here getting pretty long now? If the other party was still not going to show his face, how long more did he want Lin Fan to have to wait for?

"B*STARD…!" A mighty voice boomed out of the vortex up in the void. Getting closer and closer, it seemed as though the owner of the voice was about to arrive soon.

Looking at the situation before him, Lin Fan took out the Nine Five Legendary Brick before heading over to the area closer to the vortex. Later on, the other party would definitely come out of this vortex. Yours Truly would then hold on to this brick and wait for the rabbit to come bang its head on the tree. As long as this f*cker dared to show his face, Yours Truly would slam down with his brick. This was an absolutely safe plan.

After standing left and right, Lin Fan finally chose a position where he felt the most confident in.

Coughing out gently, the brick was all prepped up in Lin Fan's hand — he just had to wait for the other party to appear now.

The power emanating out of the vortex was getting stronger by the moment. Evidently, this Master G.o.d must have been rushing over from a distant place and was truly about to arrive soon.


The void trembled out slightly. The moment he noticed the feedback from the void, Lin Fan leaped up furiously.


Without saying anything more than that, Lin Fan slammed down with the brick in his hand.


A figure appeared between the Heaven and Earth. Lin Fan had timed it perfectly and even struck the target right on the mark!

"I've done it…!"

Lin Fan roared out in laughter as he reared his head up into the void and laughed out.

"HAHA…! What the f*ck do you even amount to? Wanting to act so brazenly in front of Yours Truly? How many lives do you think you have…?"

However, that happiness did not last long as a single voice sounded out within his ears. "d.a.m.ned Indigenous Being! You are simply way too audacious!"

Lin Fan was stumped, somewhat in disbelief. How could this be? Yours Truly had clearly hit the target right on the mark! But how the f*ck was this fella totally alright!

But when Lin Fan took a closer look at the target he had struck, the only thing that appeared on his face was nothing but the blank expression of an utter and complete defeat.

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