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Lin Fan was someone who had been out and about in the world. Therefore, even though there were so many disciples spectating right now, there was no way he would get nervous at all. This was a routine that he was extremely used to by now.

His expression was natural as his hands were placed behind his back. Focusing his gaze, he gave off a slightly repressing aura. Even though this repressing aura was invisible and odorless, it was something extremely alarming for those disciples down below.

"Who is he?"

"I've got no idea. But no matter what, he's definitely someone of the Endless Mainland. And, he has even stuck in to bail us out."

"Hold on a minute... He looks extremely familiar."

w.a.n.g Qingshan raised his head over as he wiped away the blood from the sides of his lips, his brows furrowing out. Since when was there a character as such within the Endless Mainland? He then pondered deeper into this. But all of a sudden, he yelled out with a thunderous shout, "He is Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect!"

Hearing that, all of the surrounding disciples were completely astounded.

"What! He is THE Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect! That genius disciple that had taken down the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect!"

"Rumors had it that he had slain the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect! Heck, even White Saint could do nothing against him!"

"What can the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect even amount to? This was the man who had slain a Senior Old Master of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect! All of those Old Masters are Immortal King state beings!"



All of these disciples let out looks of utter disbelief. Thereafter, as though something had just struck them, they started yelling out as well, "Does this mean that we're saved now?"

"Look at that flag over there!"

Yet another round of uproar!

All of those disciples cast their gazes in a flush over at the flag on that battlefield. Stabbing deep into the ground, that black flag fluttered along with the wind as a ferocious killing intent shrouded the entire world. On that desolate ground, a slight breeze gusted and blew up a patch of dust clouds.


The fluttering of the flag was getting faster as a monstrous Demonic Qi slowly started to gather up in the void. Within that Demonic Qi, there seemed to be thousands and thousands of steel mounts that were creating a huge ruckus, rampaging out relentlessly.

A gigantic Black Heavens Demon King rode on his Demonic Horse out from within that Demonic Qi. One after another, a total of 10,000 Black Heavens Demon Kings marched their way out from within.

With that, an intensely horrifying aura burst forth; even the Big Earth King Bear was so rattled that it retreated back a single step in fear, both of its eyes shining with a look of terror. He could clearly sniff out the smell of death from this.

When the ma.s.ses caught sight of this, they were petrified. "What in the world are those things? Why the h.e.l.l is their aura so b.l.o.o.d.y formidable?"

The Black Heavens Demon Kings that had undergone Lin Fan's nurturing were nothing like before. Not only that, these were beings that had consumed all the pills of the Truth Immortal King; therefore, their might was definitely unmatched. If even ordinary Immortal Kings could be slain by these Black Heavens Demon Kings, these disciples would definitely stand no chance at all.

The Big Earth King Bear roared out, "Retreat! A powerful Indigenous Being has arrived…!"

For the Big Earth King Bear to be able to turn into a Super G.o.d Beast, his intellect was naturally not too low. He could tell that these steel mounts before him were not something that they could deal with.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. "Come as you wish and leave as you wish? Do you really think that things would be that easy? Go and suppress them, but don't kill them."

"Yes!" The boundless voices boomed out as those Black Heavens Demon Kings were fiercer than anything else out there. The Demonic Horses that they were riding on galloped over furiously as the entire Heaven and Earth were filled with nothing but their killing intent.

And right now, Lin Fan had just thought of something that was even more fun — since these fellas had dared to invade the Endless Mainland, he would naturally have to give them a good welcome.

When the long spears in the hand of the Black Heavens Demon Kings were brandished, they sent a black flash of light that followed their paths. Before that Big Earth King Bear could even react to it, its ma.s.sive body fell onto the ground in a thud. He might not have even known what had happened to him even after he died.

From the very beginning, Lin Fan had already wanted to have all of these magical beasts killed. However, after thinking through, he thought that it would be better to keep them still. Giving the Moon Shadow Mainland a huge gift was not that bad of an option either.

When the disciples on the top of the wall caught sight of this scene, they were just thoroughly astounded. They were already petrified at the start by the sight of those black steel mounts. Those magical beasts possessed an extraordinary strength, such that even they themselves were not able to defend against the latter at all. But, to think that those magical beasts would be rendered so helpless in the hands of these black steel mounts as well!

"So strong! Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect is truly a character of the legends! To think that that gigantic army of magical beasts would not even have a single chance to fight back against him at all!"

Lin Fan was just standing in the void while watching everything idly. Those Black Heavens Demon Kings were truly pretty decent. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, everything was just mowed down. While that gigantic army of magical beasts had a large number of troops, they were absolutely no match for the Black Heavens Demon King Army at all.

A ball of Demonic Qi rushed up into the air just like dark clouds that were rumbling up in the void. Thereafter, just like overcast clouds that were exploding with thunder, they burst out with a power toward that magical beasts' army.

That formidable power whacked down that gigantic magical beasts army right away.

10,000 Black Heavens Demon Kings were just marching forth majestically, mowing down anything that stood in their way. The torrential Demonic Qi was boiling endlessly, such that those magical beasts fainted over before they were even able to get close to the Black Heavens Demon Kings.

Eventually, the Black Heavens Demon Kings transformed back into a flag, and with a single 'swoosh', flew back right into Lin Fan's hands.

Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction; this was swift indeed! Not only that, the strength of those Black Heavens Demon Kings were pretty strong — they had not let him down at all.

Witnessing that, all of those disciples up on the walls erupted into cheers. They had not expected that this battle would actually be so easy! They did not even have a single casualty before all those magical beasts of the Moon Shadow Mainland were completely overwhelmed!

"Heh heh!" Lin Fan looked over at those magical beasts and let out a grin. He then flung his arm out, causing the Power of Biggra to burst forth right away. The was a Legendary Weapon that had followed him for his entire life now, and had laid down all sorts of tremendous deeds and credits for his reign. However, now that he was rarely using it these days, Lin Fan felt as though he was doing his Power of Biggra a huge misdeed. Therefore, this was now the time for him to make it up to his Power of Biggra properly.

The Spirit of Biggra was extremely exuberant right now. After laying in the backlines for such a long time, he was finally going to have a chance to strut his stuff once more! This was truly an amazing feeling!

Whole of the Power of Biggra slowly seeped their way into the bodies of those magical beasts. As long as a being were to be taken over by it, there was no way they could possibly endure its effects.

Lin Fan's hands took on a claw like grip as he controlled the entire gigantic army of magical beasts in his palms, then flew over to the distance. This must be where the base camp of the gigantic army of magical beasts lay. Since they loved invading so much, Lin Fan was just going to give them one h.e.l.l of a huge gift then!

He came as quickly as he left. Those disciples standing guard here had barely taken a good look at their idol before he had left the place. This had them feeling rather helpless.

Magical beasts' army…

"How's the battle going?" The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python was the strongest magical beast under the command of the Magical Beasts Master G.o.d, having a cultivation state of an Immortal King. But of course, he was nothing more than an ordinary Immortal King.

However, he was the strongest amongst the magical beasts other than the Magical Beasts Master G.o.d.

Right now, the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python had taken on a humanoid shape, with the body of a snake and the head of a dragon.

Just as those magical beasts under him were ready to report to his question, a commotion broke outside all of a sudden.

Many magical beasts rushed out immediately to take a look — there was a huge sandstorm raging in the distance as the magical beasts within roared furiously.

The Devouring Heavens Dragon Python let out a terrifying smile. "Seems like the battle must have ended by now. They must be returning in triumph."

A few magical beasts headed over to welcome the return of this great army, "Lord Big Earth King Bear, how were those Indigenous Beings?"

As per these magical beasts, those Indigenous Beings must have definitely been beaten down. But all of a sudden, a gigantic hand bolted out and grabbed one of those magical beasts within it.

"Lord Big Earth King Bear…What are you trying to do?" That magical beast was suddenly discovering that the eyes of the Lord Big Earth King Bear were bloodshot and filled with a trace of berserk rage. The heart of this magical beast skipped furiously, feeling as though something bad was about to happen real soon.

Looking at the magical beast before him, the Big Earth King Bear let out a l.u.s.tful smirk before pinning it down beneath him.


A tragic wail that was miserable beyond anything else screamed forth, sending shivers down everyone's spines. When the Devouring Heavens Dragon Python caught sight of that, he felt his heart clench up. "Just what in the world is going on?"

But by that moment, all of those magical beasts that were overtaken by the Power of Biggra had gone entirely deranged. Facing these magical beasts, the only thing on their minds was to give a good vent to their endless frustrations.

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