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The entire Heaven and Earth fell entirely silent.

All of a sudden, an extremely sharp tip of a brush soared out of the tower as the entire void was filled with an intense killing intent.

The brows of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord furrowed. "Are you thinking of striking out?"


The brush tip came to a stop before dissipating out into nothingness. "I only seek the Truth, and will not bother myself in secular affairs. However, Boundless Future Buddha Lord, you are already treading down a path of mistakes… The Heavenly Lord state is getting ever so distant from you."

"I shall not bother to trouble you with Your Buddha Lord's personal affairs then. Just make sure you remember those words of yours…" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord did not give the Truth Immortal King any bit of face at all. If they were to base it on seniority, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was higher than the Truth Immortal King. Even if they were to base it in terms of strength, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was much stronger than the Truth Immortal King as well.

After that, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord turned around to leave immediately. Right now, he was headed for the last three remaining forbidden grounds.

He was going to seek out the remaining three Immortal Kings.

The most powerful Immortal Kings in the entire Endless Mainland were none other than those three. However, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had a great deal of confidence that he would be able to persuade them.

As for this Truth Immortal King, he was filled with nothing but contempt toward him.

'F*ck him and that Truth of his. This is the most he will be able to amount to in his entire life.'

A few days later…

Lin Fan stood in the void and looked at that towering building before him. Even though there was still quite some distance to it, he could already feel a Power of Truth being emitted out.

This was an Ancient Immortal King here; therefore, he must naturally be formidable. Even though Lin Fan was also an Immortal King right now, he knew that he definitely had to put on a low profile when coming across the Truth Immortal King later on. Who knew, the other party might feel happy and even give him some benefits because of that att.i.tude! That was something no one could tell.

Upon stepping foot into the Truth Sacred Grounds, Lin Fan could feel as though there was some tremendous power that was blocking him in his path.

"Isn't this just a barrier? Small matter."

Curling his lips into a grin, Lin Fan shattered the surrounding barrier and made his way in forcefully.

"Who dares to trespa.s.s into the Truth Scared Grounds?" The moment Lin Fan entered the boundaries of the grounds, a voice reverberated out in his ears.

"Truth Immortal King, this junior here is a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect. The reason for my arrival this time around is to implore the Truth Immortal King, you, to come out of being a hermit and help suppress those invaders of the Moon Shadow Mainland." After finishing those words, Lin Fan waited patiently. He knew that all powerful beings loved their moments of silence. Who knew, they might even come out with some absurdly crazy big reason for their actions. Even though he might not be able to understand that bullsh*t, based on his experience, he knew that this would most likely be just like the three humble visits to the thatched hut — he would have to make his request a couple more times.

"You can go back…" The Truth Immortal King said.

Indeed, as he had guessed!

Lin Fan realized that everything was going exactly as he had thought it would. The Truth Immortal King was truly just as he had expected! He must definitely have not shown enough sincerity the first time around. And not only that, all senior beings loved to put on an act. Lin Fan would have to put his words nicely such that these seniors would feel like they were being looked upon with high regard. It would have to seem like juniors such as himself had no other choice but to seek their help — that was when they would definitely lend a hand of a.s.sistance.

The one and only reason why Lin Fan wanted to get the Truth Immortal King out of his hermit state was just so that the latter could stand on the frontlines and take on a huge wave of pressure for himself. It was true that the Immortal Kings of the Endless Mainland could take on the Master G.o.ds and stand against them. However, they did not have the same capabilities to deal with some of the formidable Master G.o.ds. Those were beings that only these Ancient Immortal Kings could actually deal with.

Now that the Truth Immortal King was asking Lin Fan to leave, how could he possibly accept that? He must definitely invite this guy out of his hermit state.

"Truth Immortal King, the entire Endless Mainland is in hot soup right now. We really, desperately require your a.s.sistance." Lin Fan spoke up once more.

"You can go back…"

This reply once again! Lin Fan was stunned with it right away. Couldn't this guy say anything different?

However, Lin Fan wasn't someone who would not give up that easily. Unless he were to move the Truth Immortal King, he would definitely feel extremely indignant in his heart.

"Truth Immortal King, those living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland are simply way too strong. We're almost unable to hold out any longer! If you do not come out of this hermit state soon, the whole Endless Mainland is going to be dead meat!" This was the only way that Lin Fan could phrase things now. But, by the tone of the Truth Immortal King, it seemed as though this fella was extremely reluctant. That was something that had Lin Fan feeling extremely troubled.

"I will never bother myself with the affairs of the Endless Mainland. The only thing I seek is the pursuit of Truth. Wherever you came from, please go back." The Truth Immortal King said.

Lin Fan was stunned as his brows furrowed slightly. By that tone of his, it sounded like he was really not intending to give them any bit of help at all!

"Truth Immortal King, if the Endless Mainland is destroyed, what use and purpose does your Truth have?" Lin Fan asked.

"Even if the Endless Mainland is destroyed, there is still the Moon Shadow Mainland. Truth does not differentiate between races…" The Truth Immortal King said.

"Eh…? The aura of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord…! Did the Boundless Future Buddha Lord come over?" Initially, Lin Fan had wanted to say something when he spotted a trace of dissipating aura from the void above all of a sudden — it was so darned familiar.

"Junior, you should leave first. As for the affairs of the Endless Mainland, I'm not bothering about them anymore, and neither do I wish to." At that moment, a figure came out of the tall tower. Raising his head up at the void, Lin Fan caught sight of that figure clearly.

The face of the Truth Immortal King was extremely calm as his long robes fluttered with the wind. The only thing he sought after was the Truth. As for every other thing, he disregarded them entirely.

Lin Fan looked at the Truth Immortal King and said, "To think that the Truth Immortal King would be someone so afraid of death."

Right now, he had finally understood the reason for all this. When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord came here, he must have told something to this Truth Immortal King. Otherwise, why else would the Boundless Future Buddha Lord come here?

"Brazen!" The Truth Immortal King was angered. He had not expected that a mere junior would dare to speak of such words to him. A glistening brush floated out gently beside him up in the void. This brush was a legacy that was left behind by the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension, and possessed an extremely mystifying power.

At this moment, the brush was emanating off an extremely sharp aura. This aura could slice through the void, and had a clear-cut killing intent. It was as though life and death could be determined through a single stroke of this brush.

Lin Fan stood up in the void as his gaze narrowed while he looked at the Truth Immortal King. He truly wanted to throw out his soap and f*ck this Truth Immortal King over to death. But on second thoughts, that wasn't worth it at all. Wasting the soap on this Truth Immortal King was really far too much of a waste.

"Truth Immortal King, the reason why I, Lin Fan, am willing to swallow my pride is all for the sake of the Endless Mainland. Otherwise, do you really think that we juniors are pushovers?" Lin Fan looked at the Truth Immortal King in disdain. In the blink of an eye, the aura of Lin Fan as an Immortal King burst forth immensely, causing the entire world to quake in the face of it.

When the Truth Immortal King felt this aura, his face changed. He had not expected that this person before him would be an Immortal King as well!

He was someone in control of the Truths of the world, writing everything into ranking rolls. But, he had not expected that this person would have broken through to the Immortal King state already!

The Truth Immortal King gave Lin Fan a single look before turning around to leave, entering his Tower of Truth.

"Holy f*ck!" Lin Fan had not expected that this Truth Immortal King could actually remain so calm and head right back into that Tower of Truth of his! His lips then curled out into a grin. 'So be it then. Since this guy loves to stay in this place so much, he can jolly well stay in it for the rest of his life then.'

With that, the Power of Biggra erupted forth.

Ever since Lin Fan had entered an Immortal King state, all of his mystic skills had long evolved into Immortal Arts. With that, it also gave them a new lease of life, filling them with all sorts of mystifying powers.

Odorless and colorless, it slowly seeped into the Heaven and Earth, wrapping up the entire Tower of Truth just like a bubble.

If he wanted to break through this Power of Biggra of Lin Fan, that would have to depend on whether he had the capabilities to do so then.

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