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Heaven and Earth Sect!

After letting them down, Lin Fan rushed right over to the deepest parts of the sect. Right now, the Heaven and Earth Sect was in a hectic mess from head to toe — it was as though all of them were busy preparing for war. This was something that none of them had ever encountered ever since they had entered the sect.

In the deepest area of the sect…

"Where have you been to the entire time?" Right now, Geng Yangtian was totally overwrought with ch.o.r.es. Out of the nine major sects, the Good and Evil Buddha Sect had actually colluded with the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland!

Nine sects, six residences, three holes, and seventy two gangs...

Even though those seventy two gangs were in no way comparable to major sects like the Heaven and Earth Sect, they were still a rather formidable force. But, who would have thought that half of that potent force was already slain by the Good and Evil Buddha Sect! Not only that, everything was but the work of a single person — the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

In the hands of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, the seventy two gangs had no chance at all, and were just mowed down by him with a completely overwhelming brute force. This was quite the considerable loss for the side of the Endless Mainland.

"It's a long story. I had met some trouble. But, what's the situation with the Endless Mainland right now? On the way back, I pa.s.sed by the ruins of many sects out there. Has it really gotten to an irrevocable state?" Lin Fan did not know just how the situation had developed entirely. However, he could guess that it shouldn't be anything normal.

"Out of the nine sects, the Good and Evil Buddha Sect is colluding with the side of the Moon Shadow Sect. Because of that, half of the seventy two gangs had been destroyed. For now, the situation can be considered as being somewhat stabilized. We Immortal Kings have stood out and lai down a line of defense, rendering the people of the Moon Shadow Mainland incapable of infiltrating us for now. However, in my personal opinion, things aren't looking all that optimistic just yet. There's no avoiding the huge war that's going to break out. At this moment, one-fourth of the Endless Mainland's territory has already been occupied by the Moon Shadow Mainland. At the same time, some of those small sects have either been destroyed or have defected and bowed down to the might of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Things are truly not optimistic at all." Geng Yangtian explained.

"To think that it would be this serious." Lin Fan's brows furrowed, not expecting that things would have come down to such a state.

At that moment, Han Juntian appeared. "This is not all there is. The cultivation system of those people from the Moon Shadow Mainland is entirely different from what we have here. The most horrifying amongst them are those Necromancers, who can manipulate and control the dead corpses. As long as a single disciple of the Endless Mainland is lost, that just means that the Moon Shadow Mainland gains an additional bit of power."

"Grandmaster, have you recovered?" Catching sight of Han Juntian, Lin Fan let out a smile.

"Yes…My Immortal King state has already stabilized. You must work hard as well so that you can enter the Immortal King state as soon as possible. That is the only way that you can have the capabilities of protecting yourself in this upcoming war."

Lin Fan chuckled out as his heart skipped with joy. But, he decided not to tell them just yet. When there was a chance, he'd give them a huge, huge surprise.

Sweeping his robes, Geng Yangtian produced an image up in the void. "Some time ago, I was engaged in a furious duel with some of the Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland. The powers of those Master G.o.ds are not to be underestimated. Even though their cultivation states are similar to our Immortal Kings, there's a number of them who possess a strength that's even stronger than our Immortal Kings. They are equivalent to our veteran Immortal Kings, the same level as me. While there are many Immortal Kings in the Endless Mainland compared to the Moon Shadow Mainland, the difference in strength is still pretty apparent. The situation has even worsened with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord joining their side right now. That puts our Endless Mainland in a really bad state."

"I believe that the Endless Mainland should have Ancient Immortal Kings, right?" Lin Fan asked.

The Endless Mainland was such a huge place, vast like the endless oceans. There was absolutely no way there weren't any top powerful beings out there.

"Yes... Based on what I know, there's an Ancient Immortal King that resides in the Truth Sacred Grounds, someone who tops every single ranking amongst all the Immortal Kings of the entire Endless Mainland. His cultivation state is absolutely ground-breaking and incredible to even imagine. Back when I had just joined the Heaven and Earth Sect, he was already an Immortal King." Geng Yangtian wasn't worried, because he knew that there were also existences that could compare with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord in the Endless Mainland. Now that the Endless Mainland was on the brink of such danger, there was no way they would just sit by idly and watch.

"In my opinion, the situation right now calls for us to preserve our strength first. Even though those minor and small sects may not be able to help out too much, we must not shut our eyes to those that are dying. If we were to let those of the Moon Shadow Mainland mow everyone over, those disciples would be turned into Undead Spirits by those Necromancers. By then, that would pose yet another problem for us." Lin Fan said.

Geng Yangtian nodded his head. "Indeed. I've already had some of my junior brothers go and seek out those minor sects. We can only hope that we can manage to preserve their legacies."

"What is the Kunlun G.o.d Sect's response to this?" Lin Fan asked.

Slightly taken aback, Geng Yangtian chuckled soon after, "Even though White Saint was infuriated in his heart, he isn't someone who is incapable of recognizing the big picture. He too knows that what the Endless Mainland is facing right now is a grave danger. I've already spoken to him. For this period of time, we're going to let go of every single grudge and hatred we have and stand together to push back the enemies. Once everything is settled and done with, we'll then slowly deal with our own issues."

Upon hearing those words, Lin Fan was somewhat surprised, feeling it to be inconceivable. To think that White Saint of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect would be someone who was so understanding toward the situation. That was a truly startling fact.

With that, Lin Fan could not help but feel that this White Saint was a rather decent old man.

"That's good then. Given the current situation, I'm afraid I may not be of much help as well. For all the stuff about gathering troops and building up defensive formations, I still have to depend on you guys. The most I can possibly do is just to raise my strength as much as possible." Lin Fan said.

Even though his current strength was that of an Immortal King right now, compared to those people like the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and whatnot, there was still that much of a difference. If he wanted to raise his strength, he would have to do so by rapidly filling up the experience points required for him to level up from the Immortal King state to the Heavenly Lord state. No matter the eventual outcome of how things would turn out by then, that was someone that Lin Fan would only know once he was there.

Geng Yangtian and Han Juntian nodded their heads. This was probably the best idea right now.

"What sort of a place is this Truth Sacred Grounds? I do have half a mind of wanting to check it out." Lin Fan asked.

"It's somewhere in the extreme eastern area. There's a tall tower that extends all the way into the clouds over there, and that is none other than the Truth Scared Grounds." Geng Yangtian replied. Lin Fan's intention of wanting to head over to the Truth Scared Grounds was not that bad of an idea either. Perhaps he could have those Ancient Immortal Kings step out of their hermit lives earlier… That would certainly help to reduce the needless casualties in the Endless Mainland.

The powerful beings on the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland were simply way too many. The sheer numbers they possessed were extremely incredulous and downright horrifying.

At the end of the day, the determining factor of victory for the war still boiled down to strength. However, if the Endless Mainland were to sustain considerable losses and countless of deaths, that might end up exhausting all of their resources.

Lin Fan did not linger for much further. Entering the void, he rushed over to the extreme east.

'Truth Scared Grounds… Hmm...'

Lin Fan had to see for himself just what sort of beings those Ancient Immortal Kings would be.

The Truth Scared Grounds existed within a danger ground in itself. This wasn't a place that ordinary people would be able to arrive at.

That tower extended all the way into the clouds, standing erect between the Heaven and Earth. In the surroundings of the tower was an aura of Truth exuding out constantly. It was as though every single bit of Truth from the Heaven and Earth was being spread out from this place right here.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord, since you've come, do come out then."

At that moment, a voice traveled out from within that tall tower.


Instantly, the void was filled with a bright flash of a Buddha light. Extending out like banners, an endless amount of Buddha lights appeared behind the back of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

Seated cross-legged on that lotus seat of his, the gigantic body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord floated gently within the void. His eye shone with a cheery glint as he looked at that tall tower which possessed the only Truth in the entire universe.

"Hais! It's been such a long time now, and you've yet to let it go. If you were able to let it go, there is no doubt that you would be the first person to enter the Heavenly Lord state." The Truth Immortal King lamented.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord gave a m.u.f.fled laugh, "Truth Immortal King, cut the c.r.a.p! Regarding the Calamity of the Endless Mainland this time around, what do you think about it?"

At the moment when the Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke out those words, it seemed as though the entire void around him had frozen solid. If the Truth Immortal King wanted to interfere in this affair, the only welcome he would receive would be nothing but death.

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