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That set of combo attacks blinded the eyes of everyone present with its brilliance.

Hua Qingxuan and the others had a stuffy feeling in their chest, as though there was something stuck in there. This was the first time they had seen Lin Fan in action. Regarding the affairs of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, those were only hearsays from other people. But now that they were witnessing him at work personally, they were totally frightened by it.

So ruthless!

In their eyes, this Water Master G.o.d before them was a perfect work of art! She could be described as the most beautiful and ravishing woman out in the entire universe. But to him, none of that mattered at all as he just struck out at her without mercy. That was absolutely way too terrifying!

At that moment, Hua Qingxuan suddenly felt that she was extremely lucky — she was thankful that she wasn't an enemy of someone like that. If they were to become foes, she would definitely have to endure an extremely horrible outcome as well.

Landing on the ground, Lin Fan took a step forward and bent over his body to look down into that deep pit. While smirking out, he asked, "How about now? What are your thoughts about everything? Are you feeling extremely indignant about being beaten down by an 'Indigenous Being'?"


A hand extended out of the pit and grabbed hold of Lin Fan's ankles. There was a weak and feeble sound coming out from within, seeming as though she could die at any moment now. At the same time, there was a glistening hexagonal Crystal Core that glowed like flowing waters being propped up slowly by the other palm of hers.

"I'm willing to bow down in defeat. Please don't kill me." At this moment, that same weak and feeble voice of the Water Master G.o.d trawled out from the deep pit.




The Water Master G.o.d had not thought that there could be an Indigenous Being on this Endless Mainland that could be this strong. He was so formidable that her heart was filled with fear even as a Master G.o.d.

The only way she could preserve her life was by bowing down in defeat. At that moment, she was ready to submit down unconditionally — the only thing she wanted to save was her life.

"You're putting me in a really tough spot here." Lin Fan chuckled out, "Aren't all of you Master G.o.ds high and mighty? Aren't you all filled with a holy authority? Why are you so darned fragile and weak?"

The voice of the Water Master G.o.d trawled out once more, "I'm begging you…Please spare my life. I'm willing to be your slave. No matter what you ask of me, I will definitely be willing to do it."

"Hais…!" Lin Fan sighed out, "If you had spoken to me like this from the very beginning, I might have given it a thought of consideration. But, it's a pity… it's far too late for that now."

Lin Fan stood upright. That disdainful gaze of his was shining with an unparalleled killing intent.

"My apologies. You're no longer qualified to do so."

Lin Fan stomped down on that hexagonal Crystal Core. With a single cracking sound, that hexagonal Crystal Core shattered as the Power of the Master G.o.ds held within it gushed out. It was like the most beautiful rainbow in the world that was scattered out into the skies.



"I couldn't ask for more." Lin Fan chuckled out. Finally, he had done in yet another one of those Master G.o.ds. This feeling was simply way too awesome.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Water Master G.o.d.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

Hearing the notifications that rang out from the System, Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. Earlier on, the Radiant Master G.o.d had already been f*cked over to death by him. And now, he had f*cked over this Water Master G.o.d. He heard that there were only seventy two Master G.o.ds in the Moon Shadow Mainland. As long as he were to slay all of them, everything would come to an end.

"HAHAHAHA…!" Lin Fan raised his head and roared out in laughter.

"Seaweed! Bravo!!!" In the distance, all the children were cheering out happily. However, all of those adults covered their mouths instantly. This was the most powerful Immortal out there! How could they call still him Seaweed! If the Immortal were to get angry, that was definitely going to be outrageously scary!

Lin Fan looked over at those children. "Kids, you guys have good taste. After you guys grow up, you can come and follow me."

How could those children know what Lin Fan meant by that? But, the relatives of those children were stunned. This was a happy occasion that had just descended down on them from the Heavens, causing them to collapse to the ground on their knees to thank the Immortal.

Hua Qingxuan and the others looked at Lin Fan politely, not daring to show the slightest bit of disrespect. In their eyes, this was the most horrifying existence ever. If anyone were to ruffle his feathers, they would die for sure, just like that gorgeously beautiful woman from earlier on.

The person before them was ruthless in his methods. He would not even care about whether the other party was some flawlessly unrivaled beauty. As long as someone were to offend him, he would chop them to death all the same, without the slightest bit of mercy.

Lin Fan had no interest in Hua Qingxuan and the others. He then grabbed all of them together in a bunch and fetched them all over to the Heaven and Earth Sect.

To think that that a single battle with the War Master G.o.d and the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would have turned him into a braindead moron. That was something that Lin Fan truly felt helpless toward.

However, all of those things didn't matter anymore. Now that he had recovered, his personal strength had even grown by a considerable amount.

For one to level up to the Heavenly Lord from an Immortal King… this was not an easy path to undertake.

That was the feeling that Lin Fan's sixth sense was telling him. Even though he was someone in possession of a System, wanting to level up to that utmost state of being a Heavenly Lord was still something far from simple.

However, none of that mattered right now. No matter how many of the enemies came, he would have them all killed. Even if he knew that he couldn't win against them in a fight, he would still have to fight.

After all, the time spent living had him indifferent toward life and death. If he weren't happy about anything, he might as well f*ck them up then!

That was Lin Fan's principle of doing things.

No matter who it was, as long as they were to offend him, he would chop all of them to death all the same, without showing the slightest bit of mercy.

Bringing everyone with him into the void, Lin Fan rushed back toward the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Moon Shadow Mainland…

A frosty city stood upright in the midst of a fluttering snowstorm. There was a beautiful little bird that was spreading its wings out and soaring into the skies. However, when it approached that frosty city, it was frozen into an ice cube before dropping heavily onto the ground.

Outside that city were Frost Dragons flying around one after another. Circling high up in the sky, those humongous bodies of theirs were absolutely fear-inducing.

"Frost Master G.o.d, for the expedition to conquer the Endless Mainland this time around, there have been seventy one out of seventy two Master G.o.ds who had agreed to it already. You are the only one left. Are you really thinking of just staying here forever?" The Flame Master G.o.d floated out gently within the void. When the frosty air from the surroundings crept close to him, it was evaporated into steam instantly. "This place is yours is truly way too chilly. I really dislike it here."

A white haired woman was seated on a throne made up of crystallized water as she rubbed her chin and looked over at the Flame Master G.o.d. She then replied with a frosty expression, "Is it a war? I don't really like that. What I prefer is to collect all these beautiful ice sculptures. Look at them… Don't you think that they are gorgeous?"

Within every single corner of this frosty city stood a series of ice sculptures. There were all sorts of living beings that were in different poses. However, they were frozen here in ice for all eternity, retaining the states from their lives permanently.

The brows of the Flame Master G.o.d furrowed. The one thing he disliked the most was having to exchange talks with this Frost Master G.o.d. And that was because this woman was a twisted being, a completely twisted sicko, through and through. While the other Master G.o.ds preferred enslaving living beings, she liked collecting all the different poses and expressions of those living beings even more — to have them encapsulated in ice sculptures forever. They were displayed all around the entire Frost City just like art pieces.

"My younger sister, the Water Master G.o.d, has already joined the war this time around. What need is there for me anymore? Flame Master G.o.d, you promised me the other time that you were going to give me a gift of a Flame Spirit's ice sculpture. I wonder when you will send that over to me… I'm really itching to get my hands on it now." The Frost Master G.o.d chuckled out coldly. Her face was the exact same as that of the Water Master G.o.d; the only difference between them was in their dispositions. She was frosty beyond anything else, as though she could repel everyone thousands of miles away from her. Those pupils of hers were like snowflakes that emitted off an icy aura.

"Flame and frost will never be able to coexist. There is no way that ice sculpture can ever be created." The Flame Master G.o.d said.

Hearing that, the Frost Master G.o.d chuckled out, "Oh, they can definitely coexist."

The Flame Master G.o.d raised his finger slightly as a Flame Spirit danced out gently within the void.

"Frost Master G.o.d, you did not use to be like this in the past. Could it be that after heading over to that Mainland with the Lord of Chaos in the past…you have grown afraid?" The Flame Master G.o.d mumbled out to himself.

As for the Frost Master G.o.d, she merely extended her hand out and tapped it gently on that Flame Spirit that was fighting to resist the frosty cold of the area right now. With a single cracking sound, the Flame Spirit froze up immediately and turned into an ice sculpture.

When the Flame Master G.o.d caught sight of this, his heart skipped a beat. He could never see through this Frost Master G.o.d ever. But, to think that she would be able to fuse flame and frost this easily right now and turn it into an ice sculpture. That move alone had the Flame Master G.o.d fearful of her thoroughly.

In fact, he even had a feeling that if the Frost Master G.o.d were to strike at him, he might not even be a match for her.

The Frost Master G.o.d took the ice sculpture in her hands. "This is truly a magnificent piece of art."

Within the ice sculpture, the flames on the body of that Flame Spirit were still dancing around. However, that Flame Spirit would never be able to wake up from this peaceful slumber ever again — it was already dead.

At that moment, a voice traveled out of the void.


When the Flame Master G.o.d heard that voice, his entire face changed. "That's the voice of the Water Master G.o.d! Could she have…?"


The Frost Master G.o.d was stunned for a moment as the ice sculpture of the Flame Spirit in her hands shattered apart right away. A horrifying aura exuded from her, shrouding the entire Frost City in a patch of iciness.

Knitting his brows, the Flame Master G.o.d vanished from the void entirely to leave this place. He knew that the Frost Master G.o.d was going to enter the frays now…

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