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Strength! This was the true strength of Master G.o.ds!

That peerlessly beautiful face of the Water Master G.o.d shone with a haughty and holy glow.

Pointing out with a single finger, she shouted, "Indigenous Being, do you see this? This is the might of a Master G.o.d." The Water Master G.o.d looked down at Lin Fan in disdain. That single point of her finger was just like a female empress who could determine the life and death of every single living beings out there.

Hua Qingxuan and the others could definitely sense the tremendous amount of power that was pouring out right now. Instantly, their hearts shuddered out from within. This was a power that they had never ever experienced for themselves before. Or perhaps, it would be accurate to call this the strongest and most horrifying power ever in the world. Even their Grandmaster did not possess a strength of this level.

Lin Fan looked up into the void at that Water Master G.o.d's arrogance. His brows knitted out as the powers within his body rumbled; his lips then slowly curled into a smile.

"It's really hard to find someone as arrogant as yourself these days. Since that's the case, I guess I will just have to let you experience the meaning of endless fear."


The Water Master G.o.d was relishing in her own tremendous strength when she discovered a figure before her all of a sudden.

'That speed…!'

Her heart clenched up slightly. She was THE Water Master G.o.d! But why was it that she was suddenly feeling the aura of this Indigenous Being before her undergoing a change at this moment?

"Hehe!" The Water Master G.o.d was stumped as she looked at this Indigenous Being that had appeared right before her face. Not only that, he was even revealing a bright smile! Those two rows of pearly whites that he was displaying right now seemed to be trying to brag about something!

She wanted to bark out at this Indigenous Being before right now when a gigantic, heaven encompa.s.sing fist suddenly appeared right before her very eyes all of a sudden.

"You…!" The Water Master G.o.d spoke up, startled. But all it took was that single split second for her to personally experience one of the most unbelievable things ever in this world.


Lin Fan did not hesitate as he slammed that fist right onto the face of that Water Master G.o.d. That peerlessly perfect face was the recipient of this heavy, cruel, and devastating fist of Lin Fan, causing even that wonderfully flawless complexion of hers to suffer a vicious demolishing.


A tragic shriek rang across the entire world. That was enough for Lin Fan to understand just how horrifying this single fist of his was when it landed down.

Rearing his head up into the void, Lin Fan sighed out, "When a woman is way too flawless, one might really find it hard to do anything untoward to her. But now, there's no need to worry about that any longer. Since your face is practically just like a pig's head at this moment and is so utterly hideous, what's there to hold back about?"

Receiving that single fist had the Water Master G.o.d feeling a stinging pain burning through her entire face. When she crawled up from the ground, she used those snow white, silky smooth jade fingers of hers to caress her face. Suddenly, those sparkly eyes of hers flashed with a look of horror.

"Water Mirror Technique!"

A mirror appeared before the face of the Water Master G.o.d. When she caught sight of herself in the mirror, she screamed out in a high pitch.



The Water Master G.o.d was frantic at this moment as she started throwing healing techniques one after another on her face. However, to her utmost horror, there didn't seem to be any signs of those wounds on her face recovering in the slightest bit!

Right now, Lin Fan was up above looking at her just like a majestic emperor. "Do you really think that your face can remain the same without changing after receiving the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star from Yours Truly? That must be one h.e.l.l of a dream you're having."

"YOU…!" The Water Master G.o.d glared at Lin Fan with immense hatred. Those initially sparkly eyes of hers were completely replaced by furious flames of rage at this moment. She could not wish for anything more than to rip Lin Fan into pieces ruthlessly.

Looking at the sight of the Water Master G.o.d's face, Lin Fan even put on an act to shun his head away. "Oh my, oh my! Don't face me with that face of yours! It's way too hideous! I'm almost dying of fright from your ugliness!"

Hua Qingxuan and the others were practically dropping their jaws wide open at this moment.

They knew that Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect was a top tiered powerful being who had taken down the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect. However, in the rumors that were spreading outside, everyone was also talking about how that same Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect was a man with an extremely crafty personality — he would often do things that most ordinary people would never ever dream of doing.

Therefore, he was regarded by the ma.s.ses as the number one person that n.o.body should ever dream of offending.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!" The Water Master G.o.d had gone completely deranged right now. That face that was already destroyed by Lin Fan was looking menacing beyond anything else. Her deep blue hair spiked out like metal needles, exploding out in wrath, "d.a.m.nED INDIGENOUS BEING! I'LL F*CKING HAVE YOU DEAD…!"

However, Lin Fan was just sn.i.g.g.e.ring right now, "Hehe...You want me dead? YOU? You're far too much of a greenhorn for words like that."


A figure flashed out and appeared before the face of the Water Master G.o.d right away. "That armor of yours is not too bad. Those two buns on your chest are pretty lumpy and huge as well. Let Yours Truly perform an operation on you then!"

b.o.o.bs Bursting Fist of the North Star!


When those two punches were thrown out, the world could be considered to be torn asunder. As though they had just received some incredibly tremendous impact, that summoned armor actually started to crack out!

And to the horror of the Water Master G.o.d, she was starting to discover some changes going on with her chest!

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" The Water Master G.o.d barked out.

At this moment, Lin Fan could really feel that this Water Master G.o.d was way too weak. There was no way to compare her with the War Master G.o.d and the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. The difference between them was practically just like between the Heaven and Earth.

"Water Master G.o.d, you are simply way too weak. You'll know what's happening after three punches." Lin Fan's gaze was locked onto the chest of the Water Master G.o.d right now.

Even though that chest of hers was perfect and full, it could not obtain the doting care of Lin Fan. On the other hand, it served to have Lin Fan realize how wonderful it would feel to destroy something that was so flawless.

"The second punch!"

That bursting power shot out, causing the entire void to tremble out in the face of this majestic might. It punched right through the body of the Water Master G.o.d, slamming down hard onto the ground with its aftershock.

Right now, the Water Master G.o.d was nothing more than a punching bag that was there for Lin Fan to whack as he liked.

Against his enemies, Lin Fan would never ever show any bit of mercy. Even if she were a peerlessly ravishing beauty, it would serve no purpose against him at all.

"The third punch…Go on and explode!"

Lin Fan burst out into laughter. Under that formidable blow, a tremendous amount of power erupted forth. At the end of the day, the b.o.o.bs Bursting Fist of the North Star was still the most horrifying skill between the face of the world known to womenkind.


At that moment, an exploding sound boomed across the entire world.

The Water Master G.o.d was truly frightened down to her very core at this moment. She had just realized that those pair of existences that she was the proudest of had suddenly decided to blow up!


That shriek was filled with both horror and rage, coming from the bottom of her lungs and nearly tearing her throat apart.

However, Lin Fan gave her no chance at all as he appeared before the face of the Water Master G.o.d instantly. Spreading his palms wide open, he grabbed out at the Heaven and Earth, seizing the Water Master G.o.d in his palms.

Two punches were hurled out directly onto her face, busting it up completely.

It was the same for the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star; after three punches, it was bound to explode.


And as expected, her face blew up from the third punch, causing blood to spray out across the entire sky.

Those tragic cries were relentless and endless. To think that the high and mighty Water Master G.o.d would be grabbed and whacked with such cruelty, without any chance to even fight back at all.

After using a full combo set of his techniques, Lin Fan felt that this was the first time he was having a such a wonderful sensation while going through a battle.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth!"

All of a sudden, the Yin and the Yang of the Heaven and Earth changed as an even more horrifying move had been used.

This was the most terrifying skill out of everything that Lin Fan had in his a.r.s.enal. This was something that could destroy the balance of the world, cause ghosts and G.o.ds to weep, destroy life as all humanity knew it, and make one lose every single bit of will to live just by hearing about something like this.

As though she had gone completely stupid from the shock, the body of the Water Master G.o.d was merely floating out gently in the void at this moment. Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly as his eyes shone with an extremely berserk and wild look. With that, he bolted out for the waist of the Water Master G.o.d.


That deafening sound filled the entire world as a boundless power erupted right away from the middle of the void. Circles after circles of impact rippled out and spread into the distance with the body of the Water Master G.o.d as the center. Just like a bomb, she was sent bolting down from the skies, digging an extremely deep trench deep into the ground.

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