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"Mas…master! Not good! There’s a bunch of female disciples rushing up!" Zhang Ergou ran over hurriedly with a look of shock.

Shocking! This was simply way too shocking!

The group of female disciples outside looked so truculent that Zhang Ergou felt his heart leap out upon the sight.

Lin Fan frowned slightly. Female disciples? What female disciples? But upon reaching the Peak’s entrance, Lin Fan smiled happily. To think that his Jialan Peak disciples were here.

"Greetings, Junior Master Lin!" Zhou Yaoyao stepped forth and greeted with a wide smile.

"Greetings, Junior Master Lin!" The rest of the female disciples followed suit.

Zhang Ergou was dumbfounded. To think that his master actually knew so many female disciples! But on second thought, it was even more surprising. Ever since he had entered the sect, he had been by his master’s side. And even on day to day basis, he did not see his master interact much with anyone else!

Weird, this was d.a.m.n weird. But looking at the bunch of female disciples, Zhang Ergou’s eyes were bedazzled.

The sight was so beautiful that it was a sin. If he could only marry one of them, what a life it would be?

Looking at his Master’s chummy relationship with these junior sisters, and recalling how well his master took care of them, perhaps there’d actually be a chance for an arranged marriage!

"My dear Junior Disciples, what brings you up to Nameless Peak today?" Lin Fan smiled and asked.

"Can’t we come over when we miss our Junior Master?" Zhou Yaoyao commented while pouting.

Lin Fan laughed, "Alright then, let’s sit over there. Since you guys are here, let Yours Truly host you guys nicely."

Now that the gigantic Nameless Peak only had four occupants, this place did seem a little lonesome.

But with the presence of so many people, everything appeared much livelier.

Zhou Yaoyao knew that the Nameless Peak was once a desolate ground where there were only weeds. But to have it turned into such a majestic place over such a short period of time, she knew that Glory Sect must be backing this place strongly.

Indeed, Junior Master Lin was a man of caliber. For the sect to take such a liking to him in such a short period of time, he was a peerless talent of a man.

But now that they were pressed for time, it was not possible to stay here extendedly. Zhou Yaoyao raised her brow and said flirtingly, "Junior Master Lin, could you do us a favor?"

Just then, Zhou Yaoyao tugged at Lin Fan’s sleeves and stared at him pitifully with those wide, sparkly eyes of hers.

Smiling gently, Lin Fan acted out the most benevolent expression he could muster, "Go on, what’s the issue?"

"Junior Master, could you help us to cultivate some pills? These are all pills that are easy to cultivate, just that we’re pressed for time. We’ve already brought all our ingredients!" Zhou Yaoyao replied.

"Junior Master! Please help us, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." At this point, the girls who were behind Zhou Yaoyao encircled Lin Fan, begging him profusely.

Today, the Big Senior Sister of Jialan Peak organized a training quest. This training quest was within the secret grounds of Jialan Peak. While there was nothing truly dangerous inside, the conditions were all but perfect.

To these girls, even though they were not afraid of the secret grounds, they needed certain preparations.

Mosquito Repelling Pills.

But alas, there were not enough Mosquito Repelling Pills within the sect. Thus, some disciples could not be disseminated with them.

Without this pill, they would definitely be free food for the bloodthirsty mosquitoes within the secret grounds.

In the end, for the sake of fairness, Big Senior Sister forbade any of them from bringing any pills within the secret grounds.

And at this crucial moment, Zhou Yaoyao thought of Lin Fan. She could only hope that he would give them a hand.

Zhang Ergou stood at one side, admiring his master and sighing gently. Master was such a playboy. If only he could be the one standing there instead.

But unfortunately, he knew that was impossible.

"Alright, alright. Of course, I’ll do it." To Lin Fan, cultivating pills was the simplest thing ever. And now that a large group of juniors was earnestly seeking his help, how could he not give them any face? How could he disappoint them?

"Junior Master, we only require 30 pills! When can it be done?" Zhou Yaoyao asked after handing the ingredients over to Lin Fan.

The secret grounds training was about to begin real soon, and they needed to hurry back.

"In a jiffy." Lin Fan smiled. He was about to put on a good show for these junior disciples.

Flipping out his right hand, a flame danced within his palms. Lin Fan threw the ingredients into it.

At this point, Zhou Yaoyao and the female disciples were all dumbfounded. They did not know what sort of skill this was.

Zhang Ergou knew Lin Fan’s intentions well. Now that his great master was cultivating his pills directly in front of a crowd, and even using ‘Pills Through Thought’, he was definitely thinking far ahead.

As the Big Disciple of Saint Devil Sect, how could he not understand his master’s thoughts?

Especially seeing the sight of those dumbstruck junior sisters, Zhang Ergou knew what he had to do.

"Oh! This is…’Pills Through Thought!’ This is the highest level one can attain for cultivating pills! This is the skill which left even our Glory Sect’s Grand Master and multiple Senior Elders agape with astonishment!" Zhang Ergou showed a face of extreme shock and shouted excitedly.

The voice was so loud that all the Jialan Peak disciples could hear it.

Indeed, the voice was powerful indeed. The shocked looks on these Jialan Peak disciples grew even deeper after his explanation.

It was especially so for Zhou Yaoyao. Her idolization of Lin Fan was beyond anything in this world. She had not expected Junior Master Lin to be this strong.

But if one thought that this was it, then one would just be belittling Zhang Ergou’s crafty mind.

"In Glory Sect’s existence since history, there was only one man who had achieved this skill. And that man was the man who brought Glory Sect to its most glorious era, where every other sect would look at us in envy and seek our help for the most exotic pills!" Zhang Ergou exclaimed exuberantly while keenly observing the expressions of the female disciples present.

And Zhang Ergou’s observation skills were nothing to be scoffed at. Anytime he realized something was off, he would change the direction of his bragging.

But the situation today was good. Everything moved according to expectations.

Lin Fan, who was in the midst of cultivating pills, was extremely pleased. Indeed, Ergou had not let him down as the Big Disciple of Saint Devil Sect. He was determined to train this man thoroughly and have him as a worthy right-hand man in the future.

"Junior Disciple Zhou, take out your storage sack and prepare to receive the pills." Just then, the flames within Lin Fan’s palms danced ever more fervently. From within it, the herbs melted and culminated into the shape of pills.

"Yes!" Zhou Yaoyao was beyond words. She had not expected the process to be this fast. Not even the time for a joss stick to burn had pa.s.sed.

But under Junior Master’s orders, she dared not dilly dally and immediately took out the storage sack.

"Open it."

"Yes." Zhou Yaoyao did not dare to hesitate.

Lin Fan’s right hand shook slightly, and the pills dancing within the flames now flew towards the storage sack one by one.

1 pill.

2 pills.

In the end, there were a full 120 pills.

"Many thanks! Junior Master!"

"Four servings for every set of ingredients. Just nice." Lin Fan noted.

The Jialan Peak disciples could not believe what they just heard. All this while, they had only gotten 1 serving for every set. How did it turn into 4 servings in the hands of Junior Master Lin!

Looking at their once again dumbstruck looks, Zhang Ergou took the chance, "Our Great Master is truly the best in cultivating pills within Glory Sect. Even the Senior Elder of Danding Peak has acknowledged that he can’t match up to our master. Now, getting four servings out of one set of ingredients, this is extremely ordinary."

Zhang Ergou was like a narrator. Without Lin Fan having to say anything, Zhang Ergou explained everything.

Indeed, the look of the girls towards Lin Fan was no longer one of idolization. It was a frenzy, frenzied like those r.e.t.a.r.ded people who would chase after celebrities.

Lin Fan smiled gently and arranged his sleeves, "Alright then, hurry on back since you guys are in such a hurry. A small matter as such, please do not worry about it."

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