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By now, Hua Qingxuan and the others were totally scared silly. In their eyes, everything that was happening right now seemed impossible! All of those invaders had an extremely formidable strength. Otherwise, there was no way they would be forced into retreating! At the same time, what they could not understand was how the invaders would be so numerous! This was especially the case for those skeletons, who would still continue to battle even if they were chopped down.

In fact, within that gigantic army of theirs, Hua Qingxuan and the others could even catch sight of disciples from the sects of the Endless Mainland. However, all of those disciples were like walking corpses that would strike out at them as well.

Everything - every, single, thing - felt so darned befuddling…so darned chilling for them. But, what was she witnessing right now? This man before her was just hugging out with his arms in thin air as though he was grabbing the Heaven and Earth! And with that, the void had collapsed in straightaway, crushing those invaders into nothing but dust! A sight as such was something that had no precedence ever — it was absolutely horrifying.

Just how strong should someone be in order to achieve something as such?

"Indigenous Being, just who in the world are you?" The Water Master G.o.d narrowed her eyes and looked at this Indigenous Being. She gave off a holy might that pushed out across the entire world, causing the place to seem as though it was a world of water. The only beings who could achieve an effect as such were powerful beings of the Immortal King state.

Being able to manipulate the Laws of nature around them whimsically and taking control of everything single thing…that was an Immortal King. Even though the type of cultivation that these invaders from the Moon Shadow Mainland had was different from the Endless Mainland, it didn't mean that they were weaker compared to the latter. In fact, when it came to certain mystic skills, they had things that were even more mystifying than the Endless Mainland.

Taking the Necromancer for example, being able to manipulate corpses of people who were long dead, and even retaining the powers they had before they died was something absolutely unimaginable for the beings of the Endless Mainland.

Even though there were mystic skills of the Endless Mainland that could create Ghost Puppets, they required countless treasures and whatnot in order to create even a single Ghost Puppet. There was no way they could achieve it as simply as the Necromancers of the Moon Shadow Mainland did, creating everything just by casually chanting out some incantations.

"HAHAHA…!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter, "You wish to know who I am? Fair enough. After you know, you can finally die in peace."

Lin Fan's face focused up as he faced the void with a serious gaze.

Hua Qingxuan and the others waited with bated breaths as well. All of them wanted to know just who in the world this person was.

"The great name of Yours Truly is LIN FAN. You had better remember this… The person who is slaying you today is none other than the most incredible and outrageous existence in the Heaven and Earth Sect!"

That boundless voice boomed out across the entire world. Those words bearing such arrogance in them filled the face of the Water Master G.o.d with a tremendous rage. She had not expected that there could be someone who would dare to act so audaciously before her! This was not only an insult at her, it was even a b.l.o.o.d.y humiliation towards her!

As for Hua Qingxuan and the others, they had frozen up completely. In their minds, the only thing whirling out were those words from before.

"Heaven and Earth Sect… Lin Fan!"

Hua Qingxuan and her senior sister exchanged looks. Each of their eyes were filled with a look of utmost shock.

They had all heard of this name before! And now that the other party was spouting it out of his mouth, that seemed absolutely unbelievable!

"It's… him! Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect! That the disciple that had the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect crushed down to nothing…!"

Looking at that person before them, Hua Qingxuan's eyes shone with a look of excitement. It was as though she was meeting with an idol right now.

For all the disciples of the younger generation, Lin Fan's status was nothing short of an idol. And now that they were witnessing him in action before their very eyes, how could they not get emotional over it?

"Die…!" The Water Master G.o.d was incensed. As she lifted her finger, a waterspout funneled up, gushing like the water from the heavenly oceans itself. Within those seawaters, a water elemental living being started howling out.

Soon, more of them appeared one after another.

Countless living beings of the water element stood erect up in the air. Their gigantic stature was enough to bring shivers in one's heart, causing one to tremble out at the mere sight of it.

"Hmph! Water elementals? Nothing but a bunch of trash." Lin Fan scoffed out coldly. Jerking his body slightly, a G.o.d of Battle Intent appeared and floated out behind his back. It then hurled a punch out, crushing down toward those water elementals.


The entire world quaked violently as that punch was thrown out. The entire void was smashed so badly that a hole was torn right through it. As for those water elementals, they naturally disintegrated against the might of that single punch and turned into nothing but puddles of water.

"What a bunch of sh*t." Lin Fan remarked in disdain.

Floating out gently in the void, the lips on that peerlessly exquisite face of the Water Master G.o.d curled into a toying smirk. Everything before her did not have her worrying in the slightest bit - this was nothing but the beginning.

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his head and checked out the situation up in the void. Those water elementals that had disintegrated were gathering back and regrouping once more. This was something rather startling.

"Indigenous Being, water elementals can never ever die." The Water Master G.o.d laughed out; she had utmost confidence toward her strength. She firmly believed that the only ending awaiting this Indigenous Being before her was to be slain by her.

Lin Fan floated up into the void as well before smirking out gently, "I'd advise you to show some capabilities while you still can. Otherwise, your outcome will definitely be extremely tragic. As for these water elementals? I'm just going to keep them for you then."

With that, Lin Fan opened his mouth, "Watch how Yours Truly is going to swallow you guys!"

Breathing in toward the Heaven and Earth, there was nothing that Lin Fan could not devour. A tremendous suction forth was generated in Lin Fan's mouth, seeming bent on sucking the entire Heaven and Earth right into his tummy.


A single mouthful was all it took for Lin Fan to suck in all of those water elementals as he broke out into a couple of burps. At the start, those water elementals had still wanted to resist and fight back within his body. However, they were suppressed almost instantaneously.

Lin Fan chuckled out before turning over to look at the Water Master G.o.d. "Seems like those sh*ts of yours don't really amount to much after all."

Looking at everything before her, the eyes of the Water Master G.o.d shone with a look of bewilderment as though she could hardly believe it.

"How could this be?"

Lin Fan lowered his head as his lips curled into a grin. Moving his leg slightly, he burst forth with a tremendous might, "It's about time for all of this to end now. Let Yours Truly show you some tender loving care then!"

The might of an Immortal King was unleashed completely at this moment, releasing an amount of power that was unusually terrifying.

Employing that power, Lin Fan threw out a single punch that tore the entire world asunder as the void started ripping out endlessly. Against this Water Master G.o.d, Lin Fan was not prepared to show any mercy at all.

When she saw everything that was coming for her, the Water Master G.o.d broke out into a shudder. Lifting that fair, smooth finger of hers, a barrier of water appeared right before her face.


That punch made contact.

However, with a single cracking sound, that barrier broke apart without any chance of holding off Lin Fan's punch at all.

"Weak... Simply too weak!" Lin Fan bellowed out, causing the entire void to distort in the might of his bellow. An immense force penetrated everything and collided with the body of the Water Master G.o.d.


The expression on the face of the Water Master G.o.d took a stark change as she was sent flying to the ground at lightspeed just like a bullet.

By now, Lin Fan had truly understood the things. Even though the might of that Water Master G.o.d was that of Immortal King state, she was still too weak at the end of the day. In fact, she was so weak that it was somewhat scary.

"TELL ME! Why are you so d.a.m.n weak?" Looking down below, Lin Fan shouted out in disdain.


The ground collapsed in as the Water Master G.o.d burst out of the ruins. "I, the Water Master G.o.d, have been promoted for a thousand years now! To think that I would meet with an Indigenous Being such as yourself at this moment!"

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. "Huehue... Promoted for a thousand years? So, you're nothing more than a newly minted Master G.o.d? That explains a lot about why you're so weak then. Seems like killing you should just be as simple as slaughtering a mere chicken!"

"INDIGENOUS BEING… YOU HAD BETTER SHUT UP!" The Water Master G.o.d glared at Lin Fan in a furious rage. She then burst forth with an unparalleled G.o.dly power, as though she was trying to sense out for some mysterious existence.



Instantly, Lin Fan could feel a mysterious power shooting over from somewhere distant.

"Indigenous Being, you are strong. But, this should be where it all ends." The Water Master G.o.d spoke up.

A shaft of light that shot over from the distance wrapped the Water Master G.o.d up in it entirely. By the time the light had dissipated, the expression on the face of the Water Master G.o.d changed. An armor that emitted off a G.o.dly power was equipped on her as an unparalleled G.o.dly might exuded out of her body at that moment.

Compared to before, her strength had risen considerably. However, even if that were the case…

So what?

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